5 Effective Ways To Generate Leads Via Telemarketing

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Effective Ways To Generate Leads Via Telemarketing

Telemarketing must always be an indispensable part of your marketing strategy, especially for telemarketing lead generation. When it comes to generating B2B leads, there are numerous ways to guarantee efficient contact generation. However, if you are looking to exponentially increase your business sales, then telemarketing should be your foremost choice.

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Generate Leads Via Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a time-tested marketing medium that delivers diverse functions. Telemarketing lead generation service providers offer a personalized touch to their dealings. They also perform a host of other significant functions. Major functions (included but not limited to) are as follows-

  • Creating awareness
  • Inviting people for company events, webinars, seminars etc
  • Promoting the company’s new products and services
  • Establishing your brand value
  • Providing timely reminders for meetings
  • Following-up on future events

Outbound and Inbound Lead Generation

Lead generation can be further broken down into-

Outbound lead generation refers to reaching out to your prospect via direct mail or telemarketing.  In this case it’s you, not the prospect, who selects the time and place of the interaction – hence the term ‘interruption marketing’.

Inbound lead generation, on the other hand, is the creation of content and campaigns (LinkedIn marketing, or any strategy) that draws in website visitors and converts them into leads. This is achieved by making your brand/business more discoverable online, in search engines and social media platforms.

Here, the key lies in how you qualify these inbound leads to ensure they are a good fit for your offerings. In this scenario, you allow your buyers to control the time and place (channel) of the engagement and the exchange of information – choosing to do it or not.

The best technique is to use a blend of both types of marketing strategies, and the key to success here is finding the perfect balance for both your brand.

The key benefits of Telemarketing Lead Generation

What makes it so effective?

lead generation and telemarketing

1. Telemarketers can bring around qualified leads (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified) which increase sales, as they will be directly involved in a conversation with the potential prospect.

2. Telemarketing helps you shoot timely reminders for major appointments/ meetings, pushing the prospects to be there at the appointed time, and also take notice of your brand. This goes a long way in designing your brand value. This gives you the authority to take their responses instantly and adjust your approach accordingly.

3. Top providers of telemarketing lead generation services just don’t make calls for lead generation; they also help you make optimum use of your database and resources. You can thus build sustained relationships more creatively and efficiently. You can use these relationships to provide good referrals for future projects and grow rapidly.

5 Successful Hacks for Telemarketing Lead Generation

A great strategy and Selecting The Right B2B Telemarketing Vendor is crucial  to succeeding in your telemarketing campaign. Without one, even the best campaigns can fail.

Let’s discover 5 great ways to do so.

1. An updated database

Sure, a list is important. But an updated list helps you target your client/audience better. It also ensures you focus on the quality and don’t waste your time and resources in contacting people that will no longer be useful to you.  An adequate and accurate list increases your chances of success. Telemarketing agencies claim to roughly make 300-500 calls in a day. Even if your list is updated not all your ‘contact people’ will be on their desk to answer your call. The conversion percentage is somewhere between 5%-10%. Making an abundance of calls in a day increases your chances for higher conversions and sales.

Did you know?

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Lead Generation Stats

2. Create a stellar script

A compelling opening is inviting. It’s important to build a rapport with your prospect. When it comes to following your script- be more natural and less rigid.

When conversing with prospects ensure it’s a two-way conversation. Nobody likes being interrogated. A prospect who engages with you is likely to give their nod of approval for receiving a mail or a demo.

3. Always ask for feedback from your sales team

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Do not just funnel leads to your sales teams. Make it a two-way pipeline, by regularly asking them which kinds of leads are receiving the best results.

Your in-house sales team can tell you which leads are genuinely interested to do business. And the assigned outside sales force will tell you loud and clear when they need more or better leads. Engage them for more details. The better you understand their needs, the better you can generate leads.

4. Always follow-up to nurture

You must follow up in a way that conveys promptness and relevancy toward your prospect’s needs.

Keep in mind when you follow up that you also need to ensure you do so in the manner requested. If they decline a follow-up phone call but ask you to email them then make certain you do so.

Teleprospecting is a much more rewarding way to reach out and initiate contact with potential prospects/ clients. By supplying engaging and meaningful conversation, you are also building the bridge to a much longer relationship.

In sales, always think about building a bridge and taking another step toward a client/customer relationship.

5. Invest in digital platforms

B2B marketers are now open to go beyond traditional B2B marketing by experimenting with social media platforms and guess what? It works!

b2b telemarketing lead generation
B2B Lead Gen Method

Now is the ideal time to invest in digital marketing, SEO and paid media.

LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with industry experts and so is Twitter. You can leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for creating awareness and driving traffic.

Did you know?

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Blogging Stats

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These are few guaranteed ways you can leverage to grow your conversions and sales and also stay updated with the telemarketing trends. Share with us what works best with you.

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