Best B2B Intent Data Providers

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Best B2B Intent Data Providers

We’ve all seen how difficult and time-consuming it can be to lead customers through your sales pipeline. Finding quality leads might feel like a never-ending task. A percentage of the leads you discover will always fall out of the pipeline along the way. Isn’t it fascinating to find out what they were thinking? In this case, intent data can be useful.

Your sales and marketing teams can use intent data to learn more about the customers who are approaching, departing, and progressing through your sales pipeline. Your sales staff can contact out and assist them with this information. Thus, your marketing team can target their efforts to attract them. 

However, not every intent data source will be best suited for your company.  Continue reading to learn about the finest B2B intent data providers and how they may help your company generate money.

I’d want to go over some intent data basics before we get into B2B intent data providers. Intent data is a bundle of data that reveals what a customer is engaged in. To analyze customer behaviour, intent data uses IP addresses and web cookies.

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We can determine what the customer is interested in purchasing based on this information. Companies that utilize intent data must verify that they are consistent with privacy regulations in their respective jurisdictions. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Privacy Act are the two most important privacy regulations that businesses must follow (CCPA).

We’ve compiled a list of the best B2B intent data providers who use intent data to help you accomplish your business objectives.

5 Most Suited B2B Data Providers:


bombora - Best B2B Intent Data Providers

Bombora has grown to become one of the main providers of intent data for B2B sales and marketing in the last six years. They aim to give data that helps marketing and sales teams work collaboratively. This allows them to make decisions based on information about which companies are actively exploring various products.

Bombora also has a wealth of information, guidelines, and statistics on how to use intent data effectively. The goal of Bombora is to make brand management more resilient. They do this by employing techniques that enable marketers to convey the appropriate message to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time. They claim that too many advertisements and emails overwhelm customers, adding to the pile of marketing clutter.

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2. 6sense

6sense - Best B2B Intent Data Providers

6sense is a provider that focuses in revealing anonymous purchasing patterns. Your sales and marketing teams will be able to create tailored and multi-channel campaigns that will captivate your customers.

Furthermore, 6sense is the first account-based platform that use artificial intelligence to forecast customer behavioral traits. They use AI with data from your website to find new prospects who are a good fit for your company. This shortens the time it takes to locate suitable consumers

3. Demandbase

demandbase - Best B2B Intent Data Providers

Demandbase’s complete Marketing Solution assists marketing and sales teams in collaborating, sharing knowledge, and experiencing growth. Their solution package consists of four interconnected solutions: account-based experience cloud, advertising cloud, data cloud, and sales intelligence cloud.

Demandbase clients may win better sales quicker by integrating these products into one simple solution. Due of their rates, Demandbase clientele are typically larger enterprises. However, for the price, they contain a lot of functionality. They also provide excellent customer service and thorough demonstrations to guarantee that you get the most out of their product.

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4. ZoomInfo

zoominfo - Best B2B Intent Data Providers

ZoomInfo has been assisting businesses in achieving their most crucial goal: sustainable growth, for over a decade. Their technology, which is backed by the world’s largest B2B database, allows sales and marketing experts to find, engage, and interact with qualified leads. Most intent providers collect data in real time but only give it to clients once a week in data chunks.

ZoomInfo provides intent signals on your terms. . With Streaming Intent, you can get intent data in real-time – as soon as the signal is identified. They do not rely on cookies to gather and analyze, however they utilize online traffic for product evaluations, product classifications, message forums, blogs, case studies, or general articles or news.

5. Only B2B

only b2b - Best B2B Intent Data Providers

Only-B2B employs a clever strategy to target businesses who utilize goods identical to your own, allowing you to better understand the needs. They obtain this information from reliable sources in order to ensure that the details are accurate and not misleading.

The data is double-checked using reliable sources, and a highly qualified lead is delivered. They assist organizations in expanding by giving solutions that enable them to better understand their customers, discover potential opportunities, and customize every marketing and sales encounter.

Only-B2B ensures that you meet the right audience as per the business requirement. Generation of ROI and providing qualified leads (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified) are their nucleus.

Final Thoughts

Intent data will undoubtedly continue to be an important part of marketing and sales. Intent data may be used in a variety of ways to boost sales and move customers through the marketing funnel. Every company will have a distinct strategy for dealing with their vendors. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first party, the third party, or a mix of the two. I hope you were able to locate a new sales-driving vendor for your marketing and sales teams to collaborate with. God speed to your prospecting!

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding how Only-B2B may help your company generate more leads.

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