Why Email Marketing Is Great For Inbound Strategy?

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Vikas Bhatt

Why Email Marketing Is Great For Inbound Strategy

Many people think email is an outdated way to market, but the truth is more than 80% of businesses use email marketing and observed extraordinary results in their revenue. Email Marketing has the great potential to push your ROI exponentially.

Email marketing is crucial for many marketing strategies like inbound, content, and account based marketing. Your prospects and customers receive personalized messages and it is the best way to connect with them and great for customer retention.

Email is the best way to ensure your customers don’t miss any updates from you.

Let’s focus more on – Why email marketing is a go-to thing for every inbound marketing strategy.

1. Personalized Content

The best way to connect with your audience is personalization. Send personalized and customized emails to cater the needs of your audience.

Let me share a tip. Try giving the first name of the user in the subject line and compare the click rates you will get a higher click-through rate than those who don’t. However, this doesn’t mean that every time you should insert a name. Create subject lines that will generate some attention.

Segment your audience according to their positions in the sales funnel and then begin with creating personalized and customized content for each segment.

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2. Driving Traffic To Your Website

Why Email Marketing Is Great For Inbound Strategy
Driving Website Traffic

Along with your content don’t forget to add CTAs within your mail that will direct readers to your website. You can begin with an email marketing campaign and can send your website to your audience.

CTA will let your audience, sign up for or download other content from your website. This creates users engagement.

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3. Sales Can Be Improved

Email marketing, the trusted tool of many marketing and sales departments. It has the enormous potential to increase your company’s sales. Try featuring your service or product in the email that will intrigue customers into buying and if any user shows interest in your service or product don’t forget to follow him with more information about your product/service till he passes to the last stage of your sales funnel.

All you need to do is encourage them with offers, discounts, and good content to take action and lead them to conversion.

4. Right Audience At Right Time

Email marketing makes it possible to reach the right audience at right time. Automation tools are available in the market, they provide a full-fledged report of your audience’s demographics that includes age, gender, location, and more. This makes it easier to create your lists of audiences whom you want to target first. So, good luck with this!

5. Inexpensive Way To Generate Leads

Why Email Marketing Is Great For Inbound Strategy
Inexpensive Way To Generate Leads

Moreover, email marketing is the cheapest way to generate quality leads. Running email campaigns is cost-effective and easy too. Isn’t it great, that you get a chance to present your product/service to your prospects without paying for it?

It is just a matter of a day or two to create your email campaign and content for it. The most convenient way that does not hamper your pocket.

6. Gathering Feedback And Improving On Loopholes

Feedbacks are very important for self-improvement. Every brand wants to understand its customer’s likes and dislikes. Email marketing helps you monitor your customer satisfaction with your brand. This will make it better to improve your services/products and customer experience.

Conclusion :

Email marketing is definitely not an obsolete marketing tactic for your inbound marketing strategy. It has a lot of potentials to improve the company’s revenue. Researches indicate that 70% to 80% of marketers rely on email marketing for customer retention. After knowing these benefits of email marketing, we are certain that you will also incorporate Email Marketing to improve your inbound marketing strategy.

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