Implement Automation Tools To Soar Your ABM Efforts

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Implement Automation Tools To Soar Your ABMEfforts

Account Based Marketing – An Excellent Personalization Tool.

It is always a wise thing to opt for Account centric approach as it bifurcates the key business accounts and markets personally to the single units. This lessens the cost of marketing and delivers a transparent result.

By identifying and targeting the decision-makers and influencers who can get benefits from what your company offers, you can make your marketing attempts more customized and effective.

Account based marketing is not the latest concept but it got more powerful years after year. As the technology evolved so is the ABM. The market has a plethora of technologies and automation solutions which has made Account based marketing more precise, affordable, and measurable.

We can consider ABM as an antidote to the traditional lead generation methods. Many B2B researchers revealed that without ABM, more than 80% of businesses cannot use their CRMs accurately and more than 70% fail in marketing automation. (DemandGenReport)

ABM delivers a better and maximum return on investment (ROI) compared to other strategies. ABM has become the most sensitive and must follow method of B2B marketing.

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Never Be Out Of Sight

Implement Automation Tools To Soar Your ABM Efforts - never be out of sight
Never Be Out Of Sight

To achieve these impressive results marketing automation plays the key role. It allows the narrower methods to target your accounts. For instance, you have content marketing, pay per click, and social media services out of them if your visitor lands to content marketing page, that means he is more interested in the content marketing services. This is done via webpage tracking.

You concluded the visitor’s interest now, you can take the accurate actions for targeting the account. You will immediately capture his attention through the content marketing-focused campaigns. This way you will never be out of sight.

If ABM is the vehicle, then automation tools are the fuel. ABM efforts get accelerated with the implementation or adoption of marketing tools.

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Here are the steps to use marketing automation as a driving force for ABM efforts.

1. Segmentation Of The Accounts And Tagging

Implement Automation Tools To Soar Your ABM Efforts - segmentation of account and tagging
Segmentation Of Accounts And Tagging

Based on the demographics, an honest CRM authorizes the user to filters the contacts automatically. Also, it bifurcates the accounts from one another based on the desired selection criteria.

Nonetheless, you ought to be ready to use certain tags manually. To assist you with this there are tools like ZohoCRM, Zapier. Such tools will identify the encouraging and promising accounts and will prevent you to wade through piles of information.

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2. Draw the Automation Cycle

Get a blueprint of the customer lifecycle. In this, you should identify the entire process of B2B lead generation. The pathway looks like; subscriber, lead, MQLs, SQLs, and lastly a customer. In this whole process, you cannot communicate at every phase. When one clicks to the specific link of your website, you should have a system-generated mail sent to his inbox.

Once you track the movement of the possible lead, quickly trigger the sales rep team to take the follow-ups. This saves time of salespersons and therefore ABM strategies are often implemented wisely.

3. Right Content To The Right Audience

Facts About Email Marketing Automation

This should go without saying, tailor your content according to your targeted accounts. If the lead is searching for apples show him the benefits of apple not mangoes. What I mean to say is, after tracking an account, you analyzed his interest is in content marketing service, so, display the relevant content regarding to content marketing – just don’t be an invasive marketer.

Messaging the target account with relevant content and keeping him engage can be done by the tools. Most of businesses use email marketing automation to send messages to their targeted accounts. They automatically distinguish the relevant messages and sends them to the prospects inbox. These tools help to generate conversions with relevant communications.

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4. A/B Testing To Measure Your ABM Success

Implement Automation Tools To Soar Your ABM Efforts - A/B Testing
A/B Testing

Drawing your strategy to urge the results is in fact a great step. But, at every funnel, you should measure your success. Whether the actual implementation is giving you the desired results or not.

Under the aegis of automation tools it has become possible to monitor your campaigns in real-time, so if the efforts are not catching an eye of the audience, try changing the way of reaching or communicating. This is again a fabulous advantage of using marketing automation tools.  

Final Words:

Account based marketing is certainly an approach that is driven by perfect strategies, tools and smart efforts. According to ITSMA, 87% of marketers are observing huge returns. ABM when collaborated with marketing automation it adds value to your ABM efforts. It personalizes the campaigns and provides faster outreach with an effective content, that pushes the leads down the sales funnel. Customers are the result of the correct ABM strategy and its execution.


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