How To Make The Most From Your Customer Acquisition Marketing


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Customer Acquisition Marketing

How To Make The Most From Your Customer Acquisition Marketing

The ultimate marketing goal is to acquire new customers. The objective of any marketing initiatives is to increase sales and attract new clients.

As a result, the majority of companies devote a sizable amount of their marketing budgets to customer acquisition. Check out the top industries’ client acquisition expenses here:

Source: Razorpay

This picture makes it quite evident that companies spend more money on custom inorganic acquisition techniques like advertising than on natural techniques.

But regrettably, even after spending millions on customer acquisition, businesses still struggle to find new consumers. There are numerous causes for it, including:

  • 96% of people don’t believe advertisements
  • 85% of customers conduct online research before making a purchase.
  • Customers are actively seeking individualised experiences.

Customers in the digital age are evolving, in short. They are not influenced by the appealing advertisements. In fact, they support completing extensive research before making any purchases. They only purchase from the company that can provide them with customised solutions after that.

Your conventional customer acquisition marketing methods are therefore no longer effective. In order to maximise output, you must redesign your customer acquisition process.

And that’s what we’ll talk about today. You can refresh your product marketing techniques with the advice in this piece to better serve today’s consumers. Let’s get going.

7 Strategies to Maximize Return on Investment from Customer Acquisition Marketing

The entire process of guiding a stranger into your sales funnel and turning them into a customer is known as customer acquisition. As a result, it’s crucial to plan your customer acquisition marketing methods to increase sales on a shoestring budget.

Here’s how you can strengthen your attempts to acquire customers through marketing:

7 Strategies to Maximize Return on Investment from Customer Acquisition Marketing

1.Commence gathering intent data

The greatest place to begin your client acquisition strategy is with intent data. You can more effectively target your audience and lower client acquisition costs with the aid of this data.

In actuality, Google ranks websites based on search intent. You may find out from the user intent data what people are genuinely looking for online and how your goods or services can benefit them.

Generally, there are three techniques to gather information on user intent:

First-party intent data:  The user’s interactions with your website, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), and emails are used to acquire this data.

Second-party intent data:  Second-party data refers to user information gathered from other websites. Your second-party intent data, for instance, will be the user’s involvement on other websites where you have posted a guest blog.

Third-party intent data: This information is gathered from all relevant sources. You must commit significant resources to this project because it is quite large-scale in order to gather third-party intent data. Reverse IP lookup, bidstream data from advertising, and widgets are frequently used by marketers to gather this information.

In accordance with your client acquisition strategy, you can use any type of intent data. All you need to do is utilise the appropriate technologies, such as Only-B2B, Leadfeeder, ZoomInfo, KickFire, and many others, to gather user intent data.

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2. Identify Your Target Market Audience

The next stage is to define your audience after gathering the user intent data. The people who can relate to your goods and services will be discovered by your preliminary research.

You should use this data to further divide your audience into more manageable categories so that you can tailor your customer acquisition marketing techniques.

Your audience can be divided up according to age, demographics, interests, and other variables. By doing so, you can save money and customise your marketing strategy.

Using this tactic, you can target certain people based on their preferences and areas of interest. Your customer acquisition rate will be significantly increased if you only target a certain set of people with your emails or advertisements.

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3. Select the Best Customer Acquisition Strategy

You can reach potential clients through a variety of marketing platforms in the current digital era, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Digital ads
  • Social media marketing and many more.

All of these marketing channels currently have a high success rate. In actuality, the return on investment for email marketing is 122% and the organic reach on social media is 5%.

Which marketing method for customer acquisition is best for you, though?

Your decision on the best marketing channel is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • Industry
  • Products or services
  • Customer interest

Take Dropbox and HubSpot as an example. Similar professional and B2B clients make up the customer bases of both brands. However, they are still having trouble with the same client acquisition strategy.

The majority of HubSpot’s users come from organic reach. To expand their business, they use social media, targeted keywords, and other natural avenues.

Organic growth, in comparison, did n’t work for Dropbox. Most of Dropbox’s early growth came from its referral programme.

As a result, you should initially investigate all relevant client acquisition marketing channels before concentrating solely on those that produce the best results.

