Boost your Engagement with Email Personalization in Your ABM Strategy

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Engagement with Email Personalization

Are you pushing yourself too hard for acquiring more quality leads which will eventually grow your existing client base? If yes, your sales and marketing team should think of different ways to increase the engagement for your target account. Engagement in the different industry looks different. It depends on what vertical your company is operating in and so it might turn out to be difficult for you to discern what methods will actually work for your industry. It is often the case that something that has worked for one account will not necessarily work for another and so understanding the metrics is very important.

There are way too many approaches that the marketing and sales function can adapt so as to win with an account based marketing strategy and then conceptualizing and generating ideas will take some more time One such method is email. The power of generating B2B leads through emails will, I believe, never go out of style. In today’s world, email has evolved and it isn’t confined to just promoting your offers on brands. You can use emails to give a personalized as well as relevant experience to your customers and subscribers. Email is about coming up with accessible emails for reaching out to everyone, even by individuals with disabilities. Email addresses that you have in your database is an asset and need to be used to its full potential.

Email personalization in ABM can prove to be one of the most sought after marketing channels. While personalizing the email includes sending the right and relevant email to your users at the right time, account based marketing has its focus mostly on targeting the relevant audience for marketing your brand. Therefore, by getting the personalized emails together with the ABM strategy, you will be able to boost the engagement and get the required results.The focus of ABM is solely on the creation and execution of highly customized and targeted campaigns for addressing the requirements of every single set of accounts and the decision makers. When you align email marketing with account based marketing, you are sure to garner better results. Running email campaigns by using ABM will help you understand every target account’s needs and priorities and adds value to your organization.

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Sending personalized communications through email campaigns can help you increase the engagement between the target accounts. Sending valuable emails can help you develop a relationship and share the materials required for marketing more easily. However, if you do not use emails carefully and with planning your emails might end up finding their place in the spam folder and then there’s no way of coming back or you can say that your efforts will not work out ever. You might require a lot of time at first but once you have identified your best accounts, you can start working on creating a strategy for creating emails that will capture their attention.

To go ahead with it you will obviously have to have some variations that give out specific challenges and how your services or tools can help them. To send out personalized emails, there is some code of ethics that you have to follow: you don’t want to look too overbearing and neither be unprofessional since this will make your efforts seem as too obvious. You need to make sure that the communication you are sending across is valuable and it circles around the pain points of your target accounts. Your messages should be very professional, subtle and relevant because ‘Exclusively for you’ and ‘Offer ends today’ is way too gimmicky for people’s liking.

ABM targets only specific set of accounts that have similar business needs, firm demographics and challenges, and hence instead of marketing to a large group of people, you are only required to market to a specific list of clients. This approach helps in understanding whom to address while you are sending the email campaign for a specific B2B business. Marketers can create relevant, personalized content that appeals to the target account since it is fixed. This helps you in creating specific emails that have high chances of boosting the engagement as compared to other generic emails. Targeted and personalized emails can increase the click-through rate and conversion of your email marketing campaign. Since account based marketing campaign can help send the relevant communication that focuses more on quality, not quantity, you have less data which can be tracked easily.

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Therefore, it becomes much easy for you to measure the performance and metrics of the ABM campaigns in comparison with regular campaigns. ABM picks up the most superior and biggest set of accounts and targets them with personalized emails which are most likely to drive more conversions. This is the reason why it has become of the most popular marketing campaigns that are known to deliver the highest ROI for any business. It should be considered that since ABM includes targeting a particular account, engaging and converting them, the contribution should be equal from both the sales and marketing teams. For this, they should work in a close-knit manner for making the campaign successful. When you have contextual, relevant and personalized email messages your chances of increasing conversion grows.

When the people present in your target account receive the message that speaks directly to them and addresses their pain points, they are most likely going to use your products/services. When they receive the solutions that they want for their problems they will move forward in the buyer’s journey. Also, you need to always keep in mind that ABM email campaigns are a tough nut to crack because almost everyone interacts with email in a different way. Space your emails out over an extended amount of time, instead of sending four emails in a day. To conclude, I’d like to say that ABM is a powerful method of marketing which, when combined with personalized emails will bring you more success in your business. By using this deadly pair in your email marketing campaigns you can stay focused on the right goals and retrieve maximum conversions.

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