In-House Telemarketing vs. Outsourced: Making the Right Choice

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In-house Vs Outsourced Telemarketing Which Is Bette

As your business or its verticals expand, it becomes imperative to assemble a team of dedicated telemarketers to manage your sales and solutions. 

The question is if you are going to employ telemarketing – should you do it in-house? Or simply outsource it?

Making the right choice can be pretty daunting. We have curated a list of pros and cons of both to help you decide better.

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Outsourced Telemarketing

Outsourced telemarketing

Pros of Outsourced Telemarketing

1. Cost Effectiveness

In the last couple of decades, there has been a significant hike in outsourcing non-core work to an offshore location. The primary reason is its cost-efficiency. 

In house telemarketing
Outsourced telemarketing
top global Outsourcing Telemarketing industry

In comparison to in-house telemarketing, outsourced telemarketing is highly cost-effective. Hiring a telemarketing agency eliminates costs related to in-house call centre set-up, staffing, insurance, and other overhead expenses. 

2. Access to experienced, skilled, and trained workforce

 Outsourcing your telemarketing gives you a talent pool of experts who have the aptitude to understand your business goals, customer expectations and speak confidently as the voice of the brand.

3. Brand Awareness

Telemarketing outsourcing bridges the gap between your brand and the audience. Given the personalised nature of telemarketing (one on one interaction), it is also a very powerful tool to build credibility and brand awareness.

Did you know? 

Outsourced Telemarketing

Other advantages of outsourcing telemarketing services include expert and quality monitoring and helps you keep your business running smoothly

Cons of Outsourced Telemarketing

1. Language Constraints

Special consideration must be given to language proficiency and ensured it is compatible with that of the target audience when outsourcing your telemarketing needs. In case the business development executives are not well-trained, this could lead to miscommunication and ultimately, brand dilution.

2. Less Control

Since your telemarketing needs would be located in an offshore location, personal supervision becomes challenging. Identifying a partner with the right credentials, who can provide transparency through technology tools and telemarketing metrics, is inevitable. 

3. Confidentiality Issues

Businesses often have to exchange sensitive customer data with the outsourced firm. This at time exposes the business to high risk. 

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In-house Telemarketing

In house telemarketing
In-house Telemarketing

Pros of In-house Telemarketing

1. Personal Touch & Control

One of the biggest advantages of an in-house telemarketing team is having complete autonomy on the resources, operations, and the telemarketing campaigns. 

In-house teams exclusively deal with a single brand, and the chances of dedicating appropriate attention to every customer/client increases because of this. The business development executives can be trained to become trusted brand advocates. 

2. Security

Since there wouldn’t be any third-party involvement, risk of exposing client data is non-existent. Also, customers/clients tend to display more trust when they think they’re interacting with the direct representatives of the brand/company.

3. Flexibility

Your telemarketing sales team will be in the same building as you and under the direct supervision of the firm itself. Any amendments in the management- policies, processes, strategy modifications can be implemented easily with immediate effect without any hassles.

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In-house telemarketing
In-house Telemarketing

Cons of In-house Telemarketing

1. Cost 

An In-house telemarketing team is expensive to set up, from the infrastructure to the initial staffing and recruitment. In addition to the above-mentioned costs, your business should also be equipped with a massive contingency fund. 

2. Exorbitant maintenance expenditure

Besides the costs incurred in setting up in a physical location, it just doesn’t stop there. Your business will have to invest in planting a management team in place, which means hiring business development executives, supervisors, program managers, team leaders and even coaches to train the executives all along. 

Overhead costs are also remarkably higher since you have to take into account the cost of utilities, software and upgrades facilities and even support staff.

3. Compromised productivity and slow business continuity

In case of any revision in the internal or external setting, an in-house telemarketing set up carries the risk of business suspension. Quality of support presented to the customers/clients are hindered in this case. 

Key takeaway: In-house Vs. Outsourced Telemarketing – Which is better?

Truthfully, it’s down to you. Now that you know key benefits and drawbacks of each, the choice is yours!

The only catch is the output must exceed the total efforts invested. 

To discover more about outsourced telemarketing services, contact us today. 

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