How to Build an Email List Fast?

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How to Build an Email List Fast

Email ids are not just ids for a business. They are the tools used by businesses to reach out to their prospects. They have the potential of becoming quality leads for a business which can ultimately affect the bottom line. It is therefore of essence for marketers to keep thinking out of the box while simultaneously taking chances with the tried and tested ways on how to build an email list fast.

Marketers have more reasons to brainstorm on building a solid email list all the more since according to research email campaigns and marketing have the best Return On Investment (ROI). 

Here Are Some of the Best Ways to Build an Email List Fast?


Have you ever heard of anyone turning away from a freebie? Surely not since every one like freebies. So why not apply the same to build an email list fast. Digital marketing experts like Neil Patel also strongly recommend this tactic, taking off from the examples of successful case studies. 

The strategy is to give away freebies for valid email ids. This database will in all probabilities a strong stock of genuine email ids.

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Offer Upgraded Content

This can be beautifully demonstrated by the way B2B service providers browse. This niche segment of buyers are always looking for:

  • Updated information;
  • Details; and
  • Specifications (in case of technical products and services).

This strategy will work when the B2B buyers’ read an article or a blog on your website and wants to read more or other articles too. This is when a pop up can be shown asking for the visitor’s email id before they may go ahead with their reading.

An Awesome Repository Articles and Blogs

Taking off from the above point, it is mandatory to maintain an excellent collection of blogs and articles. The reason being you never know which topic appeals to a reader.

A B2B buyer may be from any domain and they might be browsing your website for a look or for educational purposes. Yet the probability of a good article making an impact and that impact spiraling into an off-hand mention in their network can never be ruled out. 

Additionally, a sparked interest in the articles, makes it easier to get the email id subscription.

Leverage On Social Media Presence

Social media reaches one and all. Everyone is on social media today and sharing a great write up or one with relevance to or an interesting blog is popular.

Though these platforms can be accessed by everyone who registers, each of the popular social media platform caters to a specific set of target audience with a particular approach and mindset.

For instance, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. The communities and groups in the platforms are formed for a more filtered interest groups and forums. Like you will see forums for human resource, digital marketers, sales, etc. Sharing relevant content in these groups with a pop up for email ids is heard.

People do enlist themselves on these platforms, thereby giving you a solid list email ids. This gathered data of prospects will generate B2B leads for you.

Leverage on Seller Sites

So you have browsed the web for some products to be used in bulk at your office. Since you are looking at bulk purchase, you are obviously looking to buy or rent the utility items either from a whole seller or a B2B product provider.

So when you are browsing online for the things you need, and you see a relevant B2B provider offer you the same, are you not likely to click on that pop up? And when you do click and it asls for your email id to proceed further, will you not be happy to give your email id so that you may receive updates and offers from them?

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By giving away your email you have helped the B2B provider to add one more valid email id to their list who is a solid prospect for them.

Guest Posting or Blogging

As a B2B service provider you are an expert in your domain. Likewise there are industry experts and bloggers who write specifically on that domain. So how does this help you in tackling you dilemma of “how to build an email list fast?”.

The mechanics of the equation here is about mutual benefit. As an expert, when you offer to write a piece and publish it on another blogger’s blog, you will do it for free. The blogger gets an amazing article from a domain expert and it will increase the traffic on his page.

On the other hand, as a writer you will have the right to leave a back link to either your website or a relevant article on the website in the write up. When people click on that back link you get leads that a build up fast as you will get the traffic of the blogger as well as new readers when that article gets shared. 

Optimize Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is a tool for lead generation, especially when it is search engine optimized. SEO optimization is the proven way to get your website ranked higher, when relevant searches are made on search engines. Google search being one of the most popular search engines, it ranks content on Search Engine optimization.

This would mean that when your website is search engine optimized, your website will be seen more prominently and hence you will get more traffic. This would also mean that when the domain specific traffic comes onto the website, they will not hesitate to give away their email ids for subscription. 

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How to build an email list fast is a mantra that every marketer brainstorms on. This the due to the fact that emails are precious for email campaigns, and are also great lead indicators.


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