6 Learnings From Popular Content Marketing Examples

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When we say ‘content marketing’ one would think about some pleasing content ‘please check our new brand xyz’ but this type of content sometimes is a total flop! You should know how to play clever because your audience has got more precocious than you.

The time has changed, and many brands are going way crazy and clever while doing the content marketing.

So pals, gear up because we will be revealing the best content marketing examples which might be useful for you and your brand.

On Number 1, I Personally Like Zomato’s Content Marketing Strategies

The most entertaining brand I would say.

When Zomato launched its food delivery it won many hearts with the quirky advertisements which were aimed to draw many eyeballs. The bright red board with the wittiest lines is totally amazing.

zomato - learning from content marketing examples

not only this, Zomato never leaves social media track, the marketing team always comes up with the humor tool to answer any questions or comments.

 So, the things you should learn from Zomato’s content marketing strategies are-

  • Always keep your humor tool bag with you
  • Simple and powerful messaging works
  • Stick to the bold colors for your brand
  • The offers you give should always fill the gap in the market.

Number 2 – Coke 

 There was a campaign ‘Share a coke’ this was an ultimate example of content and personalization. From the US they took popular names and printed them on the bottles people, went crazy with this campaign which focused mainly on personalization.

We know the solid core of the content marketing is the ‘personalization’

Coke - learning from content marketing examples

According to the study, 74% of the marketers say personalization improves customer engagement drastically.

Coke with its campaign, touched an emotion by using the word ‘Share’ and it literally revolutionized the marketing strategy.

Your Learnings are –

  • Think of your audience/customers with emotion.
  • Think how YOU want them to feel.
  • Personalization with a tempering of emotion is the perfect content marketing strategy.

Number 3 – The One Who Coined The Term ‘Inbound Marketing’ – Yes! It is HubSpot 

The revered marketing platform! Isn’t it? Yes, when it comes to innovative marketing strategies all we could think about is HubSpot.

HubSpot does not have any magic wand, it is just the way of doing the same things differently. Because if you see the path followed by the HubSpot – It is

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight
hubspot - learning from content marketing examples

We too know this, but are we doing it in a unique way? Think – Out of the box

HubSpot produces the high-quality content which is extremely useful for the marketers and companies too. They are like ‘omnipotent’ creators of the marketing field they are the king of E-books, marketing tips and kits, webinars, certificates, courses, user guides, and everything you can imagine.

The mighty wand is their ‘Content’ the top-notch content.

What To Focus – 

The content is the king, create high-quality content – this is an obvious statement but, quality always trumps quantity.

Number 4 – GoPro 

The best way to connect with people is ‘Visual Content’. All content marketers know this, but very few try to implement it.

GoPro is a company of cameras and it would be really unfair if it does not market its content visually with videos and pictures.

The content marketing strategy of GoPro is all about jaw-dropping quality. The quality of pictures and videos. GoPro is having 17.6 million followers and more than 3.5 million subscribers this is proof of how powerful the visual content can be!

GoPro - learning from content marketing examples

They focus on what their customer is searching for which is based on the great market research. GoPro guys know, content marketing can be very powerful with visual content, and hence if you check their Instagram page you will be very thrilled to see the videos and pictures collection.

Takeaway Point – 

Get friendly with the pictures and videos, this will connect you to the masses. The content marketing is picking pace with the visual content, hence educate yourself to do it extremely well.

Number 5 – TED talks – It’s All About Storytelling

Why do you think TED talks is so popular?

Yes! Of Corse it is storytelling. We concentrate ourselves whenever we are reading, listening, or watching stories. Stories keep us engaged and this is picked by smart marketers for branding and increasing the popularity.

Tedx-learning from content marketing examples
TED Talks

We can say this as a default mode into a human being. Our childhood is also beautiful because we loved to listen to stories.

You learn –

To market your product you can also use the art of storytelling, which is considered the ‘crux’ of content marketing.

Summary – The Key Elements To Remember 

After reading all the content marketing strategies used by brands you might be having some amazing and creative ideas for your product, right!

So, before we say bye to you, we would like to deliver the key elements you should learn from these content marketing examples.

  1. Humor, simple yet powerful messages always work.
  2. Personalization is loved by everyone – It is psychologically proven.
  3. Quality should be the priority
  4. Be free and contagiously optimistic in your posts on Social media
  5. Storytelling is an art – you should learn it as the market demands it.
  6. Visual content marketing is the need for an hour- try to learn and implement it.

Follow these key elements and we are sure you will be just great at it!

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