Email Marketing Statistics Every Business Must Consider

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Email Marketing Statistics Every Business Must Consider

Are you seeking for valuable email marketing statistics to get ahead in 2023? You are at the right place!

Businesses use sundry marketing techniques to reach a wider audience and make more sales. One of such techniques is email marketing.

So, here we will be sharing the valuable Email Marketing stats for every business to consider.

What Is Email Marketing and Why Businesses Find This Marketing Technique Reliable?

Email Marketing is the process of sending promotional messages to your prospects or targeted customers.

“It is the best process to improve sales, revamp brand loyalty and distribute important or educational content or information. It is the direct form of marketing that is much efficient for the wallet and environment since it is totally paperless.”

Email marketing is a trusted marketing technique by many marketers because it is a conversion-rich and cost-effective marketing technique that has been in existence since long.  To be precise, the first email blast was sent in 1978 to 400 recipients for the promotion of the company and resulted in $13 Million sales. The sender man was Gary Thuerk, from Digital Equipment Corp.

Email Marketing Statistics Every Business Must Consider

Isn’t it fantastic to see how Email Marketing is transforming many businesses and getting stronger every time?

Now, let’s have a look at some 2023 stats which will be undoubtedly helpful to craft your email marketing strategy and you ought to know them!

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A. 3.9 billion Email Users And Is Expected To Hit 4.48 Billion By 2024

Woah! Can you imagine it is nearly half of the world’s population? This is what a marketer should be able to forecast, ‘OPPORTUNITIES’ and no business should make a mistake to miss it. You can just send the promotional content to your targeted audience without any hustle and bustle. You can plan your emails week in advance to begin with any campaign that will offer good results.

B. ROI of Up To 4,400 Percent

Here is another reason to spend on email marketing and is one of the major reasons why email marketing is loved by many people. Do you know according to researches the current ROI for email marketing per $1 spent is $42? Isn’t it great!

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C. Average Email Open Rate Is 21.33%

For all industries this is an average open rate, but specifically talking about Marketing and B2B Lead Generation industry it is only 17.38%. The government related mails have been observed with the highest open rate of 28.77%.

D. 80% Of the Business Use Email Marketing to Acquire and Retain Clients

Email Marketing Statistics Every Business Must Consider

Because it is cost effective and perfect to pitch new customers this marketing technique is loved by many businesses including small and medium. One more surprising fact for you, if your focus is to generate ROI then, email marketing wins over social media marketing.

E. Emails That Contain Videos Offer Click Rates Up to 300%

The YouTube’s success is the greatest example of importance of videos. People love to watch videos than reading. Hence consider adding videos into your email and get ready to see the positive results, that can help with the click rates of near to 300%. However, ensure you add a relevant, interesting, and engaging video. 

F. 49% Customers Like to Receive Weekly Emails

Generally, Tuesday is great for Email Marketing, this is founded by CoSchedule. Tuesdays get more open rates compared to any other day of the week, followed by Thursday and Wednesday.

G. 93% B2B Marketers Use Email Marketing to Distribute Content

Reports reveal that B2B Businesses heavily rely on emails for information. Many do not always prefer social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for the information. Email Marketing is the best way to generate revenues for around 59% of the marketers.

Final Say

These stats show that the email marketing is here to stay for longer years. Hence understand the cruciality of it and try to improve the way you reach your audience. Begin with your email marketing plans, strategies now, and enjoy your business bolster.

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