20 Super Effective Content Syndication Tools and Strategies For MarTech Experts

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super effective content syndication tools and strategies for MarTech experts

Syndicated content travels faster than a bullet train. And, we are not lying. Our clients have benefited from content syndication tools in a great deal. It spread awareness about thesir brand (rather quickly, I must add!), drew crazy amounts of traffic and attracted quality leads.

But, What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is a strategy of republishing content on third party sites in order to reach a broader audience. Syndicated content not only increases your reach and brand awareness, it builds backlinks that help drive more traffic to your original article (and improves the SEO). And if you are still wondering, you can learn here about how does content syndication work?

Ok, so, What’s Great About Content Syndication?

Everything! Literally! If you are not syndicating content, you better have a crazy reason! According to Marketing Profs 2 million blog posts are written every single day.

It seriously isn’t reasonable to think that your audience WILL somehow land on your blog post just because you have published it and it’s useful. Syndicating content will help your content reach in front a larger base of audience who otherwise might not know about your blog.

And there are many benefits of content syndication and one of them is it helps in lead generation and the leads we get from content syndication program has high conversion rate.

 The other best part about content syndication tools? It is low cost (rather, NO COST) strategy.

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Content Syndication Tools

20 Super Effective Content Syndication Tools For MarTech Experts

#1. Outbrain

When it comes to content syndication tools, Outbrain has always topped the list. As a content syndication network, Outbrain is a market leader and it doesn’t seem to be dying down in its efforts anytime soon.

Outbrain is one of the leading content syndication tool present in over 55 different countries. They are serving a global audience of over 557 million per month.

#2. Taboola

Being the second only to Outbrain in its market share, Taboola is one of the great content syndication tools. One of the great features of this content syndication tool is that it straight away promises content recommendation on some of the highest trafficked websites around the globe.

However, the tool was designed to help publishers and content developers to increase their engagement level, drive traffic and monetize their content. Taboola has their reach amounts to 300 billion recommendations on popular blogs and 550 million unique monthly users.

#3. Zemanta

Zemanta is among the content syndication tools that will aggregate and index the content you want to market in various ad formats.

It also provides a detailed analytics on a personalized dashboard along with the complete insights on what has been performing well.

To get the maximum exposure for your content make sure you choose the right image and title. As the image and the title can make all the difference!

#4. nRelate

Similar to Outbrain, Taboola and Zemanta index your content in a form of contextual ads on the websites and news portals over the net.

nRelate is currently serving around 4 billion impressions across 100,000 publishers to 500 unique readers. Operating on Pay Per Click basis they allow their users to set their own price and pay only for the clicks you receive.

#5. ZergNet

ZergNet, priding themselves at having clients such as College Humor, MTV and many such big names using their services are 5th on our list of top content syndication tools.

Even though ZergNet is free to use, they make you install their plugin on your website making sure that while you use their services to promote your content, you are helping others by promoting theirs too.

They keep a very little difference in how you set up the campaign as most of these networks operate on the same principles.

To get started, you need to select the content you want to promote and let the network start syndicating it to their partner’s sites to drive you traffic to your site.

#6. Slideshare

Taking the 6th position on our list Slideshare is an incredibly popular tool among the content syndication tools. Slideshare allows anybody to upload a slideshow that any visitor can download to use.

Which in return gives the scope to distribute your content to a vast audience of users. Despite the fact that it would need you to slightly rework your content converting it into a slideshow, it is a huge plus point in persuading the users through visuals.

#7. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website that is used for content syndication by the content marketer. Gaining its popularity among other content syndication tools, Tumblr is a great tool to syndicate your marketing content.

It lets you share text, photos, links, videos (There are more platforms for video content syndication) and more. Adding on to its popularity it lets you share posts through your choice of browser, email or cell phone.

#8. Disqus

Disqus has made its name among 3.5 million websites to attract an audience, power comments and monetize publisher’s efforts. Among the two main services: Engage and Reveal, engage lets you import and export all of your content anywhere.

