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Why ABM Services?

Our ABM strategy model help you uncover the most potential individuals from your target audience.

Only-B2B helps firms construct hyper-targeted ABM listings to uncover the target demographic and strengthen your sales force with practical account knowledge using comprehensive research combined with Data Analytics and solutions.

account based marketing tactics
account based marketing knowledge

Target your ideal customer audience with ABM

Improved Customer Acquisition Process

Target the most valuable and potential prospects

Understand challenges across various industries

Faster Sales Process

Sales-Marketing Effort Synchronization

Data-Driven Decisions To Align Sales And Marketing

The Right Target, The Right Leads

Higher Engagement and Retention

Account Based Marketing Process Simplified:

Pick Target Accounts

Pick Target Accounts

Use our firmographic data and business intelligence to help you identify and prioritize your high-value accounts.

Gather Account Intelligence

Gather Account Intelligence

We consider revenue potential as well as other strategic factors, like market influence, likelihood to make a repeat purchase, and potential for higher-than-average profit margins.

Create The Right Messaging

Create The Right Messaging

We employ valuable content that addresses clear and significant business challenges that the target account faces. We think about how your messaging and content can address the target account’s specific pain points.

Execute targeted campaigns

Execute targeted campaigns

We manage your campaigns across platforms and align the activities of your marketing and sales teams for optimum effect at a larger scale and with better efficiency.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

We help with developing and reinforcing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel to provide and nurture leads.

Convert, Measure and Optimize

Convert, Measure and Optimize

We convert, measure, and optimize your ABM marketing campaigns to ensure that they are effective and that your results will continuously improve.

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