Email Lead Generation Process: What Counts?


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Email Lead Generation Process: What Counts?

Email lead generation is the most impactful digital tactic. For marketers’ emails still has the highest ROI conversion rate at each email bringing in an ROI of almost 44%. Marketing experts state that the final goal of emails and email campaigns is ultimately lead generation. 

Email lead generation is rolled out by initiating and running email campaigns. The intent here is to make the receiver read the email or at least click and open the email. This is what will generate quality leads. Email lead generation is enabled by testing and tweaking each email sent, nurturing the campaigns run, and by email monitoring at a more granular level.  

Before we look at the process that is best followed for generating email leads, it would be for the best to know why emails even work for the marketers. One of the leading reasons is email access by smartphones. With smartphone penetration increasing by the day, a Salesfusion study states that 72% of adults in the USA prefer receiving business communication via email. 

This is an impressive percentage of people who prefer emails. It is time for the Email lead generation process. Here are the steps in brief: 

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Tell the world about your content. Publish the content to be promoted in social networks and websites. Publishing will spread the word as well as educate people about what we are talking about. 

Create CTA and landing pages that can entice a lead. A strong CTA prompts and gives that extra push to the interested prospects to click the CTAs. Once clicked the prospect subscribes to what the CTA talks about. CTAs may be for subscription, a prompt to read more, encourage buying or anything else as apt in context to the email. 

Create a detail-oriented lead capture form. For email lead generation, the design and the length of the form should be long or short, depending on the industry you are creating the form for. If we discuss the B2B industry, where the lead generation of the target audience is being generated for business purposes, the form has to be detailed. 

Perhaps one of the most important elements of a lead capture form, especially in the B2B industry is the work email id and phone number. The other fields that a lead generation form needs to have are the name, job title, company name, industry and 

Utilize drip email campaigns to nurture leads. Drop the leads filtered from the lead capture form database. The filtration here occurs based on the answers fed into the lead capture forms. 

Now that we have the process in place, let us take a quick look at the elements that make an email a winner. 

Create a readable email template. A good email template is one where there is enough white space and has a clean layout. The idea is to make the receiver of the email read it. A messy layout will immediately curtail any kind of interest that the reader may have in reading the email. 

Creating HTML emails or Text only emails is a decision that needs to be taken on what you need your emails to achieve. HTML emails have more marketing feel to it. Since HTML lets you send, not just emails but newsletters, event invitations, etc too.  

Text-only emails, however, can be personalized a lot more. 

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Create a catchy subject line that will hook the attention of the receiver. Frankly, everyone is trying to stand out in the target audience’s inbox. Making your mark is therefore left to the subject line. 

Create engaging content. Time and attention are two different factors when it comes to engaging content. Your audience might have time but they might choose to ignore the content anyway. This happens when the format and the style of writing are not precise and crisp. 

Make an impact by getting your core message delivered quickly. Make your content easy to read. The best way to do this is to use bold fonts and bulleted lists. Remember that most of the people you are targeting will be accessing the emails on smartphones. 

A Fun Fact about Email lead Generation is emails sent for new registrations, welcome emails and even follow up emails have an average of the open rate at 39.2%. 

The click-through rate of the same is at 22.4%. Email lead generation has many positive aspects to it. It is, therefore, a preferred marketing tactic of the marketers. 

The only important factor that you must look into before embarking on email lead generation, is to ensure that you have a clean email list. In the B2B industry, email mailing lists need to be cleaned and updated regularly, especially when it comes to working email ids and phone numbers.

Secondly, ensure that the email lead generation emails are sent from a genuine email id which can be relied back to. Unless this is done, your emails will end up filtered into the spam folder. 

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