What Is Intent Data and How It Can Help Your Company?

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What Is Intent Data and How It Can Help Your Company?

The success of B2B sales and marketing is strongly reliant on data. However, simply using the data to reach out to your prospects is insufficient. Every effective marketer and salesperson understands the true value of B2B intent data and how it can help them reach their overall business goals. A comprehensive grasp of customer needs combined with data intelligence will not only provide you a competitive advantage, but it will also assist you in developing a strong and consistent funnel for your sales staff to take over.

On the other hand, only a few marketers and salespeople understand how to use data effectively and to fully use the huge array of customer insights it provides. Thus, in today’s world, Intent Data is one of the most crucial pieces of data for driving sales and marketing insights.

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What Is Intent Data?

Intent Data, in basic terms, is a set of behavioral signals that helps you understand your prospects’ intent to buy a product or service. Your prospects are seeking for a solution to an issue that you might be able to solve. They go online, absorb material, seek answers, and learn how to cope with their suffering.

According to research, a typical B2B prospect is typically halfway through the buying process before speaking with a salesman. When you combine prospect signals with buyer intent data, you have a clearer view of how to make the most of customer insights.

This indicates that when prospects want to acquire a product or service, a salesperson must concentrate on how to clinch the transaction.

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What Makes Intent Data More Valuable Than Other Types Of Data?

You can track visitor activities and assign lead ratings once they arrive on your website. When someone fills out and submits a form on your website, you can nurture the quality lead with re-targeting advertisements or email campaigns.

But what about all those potential customers who are looking for solutions like yours elsewhere on the internet and not on yours? You have no visibility into what your prospects are doing when they visit other websites. Without sales and marketing outreach, only a small percentage of buyers actively looking for a solution will find their way to your site, and of those who do, only a small percentage will be actively involved in a buying decision.

This is how Intent Data data may assist you in identifying prospects who are actively making a buying choice based on the information they are consuming.

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Why Is Intent Data The Future Of B2B Sales And Marketing?

Any marketer or salesperson aiming for a greater success rate and who is always looking for methods to go ahead must first understand the purpose of their customers. Understanding how prospects behave helps businesses figure out what inspires individuals to buy and when they buy. With this information, marketing and sales teams may target a certain profile and provide a tailored approach on demand to enhance the chance of a purchase decision.

Businesses may identify “ready to buy” prospects and fine-tune their ads using a variety of aggregated intent signals. Intent Data could well be utilized for future prospecting since it reveals trends that can assist you enhance your prospects’ purchasing choices throughout their buyer journey.

As a result, it’s critical to be aware that if your rival isn’t currently using Intent Data, they may do so soon. According to the DemandGen Report, 25% of B2B companies are presently leveraging intent data, with another 35% planning to do so over the next year.

Once you’ve established a link between what your B2B customers require and their buying signals, you can begin sharing particular information that will assist them in achieving their goals while also providing them with an opportunity.

Intelligence that can better direct sales and marketing efforts is something we all need. Predictive analysis and intent data are the way to go if you want to get results from it.

Intent data helps you stay competitive in such a large market by providing you with insights that allow you to develop more relevant content. Are you prepared to use intent data to help you generate B2B leads? If this is the case, stay connected and follow our blogs to learn more. And if you are already familiar with the concept, get in touch with us for our intent data services.

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