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Recognize the complete purchasing team by pinpointing those investigating particular topics and connect with decision-makers through phone, email, and digital marketing channels.

Unmatched Coverage, Verified Buying Signals

Connect monitors signals from over 150 million+ IP’s, 33,000 Keywords, and 45,000 B2B Websites so that you can discover potential prospects that are actively seeking your solutions, ensuring targeted connections with precision.



IPs Monitored






B2B Websites

Only B2B's Intent Data Services have been instrumental in our success! Their comprehensive data analysis enabled us to personalize our messaging and drove a staggering 25% rise in sales conversions. Exceptional results, highly satisfied!

Chael Brown

Demand Generation Director

Benefits of Intent Data

Utilize intent data to engage customers earlier, enhance participation by 18%, & elevate closure rates by as much as 69%. Intent data empowers you to implement just-in-time targeting, delivering precisely what prospects require at the moment they are prepared to make a purchase.


Identify New Market & Opportunities


Personalized Messaging


Weekly Data Refresh


Close Deals faster

Only B2B's Intent Data Services revolutionized our marketing approach! Their insights helped us target prospects actively seeking our solutions, resulting in a 40% increase in lead quality. Their data-driven strategies are a game-changer!

Sarah Smith

Global Campaign Director

Target more precisely, Qualify more quickly.