6 Proven Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

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Every business works on its marketing strategies to increase sales. The cycle of marketing and sales is always a never-ending loop. An effective marketing strategy effectively intercepts the channels that help conversion, ultimately making a positive impact on the bottom line.  

The marketing process starts with the marketing team analyzing the market and the gaps as they exist in the current market, the pain points that need to be addressed, a clear definition of the target audience, new markets that have the potential, to be explored, additional revenue generation avenues, etc. Some of the strategies are age-old practices that are still carried on due to its successful conversion rate.

It is therefore not surprising that some of the marketing strategies to increase sales are uniformly adopted by the marketing. The reason these strategies continue to hold the sway for the marketers is since these marketing strategies to increase sales still work.

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Here are the proven marketing strategies to increase sales.

Know your Customers

Though this is not a strategy as such, the efforts and research that goes into understanding your customers, before a strategy is formulated is the base on which any efficient strategy is built on.

Here are some of the vital questions that must be asked to understand your customers.

  • Is the service or the product offered needed?
  • What is the market gap that this particular product or service aims to fill up?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Who else exists in the market as your competitor?
  • What USP positioning will help the business to stand out in the market?
  • What should be the pricing of the service or product?

Know your Market

Generic targeting for services and products is the death knell for any business. Not every product or service can be targeted for everyone. Hence marketing strategies to increase sales must have this fundamental information in hand to chart an effective plan.

Here is what needs to be asked and research:

  • Give shape to your customer base i.e personify your customer base.
  • Detail out what appeals to your customer base?  
  • Make notes of what the competitors are all about?
  • Be clear about the demography of the market that needs to be targeted.
  • Let the psychographics of a market be defined in detail.

Relationship Building

If your marketing strategy in its aim to increase sales does not focus on relationship building, then you should revisit your strategy for a review. The saying that “A customer once gained should stay a customer forever” should be the guiding light in building relationships with your current customer base as well as in fostering prospects.  

Does this mean that you have to personally call them sometimes? Not really. Neither would this be a feasible option or even executable. The best way out is to employ AI to send a greeting with an announcement of special discounts or offers for customers on their special day.

Here you might doubt the reliability and applicability of connecting to businesses when it comes to the business to business segment. However, it is not difficult. The point of contact, any milestones, highly appreciated initiatives, and even business anniversaries and recognitions can be occasions when you can choose to connect with the businesses in a more personalized way.

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Let your Content Talk

With the world of online businesses flourishing, online selling and buying is a huge part of the transactions. A website is anyway a requisite for any business that wants to flourish in today’s market. So it would be beneficial for your business to let the content on your website convey what your business is all about.

So how should the content be? While planning out the marketing strategies to increase the sale of your business, keep this point in mind. Give content its due. It could be audio, visual, written words, graphics or could be creative. Understand that content pushes for sales and engagement indirectly.          

Point out the Need

we have all witnessed how innovative services and products drive the market. But does one come up with these ideas? The answer lies in researching for gaps. Gaps here would mean a need that exists and which needs to be addressed yet no one has till now. For instance, consider a B2B lead generation service.

The first lead generation was mobilized during the Roman times and it was all about word of mouth. This somewhat of crude lead generation activity and later on polished and given a more definite shape. Today it has become an industry worth millions.

Hence while brainstorming on your marketing strategies to increase sales, keep innovation in mind. History of marketing bears witness to the fact too that many time needs have been created in the market by diverting slightly from an existing service or a product.  

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SEO Optimization

Websites need to be SEO optimized for rankings. SEO refers to search engine optimization, which in turn ensures that your website pulls up on the first page of Google when any relevant search is made on Google search.

Marketers sketching out marketing strategies to increase sales has to make room for search engine optimization of web pages. This is a crucial need as higher rankings mean more visibility, which translates into more website visits and therefore a higher chance of a conversion.


Marketing strategies to increase sales are the principal guidelines that the veins that makes a business draw its inspiration from. These strategies are also the driving force behind a sales team. The onus of a successful year in terms of the top and bottom line of business is often levied on the marketing strategies that were charted out initially.

A good marketing strategy is, therefore, one that addresses the pain points, that the business needs to plug along with a progressive and optimistic plan.        

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