Pro Tips To Build Your B2B Contact List On LinkedIn


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Pro Tips To Build Your B2B Contact List On LinkedIn

Pro Tips To Build Your B2B Contact List On LinkedIn

Quality Leads and Revenue! 

Isn’t that a goal for every business? 

And with the B2B sales, the most effective way to generate quality leads is with a targeted B2B prospect list.

The question here is, How to Develop B2B list?

If you don’t have a B2B prospect list, you are just throwing stones into the dark night. You will be sending emails to the prospects who are not at all interested in your services or products and are least likely to engage. 

And this will lead to missing out on the people who are genuinely interested and have a high possibility of being converted into your buyer. 

So, firstly you need to understand your buyer and then you can effectively target and create your B2B Prospects list. 

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Before proceeding further let me answer, why you should target LinkedIn For B2B List Building

  • LinkedIn has over 620 Million professional users
  • Maximum Target Audience 
  • It has the maximum power to build stronger relationships

LinkedIn is the best tool to reach the right decision makers, increase website traffic, brand awareness, and most importantly generating leads. The perfectly optimized LinkedIn profile can increase the buying power of the target web audience by 2X.  Are You Interested In Building Your LinkedIn Marketing Profile?

Now, let’s begin with how effectively you can use LinkedIn to build your B2B prospect List 

1. Start With LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

With over 600 million professional users, LinkedIn has become the most valuable channel for connecting to professionals and especially in B2B domain. You can use this tool to narrow down your search filters that define your target market and ICP – Ideal Customer Persona. 

And most prominently it helps to build a substantial list of the targeted prospects. 

Do You Want To Make Most Out Of This Platform?

A. Conserve Leads And Prospect User Account 

Conserve Leads And Prospect - Tips To Build Your B2B Contact List On LinkedIn
Conserve Leads And Prospect

Save the targeted prospects you want to build a relationship into your pipeline. The sales navigator then customizes your feed to show these leads and makes it easier to keep updates about their profile that might affect the sales cycle. 

B. Set Smart Triggers 

This will help you keep an update about your accounts. For instance, if your prospect joins another company, you will need to update your contact list. This way you will never be misinformed about your prospect. 

C. Use Filter To Narrow Your Search 

With millions of users and accounts on LinkedIn executing a search based on general demographics is quite difficult. Hence, make use of sales Navigator to narrow your search and find more targeted qualified leads (Sales qualified or Marketing qualified). 

Pro Tip – Once you make a custom search for a segment of your target market, remember to save it. 

D. Sales Spotlight – A Time Saver 

At the top bar of your search result page, you will get a sales spotlight. It summarizes the account counts you have found by the filters you added. So, Clicking within each division highlights it, indicating that the results you spot reflect that specific Sales Spotlight.

The Sales Spotlights feature leverages LinkedIn data to categorize your Sales Navigator search results.

Sales Spotlight appears after you run the search, it identifies and uncovers:

  • Job Change
  • Shared Experiences
  • LinkedIn Activity
  • Teamlink
  • Leads That Follow Your Company
  • Brand Engagement
Sales Spotlight - Tips To Build Your B2B Contact List On LinkedIn
Sales Spotlight

Pro Tip – You can add notes and tag accounts while browsing through various prospect accounts. 

2. Use Social Media Platform 

Yes! Use social media platforms to keep an eye on your prospects and competitors. Check the groups and pages they like and follow. Use this data to contact users who have shown interest in your service and product.

Alternatively, you can run ads on the platforms to reach the target audience. 

Apply similar efforts on the other platforms too!

3. Leverage the Tools And Technology

As we fuel marketing with automation, similarly you can leverage them to build your B2B list. Use various software to search leads based on different parameters like – Industries, Software used, and budget spends on Ads, and more. 

These tools populate your pipeline with information like – email addresses, phone numbers, social profiles, and more. This helps you to quickly identify touchpoints, to begin with a conversation. 

These tools can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM, so, don’t worry about manual data entry. This will keep your contact list up-to-date. 


In the whole B2B list building process you can also seek help from the lead researchers. Most importantly, you need to be really quick at every stage of prospecting and building the list, because once you have your target defined don’t waste time! You might end up losing your potential customer.

All set to create your lead list and proceed to the next step? 

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