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5 Ways Of Promoting New Piece of Content

You have written a detailed and actionable piece of content for your blog. You publish it and wait for the traffic to take over. But, unfortunately, the traffic does not meet your expectation. 

Look – If you publish it only on your blog, chances are, it will not reach an audience other than your own (which is extremely small, if you are just starting out) Promoting a new piece of content is the absolute necessity! 

But, there’s good news! By leveraging B2B content syndication strategies, you can boost the traffic pretty quickly. These strategies involve strategically placing your content on relevant industry publications and websites frequented by your target audience.

If you are unaware of content syndication services, it is the process of re-publishing your content on third party websites that usually have a large following.

For example, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Medium etc. [Don’t worry, it is content syndication ways are perfectly good with Google and does not mean duplicate content.] After all, the purpose of content creation is to build a brand and reach a massive audience, and it does not matter if they don’t read on content on your blog at first. 

In this post, we will discuss 5 ways of promoting a new piece of content through content syndication ways Lets begin 

Self-publishing platforms

There are multiple self-publishing platforms where you can re-publish your existing content. Lets look at a few options

1. LinkedIn

It is an excellent medium to syndicate content because it is filled with articles, videos and blog posts written by the professional community members as well as industry influencers. 

This exemplifies how content syndication works: By sharing your high-quality content on LinkedIn, you get exposure to a targeted B2B audience and leverage the platform’s existing traffic to drive visitors back to your website.

We recommend LinkedIn as one of the most effective content syndication ways because:

  • LinkedIn Pulse gets thousands of views regularly
  • The audience is specifically B2B, the exact type, you need to promote your business

The site generates traffic for a long time. Meaning, you will keep getting the traffic long after your content is published.

So, make sure your content is high quality and aim for it to be picked by LinkedIn Pulse. Even if it does not get picked by Pulse, posting content on LinkedIn regularly will drive new readers back to your website.


If you have noticed, there are many pieces of content that are not ranked high on Google but the SlideShare version ranks right on Page 1. 

Slideshare is a great content syndication tool of promoting a new piece of content. They allow anybody to upload a slideshow that visitor can view and download. 

While it may not drive huge amounts of traffic initially, it is a great way to brand your business. Anyone who is looking for content or downloads it will notice your branding on the content and would be encouraged to check you out.

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2. Social media snippets

Social media is one of the top content syndication ways and there are many ways a B2B business uses it. You can get your content in front of the relevant audience by buying targeted ads or sponsored posts, not just to drive brand awareness but to generate leads through calls to action and landing pages.

All social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) welcome content in the variety of forms and there are plenty visual only platforms (like Instagram and Pinterest) which can help you reach the relevant audience. 

So, pick the platform which works best for your business and get started.

3. Influence the influencer

Another way of promoting a new piece of content is to mention influencers and inform them about it. If you have written detailed and informative content, they will be happy to share it with their following (which quickly builds trust in the industry).

This highlights one of the key benefits of content syndication: gaining exposure to a wider audience through established influencer networks.

You can also write an actionable guide and ask an influencer to link back to your post. Neil Patel talks about this method quite in detailed.

4. Paid content syndication ways to promote a new piece of content

With the help of these content discovery platforms (named below), you can maximize your audience by sharing your content on a wide network of sites, ncluding platforms specifically designed for video content syndication.

Have you seen the recommended articles from the websection on many websites? These are paid content syndication ways and are seamlessly blended into the design There are many content discovery platforms to choose from.

While some are more popular (or recommended) than others, the decision depends on your requirements and what works best for you. Some of the ones, we recommend are

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • ZergNet

Using these services, you can quickly grow an audience by putting your content in front of a million eyes. But, remember, these are paid services and work on pay per lead model. You can read more about these here.

5. Social bookmarking websites and RSS

There are a lot of websites that aggregate the best possible content available online. You must have heard of Reddit, StumbleUpon or Dig. That said, you cannot be spammy by dropping your link and running away.

These are engaged communities and you need to take time to get involved, comment on others and share content from a variety of resources. Another recourse of promoting a new piece of content is using RSS – Really Simple Syndication.

There are multiple sites available online which are designed to combine and collect a range of RSS content.  You can submit your content to these sites. Through getting our content syndicated in these RSS directories, you will get traffic.

However, your content will be mixed with a lot of other content and you might not see the traffic initially Besides this, there are many websites which allow content syndication and you can use this guide to find such places There you go. 

Content Syndication is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. If you these content syndication ways, you can put your content in front of a larger audience, build trust and gain industry authority

What are the other content syndication ways, tools or techniques you have used for promoting a new piece of content? Share your suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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