How To Syndicate Content That Drives 7x Results

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How To Syndicate Content That Drives 7x Results

In the last few months, we have discussed many ways to syndicate content and how it can drive huge results for your business.  

For those of you who are still unaware of this strategy, content syndication is a process of re-publishing content (this is termed as a process to syndicate content) on third party websites that have a reach higher than yours. So, you are basically aiming at websites like TechCrunch, TNW, Huffington Post etc but in your niche.   

One question we almost always get after explaining this is – why would you give away your best content to someone else?   Well, in short –   There are endless benefits to syndicating content, like, extensive reach, increased targeting of leads at all levels of the buyer’s cycle, and higher return on investment.     

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We have driven impressive and tangible results for our clients. But, how do we syndicate content so as to get 7X results? In this post, we will discuss exactly what – things to keep in mind before you start to syndicate content for your business or brand.   

After all, knowing to syndicate content and being aware of its benefits is only half the battle won.   Without further ado, lets start  

1. Know your target audience

Just like every (literally!) other marketing strategies, if you are looking to syndicate content, you have to target the right audience.   

You cannot be a B2B SaaS business trying to syndicate content on a relationship or dating website or the other way round. It wont yield the desired results.

In simpler terms, your audience will not be able to find you. So, before you jump into the race to syndicate content, employing effective B2B content syndication strategies is crucial.

These strategies involve identifying the websites and publications frequented by your target audience within your industry. This ensures your content reaches the right people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

a. Build a buyer profile

Good news is that you dont have to work without data or guess anymore. Analytics software, like Google Analytics and the like, offers you information on demographics, the technology they use, gender, countries etc.   

Besides this, you can gather a lot of relevant information from marketing, sales and customer support teams of your business. They interact with potential buyers at different levels and know exactly who your ideal customer is. So you will know  

  • Which industry they work in,
  • What is their job title
  • What is their pain point etc

Put all the information together and create an avatar, i.e., the person you will be targeting when you begin to syndicate content. This will also help you in knowing where your audience hangs out and selecting the best platforms to syndicate content accordingly.

Additionally, there are various content syndication tools available that can help you identify relevant websites and platforms based on your target audience demographics and interests. These tools can save you time and effort in the research process.

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b. Align it with buyers journey

Once you have built an ideal customer profile, you can brainstorm content ideas that your avatar would like to read.   Align these with buyer journey. Read more about it here.   

Most of the times, if you are republishing content on third party websites, it will be to secure the top of the funnel qualified leads (Sales qualified or Marketing qualified).

So, think about topics that highlight the problem your product/service solves. For example, if you have a learning app, write about how gamification of learning is beneficial or how technology and games are being merged together to develop the interest in students etc. 

Consider creating video content as well, as it can be a powerful tool for top-of-the-funnel lead generation. Video content syndication can be highly effective on platforms like YouTube and social media, allowing you to reach a wider audience and engage them in a more interactive way.

2. Build credibility

Before you start to syndicate content, you need to remember the bigger goal you are trying to achieve. Focus on –  

  • Creating conversations around your brand
  • Building industry authority
  • Demonstrating the quality and value of your solution or product

 a. Established places

Decide places to syndicate content carefully. Focus on established places that can actually drive results and provide you a positive ROI.  

 b. Invest in paid CS

If you are looking to achieve results at a faster pace, you should invest in paid content syndication. You ca get in touch with us (Only B2B). 

All things kept aside, you need to understand the pain points of your buyer and demonstrate how your solution can alleviate those problems. It is worth noting that the best content is well researched, actionable, and provokes innovative thinking.   

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3. Right partner to syndicate content

It is difficult to handle content syndication by yourself. So, it is best to outsource the work to an agency. Not only does it save you time, it also saves you money and resources.   

The best agency is always on the top of content marketing and content syndication trends. They also know how to get your content in front of your relevant audience and get maximum ROI.   When hiring a partner, these questions can help you  

  • What have they achieved for their clients?
  • Any client testimonials and if you can chat with them
  • What is their process to syndicate content look like
  • How do they decide what are the best possible avenues for you etc

4. Measure and track progress

Look, there is no cookie cutter approach to content syndication. If it were, all businesses would have seen equal amounts of ROI.  But, the process to syndicate content evolves.

You need to put in trial and error to understand what works for your business (and, what doesnt) Because of this, it is imperative to measure the effectiveness at regular intervals.

Measure traffic from these sources, MQL to SQL and SQL to SAL ratio, % of revenue in pipeline etc. This article lists out metrics that you can use to measure the efforts.   

A/B testing is another effective tactic to measure success. Keep testing different types of content styles, topics, websites and see what resonates with your audience.  

By implementing a data-driven approach and focusing on key metrics that track content syndication lead generation, you can continuously optimize your strategy and maximize your return on investment.

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5. Follow best practices to not get penalized by Google

Frankly, you may get penalized for this but only if you DONT follow these best practices.   Backlink to your original site: There are chances that a copy of your original content or a snippet may rank high, especially if the syndication site is ranking high on Google.

So, include a backlink to your website so that if any part of your content is ranking high you can capture traffic through the backlinks you generate.   

Use rel=canonical tag: Rel-canonical tags often called “canonical link will help you prevent duplicate content issues. Do not forget to include these in when you syndicate content No Index Tag: Whenever you reach out to syndicate content make sure the third party is using “NoIndex” tag for their version of content.

This in return will make sure that you dont lose organic search engine traffic. This will also secure your original content from being outranked by your republished content.   

There you go. If you follow these 5 best practices you will certainly drive 7x results with your efforts to syndicate content.  

What helps you drive 7x results with your content syndication efforts?

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