Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies To Get Your Lead Generation On Track

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Vikas Bhatt

Top 5 content marketing strategies to get your lead generation on track

Any smart marketing tactic even if backed with modern and advanced tools, can cripple down if its content strategy is not planned and focused. So, in this blog, we will shed some light on the strategies of lead generation through content marketing.

Nowadays the audience has got smarter. It is a game of sagacious minds to build and sustain the trust of the customers. Whatever way you choose, solid content is always there, whether you go for demand generationaccount-based marketing, or any mode of marketing ‘Content’ will always pave a way for you. Once you grab the trust it doesn’t matter which social media marketing you serve on their plate.

  • Now, let us grab some amazing content marketing strategies which will help you generate leads.

1. Don’t Ever Forget To Do An Extensive Market Research 

Top 4 content marketing strategies to get your lead generation on track - market research
Market Research

Always keep in mind – Smart decisions are the result of in-depth knowledge and research. Hence, go for google analytics and search engines, and find out what type of searches is appearing for the product.

If you are selling a product or service you should know who, how, what, and when.

  • Who is your audience?
  • How you will target them?
  • What are your strategies?
  • When will you achieve your target?

Sophisticated market research boils everything down to the ‘What exactly your audience is searching for?’

If you crack this code, congratulations, your strategy 1 is accomplished.

2. Captivate Through A Creative Landing Page 

Hmm, captivate!! So, does this mean to decorate your landing page? Somehow, it says the same. Your landing page should be very attractive and engaging this is not possible only because of a great web designer, but a content writer can do the magic too.

Try giving a strong and captivating headline, this should make the reader scroll down and read for more content and this is the vital aspect of any lead generation strategy through content marketing.

And here is the anatomy of a perfect landing page.

Landing Page Anatomy

Image Source – Buffer

3. Lead Lure or Lead Magnet

When we go for fishing, we hook food on the rod to attract fish and ‘catch’ them. In the same way, if you want to attract more audience you must give a bait, a lure to your audience. Before you sell your product, you need to attract your audience with a catchy and bold headline.

Keep in mind, whenever you write content (lead bait) it should be a logical one. If you are writing an eBook, your headline must catch the eye of your audience. For instance, if your product is software that manages meetings. Your heading might be – “An ultimate assistant for a productive meeting” or if you have any other in your mind do comment below.

This way an amazing heading leads your way to lead generation.

4. Create Clever Content To Generate Leads

Top 5 content marketing strategies to get your lead generation on track - content

Image Source: Business2Community

Content marketing campaigns do wonders if they are set up on solid and high-quality content.

How to make high-quality content for a successful content marketing campaign?  

The study, study, and study. Top ranking headlines, online publications, successful content related to your industry will help you a lot.

Tweaking your headlines with reasonable time and learning how to write a bewildering headline will make your life much easier.

5. Perfect Content Marketing Yields More Leads

Well, content promotion is like adding life to the created content. Without promoting it strategically it is as good as dead. Create a promotion strategy based upon your type of product/content, target audience.

You should jump out of your comfort pool to grab the best path to attract more leads. Try finding the best channel to market your content.

For instance, you want to market your eBook which platform would you opt for?

Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn???

Twitter, Facebook Or LinkedIn

People, my perception would be – LinkedIn, why?

The reason is simple because you would find more professional and industry-related people over LinkedIn, right?

So, the reason behind giving this lame example is to instruct you – Think before you choose your promotional channel 

By the way apologies for this lame example.


The power of content is witnessed by many industries for many years. B2B industry is experiencing many major changes in terms of generating leads. There are plenty of ways sales and marketing teams are generating leads. It is up to you how you cut these noises and emerge as a clever player when focused on lead generation.

So, people do try these above content marketing strategies to generate leads, and remember to mail us if you found this helpful.

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