17 Types of Crazy Leads Generation Methods


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17 Types of Crazy Leads Generation Methods

Marketer spends a lot of their time on leads generation methods using whatever resources they have. They run a lot various campaigns to achieve targeted ROI. Most of their revenue (almost 80%) comes from 20% of their customers but they also need new clients to grow business. How can this be achieved? How can marketers generate new leads? I have listed down 17 types of crazy lead generation methods for you below:  

1. Create Videos

We all know how video marketing is taking a major role nowadays because people are choosing to be visual learners & they prefer videos over content. This is the reason why almost every one of us wants to make a video of their brand’s product/service. But are you of the post-and-pray type? Or you prefer to be more strategic as mentioned in the tale of two marketers? The choice is yours! It would need channelized efforts on leads generation methods using your videos with CTAs. Being strategic in your campaigns is must to be a successful marketer.  

Always, analyze your video performance. Don’t just broadcast videos to get posts and likes but use them to generate leads using CTAs. This way, you will be able to measure your performances as well.

2. A/B Test your Sign-up Forms

A simple study by beemdigital on sign up forms showed a tremendous decrease in the number of sign-ups by 18.70% only because they included spam word in their privacy policy statement. Yes, never mention the word spam there! Another way to do it? See below three sentences beemdigital mentioned above used and you will get the point.  

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  • 100% privacy we will never spam you
  • 100% privacy. We keep all your personal information secret
  • We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared

Which one of them do you think would have got increased sign up rate? Isn’t it the third one. Watch the language of it carefully. This is what positive sentences can have an effect. You too can A/B Test your sign up forms and see these results. Start now!

3. Give Fewer Choices

Have you seen ladies shopping? Did you laugh at them because they have to choose from the tons of options they get? After all, all the colors are good and everything is for everyone! Does it not confuse?  

Why then give people multiple choices when you want them to choose your business? Yes, according to Hick’s Law fewer choices will reduce the confusion & the less confused people are, the more leads you get. Always have one CTA when you are running a campaign.

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4. Advertorials and News Stories

A company launches a new product and no one hears about it. It is 4th anniversary now and you celebrated the success you have achieved so far but nowhere in the news people interested in your niche heard it. Your advertorials did not reach people. Perhaps, you did not make one. This surely doesn’t give you publicity. You need people to hear about your product/service so that people trust it.

A simple thought, why does good reputation makes other people trust you? Because a good report about you gets spread among peoples and they have a valid reason to trust you. News stories kind of do the same work for you; it creates a good, trustworthy reputation of you.

5. Send LinkedIn Group Invitations and you will get Qualified Leads

People often share their experiences and thoughts on LinkedIn since after LinkedIn starting these feature years ago. Have you thought of LinkedIn groups?

They are a great source for generating leads. You can create a group where your prospects can join. A group named Join us for a better your service name.

Those who click to join are your qualified leads (Sales qualified or Marketing qualified) because they won’t join if they are not interested. Isn’t this an awesome idea?

6. Use AdWords

We get traffic from Google Adwords if we highlight the offer and provide sufficient information so that users can make a decision and respond to your call-to-action which can be an email address, a toll-free number or landing page. People have observed that sending information such as reports or templates via email has given 15-30% more conversion rate.

7. Downloadable Posts in PDF Format

Being an influential blogger you must have noticed a lot of people browsing through your blog. If you allow people to get their offline copy of the content they liked from your blog, you are going to increase the chances of getting more email subscribers but what if you are not yet an influential blogger? Never mind!

8. Blog Continuously

Why not have a strategy? You can schedule your content for the next six months to get the bigger picture of how your blog is going to run. This will you be organized in your other projects like campaign as well. You will be in a better position to provide relevant resources & information to your visitors. Getting traffic to your blog is not enough. You need to also add appropriate CTA to your blog posts.

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9. Leads through sponsored Tweets

Twitter allows a quick search which gives a list of people who are interested in your niche. Nothing better than this right? Why not use such an opportunity to engage with people to talk to them about your products as their solution? It is also possible to sponsor your tweets so that you can be in front of your audience but in this leads generation methods you will also have to follow-up on leads that you will get and It requires efforts. You can make your sponsored tweets effective by adding a link to your landing page that talks about the same topic as the tweet.  

10. Using Lead Cards on Twitter

Twitter explains how its lead card works, in this way Twitter cards can give you highly qualified quality leads because leads generation methods makes your prospects easy to interact on your offers/tweets. When they expand your tweet, they will see a join us CTA or your own customized CTA.

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By clicking on the join us button Twitter will have them send their email Id & their username. Join us CTA is designed in such way that it automatically retrieves above info about the user who is responding to your CTA. It only takes them clicking on the join us button. Pretty simple!

11. Leads Through Quora

People go to go Google for answers to their questions but there is Quora which dedicatedly runs to answer questions people from different industries have and this platform cannot be neglected. Plus, Quora gives you an option to create a backlink in your profile. When you answer questions people are likely to visit your website.

12. Repurpose your Content into Slides

Slideshare has over 60 million visitors per month. Over 80% of Slide Share’s visitors come through organic search. Repurposing your content into slideshow presentations will turn out to be an excellent idea for you. Slideshare allows you put links to your website and also offers you pro plan which you think of. How to repurpose your content? Get any presentation software? Microsoft PowerPoint presentation? It will do!   Choose one of your blog posts. Make slides of it & Share! Did you expect something more to it? It is that simple!  

13. Google+ Communities

On a challenge to generate one lead per day, one blogger according to incomebully.com generated 13 inquiries about SEO & web design from Google+ communities. Yes, a person who doubted if Google+ can survive another couple of years admitted that it is a goldmine for marketers like you. Why not check?  

14. Creating Content on LinkedIn

You can post links to blog posts, home page, etc on LinkedIn to establish your status as a well-known marketing services provider. You must also have a solid offer and a link to the website with that so that you can follow through and capture leads.  

15. Social Hubs

We all post on different social media but the duration of these posts on an average is not more than over three hours. Despite this leads generation methods we get sufficient leads through media but what if you wanted your posts to stay there for a longer period as you want? You have an option and that is social hubs which you can directly embed on your website. These are put in tiles format with a CTA inserted within the grid. Just what you wanted.  

16. Pop-up

Pop-ups are not meant to annoy, but they do sound exactly so. If you look after things like the color combination, irrelevancy, timing and few other things you can turn your pop-up into success and people will not hate everything on your website because of annoying pop-ups.

17. Telemarketing

People say old is gold. They also say keep the pace, but we really need to balance our approaches to benefit from both old & new marketing methods – Telemarketing & Online Marketing. Yes, never to forget old telemarketing method in the debate of Telemarketing or Online Marketing. It is flexible and allows you to recognize your prospects and gently lead them to purchase.  

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