Super Popular Trends Industries Are Using To Generate Quality Leads

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Super Popular Trends Industries Are Using To Generate Quality Leads

B2B marketing is transforming very astutely. Many businesses tend to fail if they do not understand and adopt the latest trends in the market. This happens even in our regular life, for instance, no one likes to wear old-fashioned clothes. If you go shopping the fashion market would be full of vogue things, the same is with the B2B market too.

In the B2B market, the (quality) B2B lead generation is the kingpin, if you want to stand distinctively you must know the latest trends to generate B2B quality leads.

We are here to help you with the super popular trends industries are using to generate quality leads.

#1. E-Mail Marketing

Super Popular Trends Industries Are Using To Generate Quality Leads- email marketing
Email Marketing

This is still number #1. According to HubSpot, as a part of the content marketing strategy, 83% of the B2B companies use Email newsletters to capture leads and 59% of the marketers assured that Email is a huge way to generate ROI. Email Marketing not only drives more customer acquisition but also improves customer retention.

#2. Systematic Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a plan of action for growth by concentrating on best-fit prospects. ABM is more about quality than quantity. In ABM we target the prospects with a touch of personalization. This is a very vital aspect of any ABM campaign.

More than 90% of B2B marketers admitted account-based marketing as a dominant quality lead generation strategy. Research by ITSMA revealed that 87% of marketers that compute ROI asserted that ABM performs better than every other marketing investment.

#3. SEO and Content

The reach to the larger audience is dependent upon your SEO skills and content copy. We can assume, content as fuel and SEO as the Vehicle to reach the majority of the audience.

Many companies focus upon blogs, timely Emails, eBooks, etc. to capture the leads.These content types help to convert prospects to leads but is only possible with the help of SEO.

According to the chief marketer’s 2020 B2B marketing outlook survey, SEO is the most popular, precisely the second top channel to generate quality qualified leads (sales qualified and marketing qualified).

#4. Focus on Deep Research

Super Popular Trends Industries Are Using To Generate Quality Leads-research

Unique research is extremely vital for any field. Many firms have a separate department for research and analysis because they know the depth of unique research. The audience is in the continuous search mode for distinctive, quirky information.

And yes! This unique research is extremely efficacious to attract leads.

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#5. Podcasting

Podcast fans are rising! The data shows the love for the podcast is more in The U.S. This rise has been observed in the last two years. Many businesses during the podcast episodes regularly link or direct the listeners to their page and free guides which is available once the listener fills the form. This way you can collect the data and go for the next step of converting the prospect to the lead.

#6. LinkedIn Marketing

Super Popular Trends Industries Are Using To Generate Quality Leads - LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn possesses more than 30 million companies more than 600 million members out of which North America contributes to the 180 million. We know the LinkedIn platform is the professional podium and this is known by many businesses that the purchasing power of the LinkedIn audience is 2X more than the web audience.

To be more precise, 79% of the B2B marketers see LinkedIn as one of the effective platforms to generate leads. HubSpot found that LinkedIn is 277% more efficacious at generating the quality leads compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

#7. Personalization

Well, this is the most prominent part of the ABM. When we say Quality leads, the personalization has to be there. Evergage reports that overwhelmingly the 98% of the marketers experienced the improved customer relationship and around 74% claimed to have “strong or extreme” impacts on the ROI. Hence, many B2B marketers are encouraged by the potential of personalization to increase the ROI. However, only 12% are “very satisfied” with the extent of personalization used in the marketing efforts. So we can see the huge scale of growth in the coming years.

#8. Video Marketing

Super Popular Trends Industries Are Using To Generate Quality Leads - video marketing
Video Marketing

The video marketing is crushing the lead generation methods! Many companies researched and found that a large set of audiences spend a billion hours watching videos on YouTube.

According to the Aberdeen Group, 66% more qualified leads are generated through video marketing. More than 75% of B2B and B2C marketers observed that video marketing not only improved the views but also enhanced conversions and engagement.

Final Words

The B2B Marketing industry continuously improves the methods to catch the leads and it is very necessary to focus on the latest ways and technology. Your team should indulge and explore more into these mentioned lead generation trends of 2020. The stated are the most extensively used strategies to gather the most qualified leads. Apart from these, you can try influencer, modern web design, customer data platform, and marketing technology to garner the leads.

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