Smart 5 Ways To Generate Quality Leads Through Content Marketing

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Smart 5 Ways To Generate Quality Leads Through Content Marketing

One of the best ways to generate quality leads for your organization is nothing better than content marketing. It can generate 3X as many leads as traditional marketing and at 62% lesser cost. The data is revealed by Demand Metrics.

So, are you still struggling for your online presence?

You might not be doing your content marketing correctly! We are not pressuring, but your online presence will either flounder or flourish your business based on your content marketing strategies.
Do you know B2B companies too accepted the power of content marketing, about 69% of the marketers documented content marketing strategies to surge their revenues.
Content marketing is very old technique, for many years brand have been selling products by telling the stories but it picked pace in the year 2002 and became one of the essential segments of marketing strategies
In this blog we will discuss how you can attract the quality leads with content marketing. Try implementing them and let us know.

1. A Buyer’s Persona

Wrong leads is same as no leads. What I mean to say is, you need to identify the audience and then target to capture the leads. Specify the type of people you want to attract to your business.
For this you need to create a buyer’s persona, a document with the sections:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Issue
  • Solution
  • Decision making capability

A buyer’s persona should contain the details as much as possible to narrow the content making process. If you want to go for detailed buyer persona about your product, you can simply check into the Facebook Audience Insight in Facebook Ads Manager this will help you get closer to your ideal customer.

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2. Content Syndication

Content syndication will help you gather more leads, how?!

What if your content is super cool to read, but is reached to very less screens?
So, here comes content syndication into the picture. It means having your content on the third party website, who is popular than you and reaches the larger audience.
Actually, many B2B companies use this as their one of the major lead generation services. One of the players in content syndication service is Netline.
But what about duplicate content? I know you must be worried about this, which is a valid worry though. To deal with this many syndication networks use the canonical tags, this saves our site from penalty.

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3. Lead Magnets

Well, this is the exact example of “give and take”. Nowadays no one will share you their contact information until you provide some value, which is worth taking their information. This is called as lead magnets.
Here are some of the popular lead magnets for the content marketing campaigns:

  • E-Book
  • Webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Courses
  • Videos

And many..try finding your lead magnet.

4. Optimize Landing Pages

Smart 5 Ways To Generate Quality Leads Through Content Marketing  - optimize landing page
Optimize Landing Page

Image Source: Business2Community

This plays a major role when considering higher conversions. You must ensure that you optimize your each landing page considering capturing the leads. Learn the best practices to make your landing page better and smarter for conversions.
Lets know some of them:
Remove navigation bar – A blunder many marketers make. Never distract your visitor by giving many opportunities to click away without converting.
A visitor should have only 2 choices – Close the page or convert. Try removing navigation bar from your landing page and thank us later!

5. Long Tail Keyword

For a small to mid-scale business Long tail keyword is a way to go, because it is easy to identify the intent of these keywords. Another fact is, it has low competition.
You can carry the keyword research by using the tools like SEMrush. This will help you find what keyword a potential lead uses in the search engines. Once you get an idea about the keywords you can create a content based on these set of keywords. Furthermore, you can optimize your page by adding these keywords into the,

  • URL
  • Headline
  • Image alt text
  • First few paragraphs

And now its time to create a content or blog to provide solution to your potential leads.
Yay! Here you go with the content live and leads to your website.

Final Words

The first step to gain the customers is to capture the quality leads, which can be done by implementing the content marketing strategies discussed above. Many B2B marketers have already implemented and observed a great surge in their quality B2B lead generation process.
The world is digital and the only way to knock our prospect’s door is through smart content.
Happy Marketing!

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