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Have you ever seen an email without any content? Of course not! Content is the very first thing to any of your marketing strategies, may it be for your brand reputation or customer retention, attracting a new audience, or even for your Email Marketing Campaign. Hence it is rightly said, ‘ Content Is The King.’ 

So, before I dig into how content marketing and email marketing blend together to produce the brilliant result, let me first give you a brief about Content Marketing and Email Marketing. 

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Content Marketing

It is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content to the targeted audience. It helps companies to create the brand loyalty and reputation, also helps in building trust among audience. It is a ‘Pull’ type of marketing. 

Email Marketing

The process of sending commercials to the targeted group of an audience using email. It is often used to strengthen the business or brand’s relation with present or past customers. It is a ‘Push’ type of marketing. 

Have you noticed the common points in both? These are used mainly to improve brand loyalty and repeat the business by sharing valuable content. 

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The emails you sent should contain the content that will make your reader content 😉

So, while writing email content, ensure you have relevancy, quality, and content that will intrigue the reader. But, you are also missing one of the very important points, that is – your email template ‘Must’ be visually appealing. And bottom point is, it must have a purpose. 

Let’s Segment Our Email Into 4 Basic Parts: 

  1. Subject Line
  2. Body Content
  3. Call To Action
  4. Sign Off
Email basics - Email Marketing And Content Marketing - The Perfect Brew

Remember, each of these emails parts should be observed as a chance to weave your content marketing and email marketing together. 

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1. Subject Line

You will get a plethora of researches and studies related to the most and least effective subject lines. And the best way to start with is from your inbox. Check for what you have been emailed from over the last few months and you will gather a bunch of examples at your fingertips. 

Tips – I would like to help you by sharing my secret of writing an email subject line. I usually try to create a subject line that will intrigue a fear of missing out or began with something controversial/shocking.

Do Share yours!

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2. Body Content 

Consider email as a sandwich, where the subject line and the CTA are the bread and email body as meat. So, without any other thought, you have to prepare a delicious recipe for your meat otherwise your sandwich is a total failure. 

Body content should always hold relevancy, quality, and industry adjacent content. 

Email Marketing And Content Marketing - The Perfect Brew

Tip – When I start with a subject line, I always try to give a quick tip about my subject line’s keyword. For instance, if I write – “5 Best Email Marketing Practices” I ought to give at least 3 tips into my email body and the powerful 2 will be available once you click our link and read the whole blog. 

Remember while sending an email, you have to research for the appropriate time and day to send an email. Also if you promise one thing and deliver another you are more likely to lose your subscribers and customers.

3. Call-To-Action  (CTA)

Ahem Ahem! The love of every marketer.

Intriguing CTA is not only limited to email marketing but is a crucial part of any marketing plan. Include- 

  • I’ll Help! 
  • Read More

Kind of words to create a curiosity among the reader. 

Tip – I generally don’t stick to one kind of CTA I try to create different every time. I do this for testing purposes. This way I get to know which one works better. You can use the same and let me know how it results. 

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4. Sign Off

It is like a desert after a delicious dinner. This is a way to create a lasting impression. Sometimes these simple tasks can be daunting ones. I would suggest closing your email with a sweet personal touch and don’t forget to close your email with contact info. 

Email Marketing And Content Marketing - The Perfect Brew

Tip – I usually close my email with the hope of arranging a quick meet-up. I request readers to provide their free slot for a quick meeting of 10 minutes and ask them to connect with us over social media platforms,

eg. “Thank You <Name> for reading our blog! Looking forward to connecting on LinkedIn And Twitter. “


This is how content and email marketing have to work together to provide phenomenal results. To conclude, one thing is clear for certain, emails do not exist without quality content. 

Email Marketing is not a process that will deliver results overnight, it requires a lot of effort and consistency to get a desirable monetary impact after an email campaign, also you must understand these efforts always go towards building trust and loyalty among your customers and placing your brand as an expert in your field. 

Email campaigning is time-consuming, but worth performing. 

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