This Is Why Cold Email Marketing Works Great For Small Businesses

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Vikas Bhatt

Why Cold Email Marketing Works Great For Small Businesses

Cold email marketing has been in the marketing industry since many years. We can say since the dawn of internet.  The notion or process of finding the huge businesses or prospects has been the strategy since long because, it works!

Cold emailing is the best and proven way to grow your network and increase sales. 

The idea of sending an email to the business can be daunting, especially for small companies.  It can be nerve racking ,whether the email sent to business will consider your message or delete it into the bin.

The prospect might not open your mail, even if you have given a great solution into it!

The only way to fit into your cold email marketing is by practicing it more and more.

But does cold email work?

And is it worth it?

Does Cold Email Work - Why Cold Email Marketing Works Great For Small Businesses
Does Cold Email Work?

In brief : Yes!

Around 90% of marketers feel email is the best channel for quality lead generation and cold email is perfect, when we consider it for any business, especially the small to medium scale. 

Because it is affordable, scalable, and effective these advantages are perfect for small businesses.

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Here are some tips for cold email marketing that will grow your business exponentially.

1. Plan It Perfectly

What is your actual goal? First determine the answer to this question. When you get an answer! Craft your message accordingly. In this whole process you must consider data driven studies to analyze the best time to send Cold Emails. 

Suggestion – We would suggest to send your emails on Tuesdays Or Thursday mornings. This is the data driven research made by Mail Chimp and many email marketing companies, as they found high open rates on these days. So, undoubtedly, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the winners of Open rates.

2. Subject Line Needs To Be Short And Specific

Be specific about your subject line. Keep it short and simple, if you cannot fulfil the promise don’t make it. Always be specific about your points. The key is to be specific and clear about why you are texting an email. Be clear about the purpose of your email.

If you want to grab attention of someone important,  don’t go for entertaining subject line, instead go for a something that will concentrate more on utility.

Suggestion – Try these while writing an email subject line –

  • Ask an open ended question to your subject line
  • Focus on email’s value, not on the subject line
  • Give clear command to the line

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3. Problem or Pain + Future + Solution Layout

Problem Or Pain - Why Cold Email Marketing Works Great For Small Businesses
Problem Or Pain

When you get the pain or problem of the prospect you will be able to deliver better solution. Pain+Future Pain + Solution is the simplest and best formula to get the business.         

Suggestion – How your solution can benefit the future business, you need to focus on this point very often or say always. Personalize the whole content and show empathy in the email. Resonating people with their pain is the best way to capture and close the deals.

4. Don’t Forget To Close Email With CTA

The extremely important point is about Call-To-Action (CTA), this ensures that you are building connections with your target audience. An effective CTA is exciting for both email sender and receiver too!

Suggestion – Tell people about your next step and try including the questions or links for them to click and know more about your solutions.

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Final Piece Of Advice:


Never be afraid to get the follow-up with different approaches, if you think your email is unanswered or unopened.

Don’t leave your email with link into your email message. Try to educate prospect in the same email body. Even though it is called a cold emailing, by using right platform and strategy you can create a successful future for your small business.

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