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A Demand Generation Powerhouse!

Only B2B is a one-stop shop for all your demand generation requirements.

We are determined to help you win more customers.

While we are located in California we have served clients across the globe. We have delivered 500+ campaigns and over 100,000 leads for 80+ technology companies.

But, it is not about us. So we will not bore you with what we have achieved.

Instead, we will tell you why you will like working with us.

Top #7 reasons on why you should work with us

We do not rely on intuitions but on high-value data, analytics and metrics.
We care for you so we concentrate on getting the maximum ROI.
We have a global presence. So, wherever you are or wherever you want to be – we can help you.
We can scale your business and deliver qualified leads in shorter duration
It is easy to work with us. No complex contracts, no advance payments, no setup cost. Work on simple CPL module
We aren’t traditional, we take smarter approach to content delivery and customer engagement for demand generation
We have inbuilt lead management software to track campaigns. We do not like to be messy with excel sheets.

As we said, we have a global presence. A breakup of our reach


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We give your Salesperson more leads with our Internet Marketing methods:


ONLY B2B was easy to work with. They shared regular updates and reports which were of immense help in tracking the success of our campaigns. They constantly work towards delivering better results and focus on content that had real results (through A/B testing!). They help us generate 4000+ new pipeline in less than 2 quarters, a 25x increase in MQL and a 40x increase in ROE. I highly recommend them.

Thumbs up for ONLY B2B! Vikas is great to work it. His team helped us generate 2500 MQL in about 3 quarters. Not only that, we saw 50 times increase in SQLs in our CRM, 10 times increase in conversion rates and 7% increase in webinar event registration. I was wowed with the results.

3000 top of the funnel leads delivered in less than 2 quarters. They carried out A/B testing regularly, shared regular updates and analyzed engagement at every level. Their processes resulted in 20 times more HQL than we initially had. I think we do not need to speak anything else about their ability and credibility. The results say it all. Your business will be in safe hands!

ONLY B2B helped us achieve nearly 24,000 leads in a period of 12 months which is difficult in VoIP & Internet industry. Out of this, 6000+ leads converted into sales resulting in 252% increase in our revenue for that fiscal year. There was no looking backwards from there. We immediately signed a contract with them for another 3 year.

We are a leading company in the security vendor industry and it makes sense to outsource database related requirements. We chose ONLY B2B because they were very promising and we were looking for cleansing our CRM database and adding new list. They updated and scrubbed over 1 million contacts within a short duration of 120 days. Not only that, they were also able to add 500 new contact each day. This really helped our overall business!