Top 5 ABM Trends For B2B Marketers – A Pathway For Future

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It is quite evident, nowadays B2B marketers are finding cutting-edge ABM trends to connect with businesses. The old traditional way of lead generation is evolving, it is transforming into a cleverer and smarter way. The conventional or say long-established approach of generating leads is now captured by Account-Based Marketing

Over the last few years, Account-based marketing is grabbing the market. ABM strategies if adopted tactfully it can help your business grow stronger, as it boosts the key factors of B2B marketing: 

  • Personalization
  • Team Collaboration for better results 
  • A pursuit for Quality Leads 

Many star marketers are bending the account based marketing approach to the one-to-one or one-to-few. This means they are creating more than one Account Based Marketing program. By leveraging robust ABM frameworks, Many companies are trying this multiple trending ABM approaches in recent days. So, you can get a hint of how powerfully Account based marketing future is transforming.

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ABM trends
Key Facts

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5 Hot ABM Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2024

1. ABM Capturing The B2B Market 

Many reports and surveys say Account Based Marketing is going to capture the B2B market and ABM will be considered as B2B marketing itself.

Nearly 70% of people have adopted ABM and are also planning to increase their budgets. ‘ABM can be a B2B Marketing’.

The majority of B2B marketing companies have implemented the ABM strategies and are experiencing the positive impact on their business. 

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2. Sales And Marketing Team Collaboration 

Aligning the sales and marketing team is not very easy. Many companies find this extremely crucial and also difficult to adopt and implement.

Despite the challenges, the significant benefits of account-based marketing make this effort worthwhile.

This is the biggest challenge given by ABM to B2B businesses. But if planed strategically this conglomeration is extremely beneficial. Sophisticated alignment between marketing and sales team can deliver a successful Account Based Marketing program. 

Account based marketing trends
ABM Challenges

3. Sales Team – Is At The Driver’s Seat 

Structuring and formulating the identified and targeted accounts for ABM is crucial. While the sales team plays a vital role in initiating the list and understanding account conversion timelines, avoiding common B2B ABM mistakes throughout this process is essential.

The majority companies take help from firmographics and Technographic, these are the methods of investigation of potential accounts which can be viewed as the most promising one.

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4. B2B Influencers – For Building Trust

B2B influencers and Account-Based Marketing is a super combination. This concentrated version of account based strategies works wonders to help your business grow.

Measuring the success of ABM efforts requires a focus on relevant account-based marketing metrics.

Research show that people tend to connect and trust the expert of the field or a friend in that field than the brand messaging. So if you are planning to market your brand, try reaching your audience via B2B influencers to sow the seed of trust. 

5. ABM Measurement 

This is off course an entailing query raised. How can we measure the success of ABM? The answer is simple and crisp. Are you satisfied with the end result? Many business leaders are focusing only on the ultimate goal.

To measure Account Based Marketing, we can look upon engagement, coverage, influence, and impact. The bottom line lies, if your account-based efforts meet the expectation, then ABM is made for your business. 

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ABM Adoption By Businesses

ABM trends
ABM Adoption By Business

Account-based marketing (ABM) has been a popular topic in B2B marketing and it even grasped a lot of attention in 2023.

Research shows more than 70% of companies adopted ABM, the study presented by ITSMA- Information technology service marketing association and ABM leadership alliance reported that there is an increase in budgets given for ABM, encompassing various types of account-based marketing strategies.

On average in 2023, marketing practitioners dedicated 29% of the total budget for ABM. So the budget predicted for the coming years is surely going to surge.

Source: MarTechToday

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Final Words 

ABM is no longer an unknown term for many businesses. Many firms have already adopted the Account Based Marketing program, whereas few of them are already experimenting with the advanced ABM program, recognizing its growing significance in today’s B2B landscape.

Account-Based Marketing is the future of B2B lead generation and B2B firms. ABM is the topic where every business has an eye. As mentioned in the blog, ABM is surging so intensely that ABM is the new name for B2B Marketing.  


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