It also provides you with analytics for your community. The tool supports 40+ languages and the best part is that it’s free. Whereas Reveal is more focused on improving ad performance for the content syndication networks.

Additionally being one of the top 10 content syndication tools, it ensures to use clean tactics to drive engagement with higher-quality techniques. It also makes sure not to engage in any dated deceptive methods.

#9. Scoop.it

Even after providing premium content syndication services Scoop.it has gained the 11th position in our list due to its legitimate list of clients.

Including Microsoft, Renault Nissan and the University of San Francisco is what Scoop.it holds in its list of content syndication services client list.

Scoop.it offers a free, limited-option personal account as well as a free trial of its premium content syndication services.

#10. Adblade

With a reach of over 550 million unique users each month, Adblade provides you with some of the best content syndication services.

Similar to Gravity, it aims to get the right content in front of the right consumers. It also provides sales control, robust reporting, and quick monetization with content style formats and in-content placement.

In the publisher’s list of Adblade, it includes Fox News, Yahoo, ABC News, Entrepreneur and more.

#11. Reddit

It’s not enough to simply post up links to your content in order to avoid being accused of posting spam. Content syndication tools like Reddit and Digg provide you with content syndication services where you can publish all types of content, carefully arranged by category.

Discussing on specific content topic there are a variety of communities called subreddit on Reddit. Some of the subreddits which can be a great use as content syndication tools are:

Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

A community for sharing side project

#12. Digg

Next on our top content syndication tools list is Digg. Digg is among those big content syndication networks that let you explore the communities similar to Reddit in order to get your content in front of as many people as possible.

It allows anybody to post content, but there are certain rules about how much you can post in order to avoid being accused of spamming.

#13. Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to its users. StumbleUpon is one of those content syndication tools that if used logically can of great use.

It also allows you to participate in its communities. These communities exist to discuss content rather than just consume it.

In order to become a respected part of the community, you need to take the time to get involved, comment on other content and share content from a variety of websites.

#14. BizSugar

Similar to Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon, BizSugar is a community content syndication network. It allows entrepreneurs, small business owners, publishers and bloggers to share, discover and comment on small-business content.

Using its content syndication services users can increase the visibility of their content, drive additional traffic back to their sites and network with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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#15. OnlyB2B

OnlyB2B is one of the leading content syndication networks offering a social publishing platform for business contents as well as other content types.

We provide content syndication services allowing our users to gain maximum visibility through our content syndication tools.

We accept blog posts and videos containing advice, tips, news or resources of interest to small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. Giving you an opportunity to amplify your brand using our blog syndication tools.And we are the top b2b content syndication platform where b2b tech companies get content syndication leads that converts.

#16. ShareThis

Having a reach of 40 million viewers across 850,000 sites and 50 social media channels, ShareThis is on the 16th number on our list of top content syndication tools.

This site allows you to share your content through customized sharing widgets. ShareThis also provides helpful trending analytics to help you drive maximum traffic to your site.

#17. Kapost

Kapost is a content syndication platform that manages the whole content operation from strategy to execution to results.

They help marketers to build a content operation with repeatable, scalable and measurable processes. This is crucial, as measuring content syndication is essential to understand its effectiveness and optimize your strategy.

Many content syndication tools are supported by other content syndication networks and partners such as Salesforce.com, Marketo, and HubSpot, offering features that can help you track key metrics and analyze the performance of your syndicated content.

#18. NewsCred

Designed to simplify and scale the entire content marketing process, NewsCred is one of the premium content marketing tools.

It’s for brand marketers in large enterprises. It’s list of content syndication services users include few big brands like Pepsi, GE and Johnson & Johnson.

#19. Contextly

Contextly, it is one of the most commonly used content syndication tools with recommendation system for publishers. It significantly increases in-site conversions and engagement of visitors.

In past years they have created ab quality readers helping the publishers to successfully promote new content ventures like microsites.

#20. repubHub

Last but not the least in our list of top content syndication tools is repubHub. It is a hub where publishers find world-class content that they can reuse and re-publish on their websites.

