5 Smart Steps To Build Your B2B Contact List Quickly

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Vikas Bhatt

5 Smart Steps To Build Your B2B Contact List Quickly

What if you didn’t have an email contact list, you would be clueless right! You would not know who to target, who you have contacted and who all are your prospects and so on. Irrespective of your industry, while launching your product, hosting a webinar, or introducing a sales deal you will always need B2B contact list to reach out to your targeted prospects.

How To Get Your B2B Contact List?

There are ways to build a contact list or also known as Contact Discovery. But the quickest one you might be using is renting or buying B2B list, but how about building your own? 

When it comes to buying your B2B contact list, a very prominent point you should remember is finding a reliable vendor. We have seen many cases where people sell an obsolete contact database that was stored over a period of time. 

We would suggest that either you buy a B2B Email List from a trusted and reliable vendor like us or build B2B Email list on your own. 

How To Build Your B2B Contact List? 

How To Build Your B2B Contact List?
B2B Contact List

 1. Know Your Ideal Customer

Yes, we know this is the basic, but holds immense power. Identifying your ideal customer is the important and most basic element and this determines the quality of your list. 

You should be able to determine who should be your ideal prospect. You will get to know the results only after you have spent enough on your marketing and sales campaign. If you fail to do so, this might prove to be a costly mistake.

2.   B2B Contacts On Social Network

Search engines, business directories, social media platforms, professional networking sites like LinkedIn are one of the best places to start your hunting. 

You need to visit hundreds of websites and profiles analyze them, whether it is the right profile for prospecting or not, are they your Ideal customer profile (ICP)? It is about smart analysis. 

3. Build Your Own B2B List

Now, as you have to dig out your ICPs, it’s time to Copy and paste the names, URL, and contact details into an excel sheet or CRM. You should pay utmost attention to what you are reading and typing. In manual list building ensure no space for typo errors, else you’ll lose many opportunities. 

4. Append Business Email Address And Contact Number

This is one of the vital steps in B2B list building. You can surely get the names and B2B contacts but seeking their business email address and contact numbers is the toughest task. 

It is hard to find business contact numbers and email addresses on social platforms especially of the decision makers or C-level executives. You need to implement your exceptional internet research skills to append the desired information for this you can leverage technology and tools. 

5. Verify Email And Phone

ways to building your b2b contact list
Verify Email And Phone

Another important task for you! And you can’t afford to skip. Now that you have built your B2B contact list with business email and phone, you need to verify if those emails & phone numbers are valid. You can utilize email verification services or tools to validate the details. This is the final stage where you should eliminate the invalid emails and phone numbers from your B2B contact list. 

These are the 5 steps to build a contact list manually and might be a tedious and time-consuming task.

Do You Want To Get Your B2B List In No Time? 

You can avail our B2B list building service. We offer 100% verified data in less than the stipulated time frame. We have a team of experts who build a contact list that will give you access to a limitless attribute combination of data fields for giving you a database of your ideal targets. We build a well-tailored list as per your needs and ideal prospects. So, are you ready to receive an exclusive B2B List in your Inbox and generate quality b2b leads.

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