Account Based Marketing Benefits: Why ABM Is Important In Marketing

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Account Based Marketing Benefits Why ABM Is Important In Marketing

B2B marketers are planning to increase their budget for account based marketing next year along with investing in educating their teams about it

One of the ABM benefits is 97% businesses achieved “somewhat higher” or “much higher” ROI with account based marketing

businesses found account based marketing “provided significant benefits to retaining and expanding existing client relationships” and 65% achieved “significant benefits to attracting new clients

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What is Account Based marketing?

Instead of identifying the target companies at the end (like in the traditional sales funnel), account based marketing aims to create a list of targeted companies first. 

This targeted approach is a key differentiator when compared to demand generation, which focuses on broader audience outreach to generate a larger pool of leads.

The businesses you identify as your targets are referred to as accounts (they are not individuals, remember that!). . Once that is done, the relevant teams create marketing collaterals that address your target accounts’ specific needs and challenges.

ABM content syndication can be a powerful strategy to ensure this content reaches the right decision-makers within those accounts.

By placing your content on relevant industry publications or partner websites frequented by your target audience, you can significantly increase brand awareness and nurture trust with high-value prospects. 

Once that is done, the relevant teams create marketing collaterals which aim at alleviating the pain points your target buyers might have.

The buyers start to see you as their problem solver and you start gaining their trust. Now, your team starts promoting it on platforms where your buyers are active. This maximizes your reach.

Account-Based Marketing Benefits: The Future of B2B is Here

If you think you are too small for marketing, think of the ABM benefits it will have. If you think you are too big and small businesses can’t snatch away your buyers, think again (really!).

Remember A very small man can cast a very large shadow You need not have the riches, power, and authority to make an impact on the realm. However, all you need is to help people achieve what they want and you will make it big.

In fact, staying on top of the latest ABM Trends can ensure your marketing efforts are effective regardless of company size. 

ABM Benefits #1 – It aligns marketing and sales team

For years, marketing team created collaterals keeping a particular market in mind and sales team focused on engaging customers who they think can buy. Are they aligned? Mostly not.

However, ABM focuses on a defined target account and streamlines the efforts made by sales and marketing teams. They speak the same language and represent one brand. 

To quote Engagio, In traditional demand generation, marketing throws leads over the fence for sales to chase. In ABM there is no fence. The collaboration is close, constant, and totally focused on defined, account-specific objectives.

This focus on alignment extends to measurement as well. Tracking the right Account-Based Marketing KPIs becomes crucial to ensure both sales and marketing are working towards achieving the same goals for these high-value accounts.

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ABM Benefits #2 – Efficient and optimized

One of the best account based marketing benefits is it helps account managers to handle many more accounts. This reduces the moolah spent on hiring competent resources time and again.

You do not have to worry about accounts leaving because your processes are automated. If you lose on a contact, you will get another.   

As a B2B marketer, you will know that your ideal prospects don’t come to you automatically. You need to identify prospects, their activities, buying signals, and nurture prospects effectively. ABM allows you to do just that, and with the right ABM tactics that drive results, you can significantly improve your lead conversion rates and close more deals.

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ABM Benefits #3 – Better customer experiences

According to Aberdeen, 75% of customers prefer personalized offers. So, instead of creating content and hoping it will appeal to everyone, ABM aims at researching target audience and design campaigns specifically for them.

This results in a personalized sales journey for each potential buyer. Explore these different types of Account Based Marketing.

ABM Benefits #4 – Increased ROI:

A 2014 ITSMA survey showed ABM is targeted, accurate and personalized which makes it easier to calculate the ROI.

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ABM Benefits #5 – Goal-setting and analytics are easier

Considering ABM is targeted, the number of accounts you are analyzing is small making it easier to draw conclusions and compare results. 

In B2B marketing, if you lose a customer you lose them forever but with ABM strategy you have the advantage of knowing the needs of your target audience and that can help you win the B2B war So, Are you going to be one who wants to rule the seven kingdoms and sit on the iron throne? We hope, yes. If not, those three deadly words as they say in Winterfell will haunt you. 

ABM is coming!


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