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10 Content Syndication Platforms You Should Know

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Content Syndication platforms are websites that enable content syndication for SEO rankings. Here you might want to know what precisely content syndication is. The term, content syndication refers to content promotion by content marketers on other publications, websites and relevant websites, post publishing the content on their website.  

So how does content syndication help? The intent of content syndication, through content publication and republication, is to:

  • Divert traffic to your website;
  • Get recognized as a subject matter expert; and
  • Gradually building a relationship with the press, to name a few.

Without any further delay, let us now look at some of the most popular and widely used content syndication platforms. Here are 10 content syndicate platforms that are used extensively by content marketers, bloggers, and websites along with other influencers that work towards content promotion.    

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Mix came into light more since StumbleUpon shut shop. The available content on StumbleUpon was transferred to Mix, adding to the content that Mix already had. Mix allows its users to publish content, post-signing up.

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As a user, you can create your relevant category for the published content, which in turn is distributed to the interested users. Interestingly, Mix has its browser extension, which allows a user to make a collection of URLs for a later read.


Medium is another favored platform that addresses the very crucial question of content duplication. They do this by tagging the imported articles with the tag “rel=canonicaltag”.This helps in avoiding the articles from being considered as duplicates.

Medium allows direct import of articles and blogs from the owner’s website or page. The flexibility of Medium extends to letting users upvote their articles, annotate articles and highlight passages. Marketers can also develop their blogs to enhance readership.

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Reddit is a platform that shares links from the web which are categorized into subreddits. The subreddits, in turn, have niche content which is dedicated and specific to communities. However, since Reddit does not allow long-form content syndication. What it does allow though, is for the user to be linked to the original post and a conversation.

Reddit will not allow content marketers to publish or republish feature rich articles. However, the unique feature of Reddit is that it allows conversations between subreddits.


It is one of the first visual platforms for uploading content. Content marketers leverage this platform for infographics since Pinterest. The unique feature of Pinterest is the flexibility it provides content marketers to link their Pins or boards to the URLs.  

Slide Share 

One of its kind of content syndication platforms that hosts powerpoint presentations exclusively, slide share is a platform where content marketers can post and share slide-decks conveniently.  The search feature of this platform is easy to navigate for the target audience to look for the content of their choice. Most importantly, your content target audience is given the liberty to embed your slide deck on their websites as well as pick up whichever slide that they like for use.  

Interestingly LinkedIn bought Slideshare in 2012. It is therefore now possible to display the Slideshare decks in the LinkedIn profile.


A popular and much-used website, which is run on question and answer format, is one of the most visited content syndication platforms. Content marketers usually like to answer relevant questions posted on the site by visitors.

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Another way that this platform is optimized is by the influencers or bloggers is by posting backlinks to their blogs and write-ups or websites. The fact is, many bloggers and content marketers answer relevant questions with articles and blogs too.

This serves two purposes:

  • Establishes the one answering as an expert; and
  • Helps in content syndication.

Facebook business

Amongst all the content syndication platforms, Facebook business is popular due to a couple of factors :

  • One, it has both versions: Free and paid
  • Second, the free version also has many features that can helpnetwor in content syndication;
  • Facebook business allows posting of both long and short postings in the user’s page and groups of choice;
  • Facebook business also allows posting of the user’s facebook profile; and
  • Facebook business also has cheaper ad rates.   

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Infographic Syndication

One of the content syndication platforms that posts and publishes visuals in terms of charts and infographics. The uploading is easy on this platform too. The chart or the infographic needs to be submitted to the community center.

The visuals can be embedded with the embed code to let your target audience copy-paste the charts and infographics as and when needed.

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This content syndication platform that is big on live feeds. As a content marketer, you will be surely tracking content that is relevant to your area of interest. Tumblr makes sure that as and when new content is uploaded on to the platform a live feed intimates the user about it. Users can interact with feeds at any point time. 

A fast-emerging content syndication platform, is optimized on by content marketers for its SEO sensitivity. SEO leveraged content on also aids in driving in organic traffic.

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Content syndication platforms are extensively used today for content promotion as well as for traffic optimization. It has been used as a tactic for a long time by content marketers.  

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