7 Types Of Invaluable B2B Content Used For Content Marketing

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Vikas Bhatt

7 Types Of Invaluable B2B Content used for Content Marketing

Content Is The King – Why?

Marketing field, demand generation, corporate communications, and any other field when you observe closely the common thing is ‘Content’ it is like fuel to the lead generation industry. The fact is, particularly the B2B industry also relies on content. This might be hard to digest but it is the truth.

Content Marketing Institute conducts a survey every year to learn about the content types used by B2B and B2C marketers. It is observed the content types deployed are shifted from industry to industry.

But when someone asks, “what type of content works best for my industry?” the answer is, “It Depends” upon your buyer’s content consumption, the product you sell the services you offer, in brief, there is no particular algorithm for any industry to go for the type of content that is suitable for the particular industry.

You need to carry out the A/B testing and observe the data when you implement a specific type of content marketing strategy.

But we can surely give you 7 types of invaluable content kinds that is a go-to thing for every marketer and industry.

1. Webinars

Webinars are like seminars just the difference is it brings a wide range of people together on the internet.

Live experiences are unbeatable when it comes to generating leads especially the qualifying leads. Webinars are the best thing to build trust and the best way to engage more and more people. Webinars are the most powerful type of content of all.

7 Types Of Invaluable B2B Content Used For Content Marketing - webinar

2. Blog

‘Old is Gold’ fits here very perfectly. As we know blogging is a very old method of content marketing and yes, is still a very effective one. This is the fastest way to reach your large audience, and when it comes to lead generation blogging helps a lot. It only requires doing it correctly.

3. Video Content

We know that video can engage even a laziest buyer. Modern customers want the product in action. It also gives better understanding and improves your brand identity.

A video marketing is on demand in B2B world, but without a great content it is like a shot in the dark. A video marketing has a great power to attract great ROI, hence, focus on the content to achieve desired goals.

4. Ebooks

7 Types Of Invaluable B2B Content used for Content Marketing - ebooks

The sophisticated and detailed version of marketing your content is E-Book. This is the best way to build your credibility. Writing an eBook shows your knowledge of the subject. Which is searched by many people. The E-book helps to bring qualifying leads into your bucket.

5. Infographics 

Infographics – When you take the facts from your E-Book and break them into entertaining chunks you create the best stuff for your audience.

Any salesperson will convert leads with insights, but the infographics are considered the most compelling way to deliver these insights.

The perfect creativity is the key to turn the marketing game to your side.

6. Case Studies

“Case studies are a marketing staple”. They create a major difference in the perspective of your brand. It shows how your product or services are implemented perfectly. This is the best way to showcase the USPs of your product. And, yes the most sophisticated way to do content marketing.

7. Podcast 

7 Types Of Invaluable B2B Content used for Content Marketing - podcast

Most of the people in America around 44% are Podcast listeners. Podcasting is the radio of the digital era. This is the new trend people are following and loving too. The topic you want to share with the listeners plays a key role to a successful podcast.


A successful content marketer never sticks to one type of content instead they always try to find the effective way to market their content for their business by A/B testing and analyzing it with proper metrics. You to try doing the same and you might discover your way to Content Marketing.

Happy Marketing!

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