Why Should You Be Outsourcing Your Telemarketing?

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Why Should You Be Outsourcing Your Telemarketing

The telemarketing industry continues to flourish even today for it has a notable influence on B2B lead generation. When done right, it is the smartest way of acquiring new customers – nationally and globally. 

A statistics published illustrates that the return on investment (ROI) for every pound spent on B2B telemarketing is £11 (averaged across various industries).

Designing a successful B2B telemarketing program is no easy feat. A compelling B2B telemarketing campaign requires motivated, dedicated, and highly trained sales staff.  And not to forget experienced management and top of the line technology. Meeting all the above-mentioned requirements can possibly become an issue for any business centered on growth because of the time, effort, and expertise required to run a successful telemarketing program. Which is why many organizations are turning to outsourced telemarketing to build a rapport and drive traffic. 

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Below are 5 compelling reasons your business should outsource telemarketing. 


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Cost Efficient

In the last couple of decades, there has been a remarkable rise in outsourcing non-core work to an external offshore location. The chief reason is its cost-efficiency. 

In comparison to in-house telemarketing, outsourced telemarketing is cost-effective. Hiring a telemarketing agency eliminates costs related to in-house call center set-up, staffing, insurance, and other overhead expenses. 

Besides, businesses that adopt outsourced telemarketing get access to the outsorcerer’s state-of-the-art technology, such as their outbound dialer technology, inbound call handling technology, call monitoring software, quality assurance tools, API’s, email/chat capabilities, and Caller ID services. 

When you outsource telemarketing, not only you save big but your business can also continue focusing on its core competencies. 

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Access to experienced, skilled, and trained  workforce

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Experienced & Skilled Workforce

Outsourcing your telemarketing can obliterate your HR’s team nightmare that comes with the recruitment and training processes of business development executives or call agents.

External agencies, on the other hand, have a rigorous recruitment process for business development executives/call agents. The BDEs are also equipped with specialized industry knowledge. Access to experienced, skilled, and trained workforce at a lower cost, win- win!

We at Only B2B along with an army of expert process trainers diligently train our staff to perform their duties to the highest standard for the benefit of your business. Training sessions include familiarity with products/ services, call etiquettes, making quality calls, rejection handling, and countless other telemarketing practices. 

Outsourcing your telemarketing often allows the company to offer 24/7 customer support at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Expert and Quality Monitoring

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Another vital  benefit of outsourcing telemarketing services is that it enables you to instantly measure your customers’ level of interest in your products or services. 

Outsourcing companies record calls and store transcripts of all chats. The recordings are evaluated and scored on a schedule. Information is extracted on standards agreed to with the client. They’re also shared with the client to review the overall performance.

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Brand Awareness

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Brand Awareness

Telemarketing outsourcing bridges the gap between your brand and the audience. Given the personalized nature of telemarketing (one on one interaction), it is also a very powerful tool to build credibility. 

Consider a gym franchise determined to promote their membership offer. With a list of businesses (here other gym franchises) focusing on email marketing or ads, receiving a phone call may be the thing that actually gets their attention. Having your outsourced telemarketer call the list of previous members and the existing ones could unbelievably increase the footfall. As we all know, finding new customers is fairly more expensive than retaining previous buyers. 

Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

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Instead of spending precious time and effort on establishing up and operating an in-house team (which isn’t your business’ core objective), outsourcing allows you to concentrate on other domains of the business that need attention. You may also discover your sales team are more productive and efficient in securing sales when they don’t spend time on telemarketing duties.

When outsourcing, you’ll have the liberty to execute telemarketing campaigns only when you need to; either when you need to boost sales or support your other marketing efforts. Conversely, you can cut down on your telemarketing spend when you are busy and don’t have additional capacity to fill.

Outsourced telemarketing is an excellent solution for any organization grappling to keep up with leads, exploring more quality leads, venturing to bring back lapsed customers, trying to diminish costs, or simply desiring to ensure that their business is running smoothly.

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