6 Habits Of A Successful Telemarketer

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Habits Of A Successful Telemarketer

Have you employed a team of telemarketers to work for you and wondering why they have not been achieving the targets? Are you a telemarketer wanting to improve his/her skills? Are you an employer who is looking to train a team of telemarketers?

If you nodded to one of them, this post is ABSOLUTELY for you.   Before we go on to talk about successful habits of a telemarketer, let us look at what is telemarketing today?  Earlier, telemarketing was all about cold calling left, right and center trying to sell products/services. But, that has changed now. Telemarketing is all about creating new opportunities for your business. It can be used for market research or simply to collect accurate information for deploying other marketing tactics.  Considering it involves talking to different types of people at various levels, it is important to have telemarketers with certain specific traits. If you already have a team, you can train them to develop these traits with constant training and quality control.  In this post, we will talk about 6 habits every successful telemarketer should have or work on developing. Let’s start

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1. Follow-ups and taking actions quickly

Did you know that 80% of the sales requires at least 5 follow-ups? But, 44% of salespeople give up after that first attempt.   A lead generation specialist always follows up with the lead after suitable intervals and does not use the same script (but, notes from the previous conversation). This makes the communication personal and shows you are sincere in your efforts. This gets me to the next point – A good telemarketer is the one who will send the marketing material to the lead as promised. Ideally, send it right there and then; and never leave it longer than the end of that day.   What happens when you leave it more than that?   The lead may forget the communication with you or start thinking of your words as a bunch of hollow promises. In such a scenario, not only are they are unlikely to buy your products or services in the future but it may also hurt the reputation of the company you work for.  

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2. Have a sales script ready

A successful marketer never sits on a call without a sales script to guide him through the conversation.   Noticed that I said “guide”. As a telemarketer, you are supposed to make conversations with the lead and ease them into giving you the required information. If you stick to the sales script heavily, you may come across as stubborn and the lead will never be interested in talking to you further.   

So, use a sales script when you are stuck BUT do not get on a call without one  

3. Knowing the background and personalizing the conversation

The one BIG difference between a successful telemarketer and other telemarketers is the knowledge of leads and ability to use that information to personalize the call.   A quick look at the company website to understand their values, goals, and services can go a long way in showcasing yourself as a sincere telemarketer.   Alongside the script, keep notes about the company you are calling and you will notice a difference.  

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4. Not too impulsive or temperamental

If you are a telemarketer, you know sometimes leads can be rude.   But, the key to being a successful marketer, is to keep yourself calm and not get upset over anything. You can politely keep your points, and if the lead seems disinterested, then let it go. Thank the person for taking the time to talk to you and try again some other day.   

Not only do successful telemarketers have a lot of persistence, but they also have lots of patience.  

5. Making a conversation (not too salesy)

Companies often put receptionists or secretaries to put off such calls for later. They are also taught NOT to give away the information over the phone. A smart telemarketer strategizes to approach such businesses and comes up with innovative ideas constantly –  

  • He/she knows that calling the business before the working hours or after the working hours is the best time to get hold of the manager or c-suite.
  • He/she tries to other ways to talk to someone who can indeed share the information. For example, customer care or helpdesk.

  To pull this off successfully, it is important that you are a conversation maker (without sounding too robotic or salesy).   Which gets to one more point –   The person on the other side of the call may have questions for you (the answers to which are not in the script). You should be prepared to talk, resolve issues, answer questions or address concerns they have. Meaning, you need to have knowledge about the company you work for and their products/services in detail. 

 6. Talk slowly and clearly

As a newbie telemarketer, you may be a little nervous cold calling a lead or you are an expert who has to deal with people from different countries.   Unfortunately, we end up talking fast an unclear on such calls and the person on the other side does not understand a thing. So, take a sip of water and be mindful of your speed.   If you talk slowly and clearly, you come across as more sincere and that works well in conducting business. There you go –   If you adopt these 6 habits of telemarketing, no one can stop you from being a successful telemarketer.   So, what has been your experience? What is that one thing every telemarketer should have? We love to hear from you.

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