Case Studies

b2b sales lead generation companies

In just 6 months, a San Francisco-based SaaS company achieved an outstanding 6X ROI with Only B2B's ABM campaign.

This case study highlights how a San Francisco-based SaaS company tackled the challenge of engaging high-value accounts in a competitive market. Partnering with Only B2B, they executed a targeted ABM campaign with personalized outreach. This approach achieved a 6X ROI in six months, generated 1900 Marketing Qualified Leads, and significantly strengthened customer relationships, showcasing the effectiveness of a tailored marketing strategy in driving growth.

Appointment Generation Campaign for a Global Leader in Information Management

This case study highlights the success story of a global Information Management leader. Overcoming industry challenges, our tailored strategy delivered impressive results: generating 105 leads, achieving a 72% conversion rate from MQL to SQL, and closing 12 deals. Through targeted outreach and personalized approaches, we elevated the client's success in the competitive Information Management landscape.

Appointment Generation Campaign for a Global Leader
b2b sales lead generation companies

How Cloud Backup-And-Recovery Enterprise Company In North America Boosted 300% ROI With Only B2B

Discover how a leading Cloud Backup-and-Recovery enterprise in North America achieved a remarkable 300% surge in ROI. Struggling with unqualified MQLs, they needed to generate qualified leads and secure high-value appointments with key decision-makers. By leveraging Only B2B's comprehensive lead generation strategy, they experienced a 300% boost in ROI, delivering 300 qualified meetings within six months. Learn how focusing on quality over quantity transformed their sales pipeline and positioned them for sustainable growth.

Mid-Size US SaaS Company in North America revolutionized Content strategy by partnering with only B2B.

Unlock the B2B success story as we transformed a struggling US SaaS company's online presence. With our expertise, we propelled a remarkable 40% surge in website traffic, ignited a 35% increase in content engagement, and achieved a stellar 25% boost in conversion rates. Dive into this case study to witness the tangible impact of B2B innovation and digital excellence.

b2b sales lead generation companies
b2b sales lead generation companies

Enterprise SaaS company in APAC penetrated untapped markets and gained brand recognition.

In this impactful case study, witness the revitalization of an APAC region based SaaS company's brand and customer engagement. Our comprehensive rebranding strategy led to a 50% surge in brand searches. Strategic Content Syndication not only grew the customer base by 30%, but also sparked a notable 45% rise in engagement through interactive content. Explore the success story that reshaped brand dynamics and deepened customer connections.

UK SaaS saves marketing expenses by 45.23%, with Only B2B’s Data Precision and Data Enrichment Services.

In this game-changing case study, witness how Only B2B's data expertise transformed a U.K. SaaS company's challenges into triumphs. Handling over 1 million prospects, our solutions slashed marketing expenses by 45.23%, boosted response rates, and ensured data precision. Explore the impact of streamlined data management.

b2b sales lead generation companies
b2b sales lead generation companies

Austin, Texas based Cybersecurity and Networking company broke into a new market to generate 3X revenue.

In just six months, Only B2B's Premium Services propelled a USA Cybersecurity company to stellar success in Australia—3000 SQL, a AUD $50M pipeline, and a game-changing 3x revenue surge. Content Syndication contributed to a 130% spike in website traffic. Witness the transformative power of our tailored solutions and the client's recognition of high ROI opportunities, marking a paradigm shift in their sales journey.

IT client with CRM & Cloud Implementation services wins 6 accounts in 7 months.

In this dynamic case study, witness the unparalleled success achieved by a USA-based CRM and Cloud Implementation Company in partnership with Only B2B. By adopting Only B2B's innovative Pay-for-Performance model, the company experienced a surge in face-time with ideal prospects, resulting in a remarkable 80 booked appointments and an impressive 6 key account wins within just 7 months. The synergy between strategic appointment setting, B2B list building, and market research propelled the company to new heights in the CRM and Cloud Implementation industry. Explore the case study to unravel the secrets behind accelerated revenue and the conquest of valuable accounts.

b2b sales lead generation companies
b2b sales lead generation companies

Exdion, an AI powered Insurtech company Wins Big with Only B2B’s Appointment setting strategy.

Embark on a journey of B2B triumph as Exdion Solutions, a leading Insurtech player, partners with Only B2B for a game-changing appointment generation strategy. Resulting in 104 meetings, a $1.8M pipeline, and 4 key wins in just 6 months, this case study showcases the unparalleled success achieved through strategic market research and B2B list building. Dive into the essence of accelerated revenue and conquering the insurtech landscape.

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