7 Exclusive High Quality B2B Lead Generation Tactics

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Vikas Bhatt

7 Exclusive High Quality B2b Lead Generation Tactics

The ‘lead generation’ is an ever intriguing  topic to all the B2B players. I guess, I need not to explain the reason, right?! We know the market and sales team always chase the leads to bolster the business. The more the leads the more the revenues. It is simple as that.

Nah! I need to update my statement. The more the QUALITY LEADS, the more the revenues.

So, today in this blog we will help you with the exclusive methods to generate the high quality B2B leads which will not only help you grow your business but will also let you develop a strong impression in the market. So, dear readers, without wasting more time lets jump straight to the topic, the Exclusive tactics used by B2B global leaders to generate high quality qualified leads (Sales qualified or Marketing qualified).

#1 Content For YOUR Audience

You must have heard this truism gazillion times, but it actually, create wonders. You need to understand which audience (leads) you have to attract. Understand your industry, business, product and buyer to capture the bullseye for your business. The right content when delivered to right audience serves half of your goal.

Before setting your content analyze the backend data such as the age group, locations, language and then create a strong and intense content which will influence your audience.

#2 ‘Pick A Bone’ – It Will Boost B2B Lead Generation

7 Exclusive High Quality B2B Lead Generation Tactics - pick a bone
Pick A Bone

Image Source: SlideShareCDN

This might be an audacious advice but turns out to bring the great results. When you pick a bone with your competitor it gathers attention from the audience, which is a brilliant way to attract your leads.

This same tactic of ambush advertising and marketing is picked by many big brands like, Mac Vs PC, Pepsi vs Coca cola, is the longest war since 1975 and is still the hot topic in advertising and marketing industry. Another example is BMW vs Audi, this was the furious one, both brands started an ambush marketing and gathered an attention of the whole world. 

#3 Increase The Interactions

7 Exclusive High Quality B2B Lead Generation Tactics  - increase the interaction
Increase The Interaction

Image Source: Gartner

When B2B buyers consider purchasing a product they spend majority of the time researching the product independently online.

B2B sales cycle is the most complex and time taking, so it is difficult to put your foot into the door or say to close the deal. But when you go for live interactions and communicate with them timely, you can catch the pace with leads and close the deal quickly.

When a prospect you are conversing with, has some queries, try elongating it by giving walkthrough and scheduling an appointment with the experts, this way you will get more chances to talk and get closer with your prospect.

Getting closer to your prospect with each interaction is critical. But can be more intense with smart brains, who knows how to converse and build trust which leads a lead to purchase your product. 

#4 Twitter To Find The Insights

B2B, B2C or DTC all needs to personalize their lead generation process. It is observed most of the time personalizing the lead generation process gives a big thumbs-up to gather the high-quality leads. This works wonder when you are handling the busy decision makers.

How will you spot the personalization opportunities to win the B2B leads?

Answer is Twitter! 

Use Twitter platform to get the insights of the decision makers. As we know many professionals are present on LinkedIn, but it hardly gives you personal insights because it is the professional platform which guards people to expose their personal opinions and views. Unlike twitter, it is an open platform and more social compared to LinkedIn.

Twitter can give you many opportunities to get closer to your leads by applying the personalization funda.

#5 Use Automation Tools

7 Exclusive High Quality B2B Lead Generation Tactics - use automation tools
Use Automation Tools

Dump the manual work and adopt the automation. It saves time and will help you pay attention to the details which is not possible with the manual working. When you are working with sales, it is a very interesting work to deal with but may fade your enthusiasm when flicking through with lots and lots of paperwork.

The right automation tools definitely save time on mandatory tasks such as updating the CRM records, collecting the lead’s data and other paper works.

#6 Multi Channel Cold Outreach

This is the new algorithm introduced in the B2B world. Multi-channel outreach is way better than single channel outreach because it gives you insights about which channel is perfect to reach your prospect as it is not dependent on the single channel.

You can explore more better platforms, channels, and ways to approach prospect. At first you can focus upon 2 to 3 channels by setting them altogether create a personalized messages and reach the prospects. But ensure you studied the prospect’s behavior and analyzed all the metrics, before approaching.

You can use the hybrid method as well, for instance you are cold calling to the prospects, try adding the email outreach too. This will increase the chances of getting quality leads.

#7 Shoot Videos to Reel Leads

7 Exclusive High Quality B2B Lead Generation Tactics - shoot videos to reel leads
Shoot Videos To Reel Leads

Image Source: Squirrel Digital Marketing

This is an interesting one!

88% marketers reported a positive response in the ROI when using Videos in the email while approaching the prospects. It is proven, people connect more to you visually. Try including a one-minute video to your email to reach every inbox.

Don’t be shy! If you want to stand out in the industry you should try something new.

Make a video such that it is impossible to ignore. Try creating a short and snappy video, this will get you the quality leads you are looking for.

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Final Words

There are various methods to generate B2B leads, above mentioned are the few which are generally observed by the big B2B players. You should not pick one and start working upon it. Instead try hybrid methods. Play smart by teaming with other departments and shake hands upon new strategies and tactics.

To generate quality leads, I am sure by adopting this you will instantly figure out what works and what not. Keep the methods which gives you results and try amalgamating the remaining ones, by doing so, you might ‘INVENT’ your way of generating high quality leads. 

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