Top 6 Demand Generation Strategies Which Work!

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When marketers set out to create demand generation strategies, a broad perspective is required. This is because demand generation requires a certain degree of cooperation between the sales and marketing departments.

But, you can hit the bullseye with your content marketing efforts if you follow these 6 demand generation strategies.

Top 6 Demand Generation Strategies Which Work!

Content upgrades

Create action packed content (like the cat!) and be ready to share it. It may seem counterintuitive, but giving away content has several benefits. From developing trust in your audience to reflecting on your brand, recommending it to a friend or colleague to parting away with contact details because they know the content will help; giveaways can build awareness, create demand and convert qualified leads (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified) into buyers.

Content upgrades can be in the form of video courses, ebook, researches, surveys, whitepapers, slideshow or just a PDF download. A Case studies are winners too! According to eMarketer 62.6 percent of U.S. agency executives generated targeted leads using client case studies posted on the company’s website

But is that enough? Not really!

You will also need to place content upgrades in a manner which is unavoidable and compels the visitor to take the intended action. You can use metrics like scroll depth for this purpose. Which brings us to our next question, can you afford to give away your best resource all the time? Of course, not.

Provide a summary of the content to your audience instead. If they are looking for lead generation strategy, provide them with a detailed write up which highlights the findings and the best b2b demand generation strategies.

At the end of the page, you can place a link to your ebook. If they like what they read, they will part away with the details. Marketo has done it well -You are right. Creating content upgrades works for both the gen-twins.

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2. Researches and surveys

While conducting extensive market surveys and researches is an expensive affair, the fruits of it are undeniably good. Hubspot has a research page which allows you to browse through the reports and download it.

They have consolidated all the valuable content and aced the art of capturing leads along with creating the demand for their product. 

3. Podcasts and Videos

A lot of businesses have regular podcasts (which can be providing information or interviewing industry leaders) and videos to provide content to their audience. Videos and podcasts are quick, easy to retain and interesting way of sharing information.

You can utilize the potential of podcasts and video to create demand for your products and warm up leads.

4. Webinars

People love to hear latest insights, experiences, and advice from a known figure and webinar is the way to it. If you are looking to generate quality B2B leads, ask qualifying questions before anyone signs up.

However, if your aim is demand generation you should allow people to attend the webinar without having to sign up (or have a freely accessible video of the same). Remember – a webinar is successful only if it offers massive value to the audience

5. Influence reach

You can think of collaborating with an influencer to generate awareness of your product. For example, beauty brands tie up with fashion bloggers to get through their target audience. This is one of the most yielding demand generation tactics.

6. Free tool or app

Free tools or apps are strong demand generation tools. It helps provide lasting value to your target audience. For example, buzzsumo free tool to search for trending content or Workstreams Ad word performance grader.

When it comes to gen-twins, you need to experiment and test out techniques to analyze what works best. Start out with these 6 tactics and I bet you will be surprised at the results.

If I have missed out any awesome tactic, please do comment below and let us know Email marketing: When it comes to gen-twins, you need to experiment and test out techniques to analyze what works best. Start out with these 6 tactics and we bet you will be surprised at the results.

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