4.Improve Your Audience Control

You need to nurture and utilise a potential customer once they’ve entered your customer acquisition cycle. And content marketing is the ideal choice for that aim.

You may develop your online brand genre when you consistently create material on your website. Your brand will start to become recognisable to people in your sector. Gaining recognition can help you acquire the trust of customers even more.

  • Every phase of your client acquisition process can be supported by content marketing, for example:
  • People might become familiar with your brand through content.
  • By writing educational blogs, you can attract new readers to your site.
  • The consistent publishing of new content will keep readers interested.
  • The material will also encourage visitors to your website to make purchases.

In other words, content marketing will easily attract, keep, and convert your customers. Additionally, content marketing is the most affordable way to bring in new clients. And as we all know, content is the ideal area to include outbound links and SEO keywords.

You can swiftly fuel your customer acquisition marketing with well-written content if you have a talented copywriter on staff.

5.Get Your Customer’s Attention Visually

Don’t forget to account for video marketing in your customer acquisition marketing. By 2021, videos will account for 82% of consumer traffic, according to a Cisco study.

Additionally, 65% of people learn best visually. Videos can therefore be used to draw users and aid in their understanding of your business. A two-edged sword, attracting new clients.

Here are some suggestions for you if you have no idea how to use video marketing to attract new clients:

  • Animations can be used to replace your monotonous product demonstration videos.
  • Share client experiences and feedback in video form.
  • Make instructional videos to benefit your clients.
  • Videos shot behind the scenes are excellent for gaining followers on social media and clients.
  • Videos in the Q&A format are also excellent for educating and inspiring viewers, etc.

6. Improve Audience Engagement

The easiest step in the client acquisition marketing process today is lead creation. People will learn about your brand if you merely run some Google ads. In actuality, plenty of people will click on your advertisement. But what happens next?

Your ad will only benefit from Google’s algorithm when it appears in search results for your target audience. However, it cannot compel them to act or maintain a relationship with your brand. To accomplish this, you must use your buyer’s intent data along with originality to keep your qualified leads ( Sales qualified or Marketing qualified) interested.

Today, brands engage their audience in a variety of ways, including:

Games and Awards

Everyone enjoys games and awards. As a result, you can host gaming competitions for your clients and give the winner a prize.

The secret is to employ relatable, straightforward games like Solitairebliss, Sudoku, or puzzles. Offer a reward as well for anything that will help sell your stuff.

Here are some suggestions for contests you might hold for your clients and staff, including:

  • Salesperson of the month
  • Spin the wheel
  • A customer review contest
  • Lead conversion competition
  • Sales poker

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Giveaways are yet another excellent approach to interact with your audience. With the giveaways, your online presence will increase.

For instance, Salesforce offers a free online learning platform called Trailhead. Here, you can pick up new abilities while also picking up free goodies. To encourage more people to join their group, they provide straightforward gifts like Slackstro plushies and Trailblazer hoodies.

7. Give Your Audience One Last Push

You now need to encourage them to make a purchase after you have managed, nourished, and engaged your audience. You need a completely optimised landing page for this.

You can drive leads to your landing page by using all of your content, videos, and advertisements. The process of acquiring customers ends with this page. Create a great landing page as a result.

Here are some pointers for creating a landing page that is focused on results:

  • Make your products and services distinctive.
  • Optimize landing page design by using contrasting colors.
  • Specify the critical elements
  • Make the CTA prominent and obvious.
  • Make a compelling headline
  • Improve the landing page’s SEO, etc.
Brief Summary of the Customer Acquisition Marketing Process

The entire process of converting a stranger into a customer is known as customer acquisition marketing. B2B lead generation, nurturing, and retention stages are all included in this single process.

To achieve the best outcomes, it is essential to develop client acquisition marketing tactics.

Analyzing the buyer’s intent at the outset of your customer acquisition marketing will help you strengthen it later with lead nurturing and engagement techniques. You can simply get the most out of your client acquisition campaign if you just follow the appropriate path.

The main lesson to be learned from this is to follow your leads all the way through so they don’t escape the sales funnel.

Go ahead and update your customer acquisition marketing strategy now for the best outcomes.

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