4 Powerful And Tested B2B Email Marketing Practices To Boost Your ROI


Vikas Bhatt

B2B Email Marketing Practices To Boost Your ROI

4 Powerful And Tested B2B Email Marketing Practices To Boost Your ROI

Despite the plethora of marketing technologies and social media marketing, E-mail is still the best channel to uplift your business. Do you know around the globe 87% of the B2B marketers rely on email marketing to grow ROI. 

However, to experience the surge in revenues you must perform your email marketing with good practices and only then, you will be able to resolve all the email marketing challenges and generate strong bunce for your business.

The typical challenges people face in their email marketing campaigns are:
> How to ensure my emails are not lost in promotional emails?
> How to increase click/open rate of my email campaign?
> What are the ways I can make my email marketing effective?
> How do I generate more b2b leads from my email campaigns?

These are some of the questions and of course the challenges every email marketer has. Hence, I am sharing 5 powerful and tested email marketing practices that will help you extricate yourself from such difficult situations. 

Here are the solutions and I am certain, you will get a head start on your effective email marketing strategy. 

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#1 Avoid ‘Spray and Pray’ Strategy

spray and pray - 4 Powerful And Tested B2B Email Marketing Practices To Boost Your ROI
Avoid Spray and Pray Strategy

Email marketing is cost-effective, but it does not mean you should shoot your emails to all the data you’ve collected. Don’t send emails to everybody and hope somebody to read and become your lead!

This never works! 

Instead create a micro segment of customers based on industry, location, challenges (if known). It must also have segments for their designations like, marketing head, sales head, CIO etc. Once you have your segmented list now create email content for your micro segmented list. While creating a content don’t forget you are an educator, not a seller and most importantly remember to add personalize your email. 

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#2 Avoid Integrating Forms Directly Into Your Email 

Does that even matter? Actually yes! 

According to statistics, 80% of the business searches happens on mobile phones and it creates a negative impression on your audience and in the end, they tend to ignore your email. 

But, if you can develop a small and mobile friendly form you can win the situation though. 

#3 Include Call-To-Action

call to action - B2B Email Marketing Practices To Boost Your ROI
Call To Action

CTA’s are the ways to continue your conversation with the readers. It is an invitation to your prospect to take the right step ahead! 

Here are few tips to create better CTAs – 

l CTA must be very clear.

l Use words to provoke emotion

l Use the tactic of fear or missing out

l Ensure to have a friendly tone

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#3 The Best Day And Time To Send Email

What I will recommend is to perform a little exercise, Check the timestamps of the emails you’ve gotten in the past few weeks. What have you found? For me, I noticed that most of my emails, especially the subscriptions, were between 9-10 AM or 5-6 PM. 

What is the perfect time to send emails to my prospects?” Our team performed a heavy research and analysis on this and found the similar stats defined by the CoSchedule. 

You rock, CoSchedule! 

Day and Time To Send Email - B2B Email Marketing Practices To Boost Your ROI
Day and Time To Send Email

Source – CoSchedule

Now, last but certainly not the least! 

#4 Measure Effectiveness Of Email Campaign and Improve Simultaneously 

A good marketer never just performs and relax, instead, he continuously monitors his efforts by measuring and analyzing the ways he adopted to approach his prospects. For this, you can take the help of many marketing and analytic tools that will benefit you with accurate results and this will render profits to your next campaign strategy. 

Measuring the ROI and your campaign’s effectiveness is equally crucial. So, choose your platform that will satisfy your marketing efforts. 


Email marketing is simple but actually a very complex process if you want to perform it right and make it extremely productive. Email marketing can do wonders and grow ROI at and very low cost. So, what are you waiting for? Include these powerful tips into your email marketing campaign and write the feedback to us. Till then Happy Email Marketing! 

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