It is also among those content syndication networks that are used by the publishers of original copyrighted content to syndicate their content to other websites.

Editors, bloggers, and marketers use repubHub to find the license-ready content they can embed on their sites.

8 Super Effective Content Distribution Strategies

Content Distribution Strategies #1: Syndicating Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 500 million professionals in the network which makes it the perfect platform for syndicating content.

 And, guess what?

 Anyone can use LinkedIn publisher but only a few are featured on Pulse! Pulse blog gets  hundreds of thousands of hits regularly And syndication content on LinkedIn is one of the best b2b content syndication strategies.

Content Distribution Strategies #2 Slideshare

I am sure you have stumbled on Slideshare hundreds of times when looking for relevant content. It is an incredibly popular syndication platform.

Again, anybody can use Slideshare to upload slideshows that visitors can access or download. All you need to do for this platform is rework on your content and make it into a slideshow.

Everybody who lands on your slideshow will see your branding on it, and will associate your company with well-researched, authoritative content. Also, this is your chance to be ranked higher on Google.

Content Distribution Strategies #3 Bookmarking Sites

Don’t underestimate the power of bookmarking sites, like, Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon. These platforms focus on aggregating and collating quality content. When syndicating, these platforms can be helpful to draw in audience. According to Aaron,

These communities exist to discuss content rather than just consume it, so to become a respected part of the community you need to take the time to get involved, comment on other content, and share content from a variety of websites.

Content Distribution Strategies #4 RSS

RSS is all about syndication, after all, it stands for Really Simple Syndication. One of the fastest growing methods for enhancing a web site’s traffic and syndicating content for martech experts is to submit your RSS feed to the top ranked RSS feed directories and search engines. You can find a list here. Remember, your content will appear alongside the work of others, which means,

  • You might not get loads of traffic because your content is mixed with other content, BUT,
  • If you are submitting to multiple RSS sites, your efforts will quickly add up and you will see a solid increase in traffic.

Content Distribution Strategies #5: Blog or Websites

Do not overlook platforms that allow you to re-publish content. Places to syndicate your content include websites like Medium, Scribd, and Hubpages, which allow anyone to start their own blog on the site.

Remember, while these platforms offer a wider audience reach, it’s important to prioritize syndication channels that align with your target audience and content goals.

This focus will help you maximize your content syndication ROI by attracting qualified leads most likely to convert.

Create one and repost quality content from your blog. This GIF summarizes what we are trying to say Other than this, you can also reach out to editors of websites that syndicate content.

For example, sites like Mashable, The Examiner, Huffington Post and Business 2 Community all welcome content submissions. Considering the popularity of these sites, it is obvious, that they choose best content to syndicate.

Ensure that you have read through guidelines, your content resonates with their audience and it is high quality. However, you WILL face a lot of rejections.

But, don’t let it put you down. This type of content syndication requires building credibility as an author before you can pitch.

Content Distribution Strategies #6: Co-Marketing

This is not a traditional form of content syndication but it is absolutely effective. Co-marketing is when two companies collaborate on a promotional front for a co-branded offer.

This type of collaboration can be particularly powerful for ABM content syndication, allowing you to leverage your partner’s audience and industry reach to target high-value accounts you’ve identified.

You can promote any piece of content which works with your audience (for example, ebook, white paper, research, reports or any other gated content).

The visitors are directed to a landing page and the resulting leads are shared by both the companies. This strategy will help you gain access to the audience of the other company.

Content Distribution Strategies #7: Press release

Did you go whaat?

Hear us out! Press release, a news-style written content, is generally distributed to multiple media outlets. This works best if you have launched a product or have the latest update (or news piece) which your audience is interested in.

You can optimize press releases by including link backs or links to a relevant landing page where you collect visitor information.

Content Distribution Strategies #8: Syndicate Content on Various Networks and Channels

Last but not least, you can always partner with a content syndication network to advertise or push branded content on specific sites.

This is a paid service and some of the popular syndication networks include Outbrain, Zemanta, and Taboola

What other tools or strategies have you used for content syndication? Comment below and share your experience.


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