Top 6 Future Trends Of B2B Industry For Quality Lead Generation

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Top 6 future trends of B2B industry for Quality lead generation

As time flies, we can observe the drastic changes around us. Similarly, the lead generation process from past years has been transforming exorbitantly. According to convince and convert 70% of B2B players want quality leads.

After our research and curation, we came up with trends that are predicted to be the future of B2B lead generation industry.  

1. The Future of ‘Quality Leads’ 

This is predicted by many researchers, the B2B industry will demand more for quality leads. It has been many years since the advertisers and publishers are finding the thin line of balance between lead quality and lead quantity. The marketers are stretching the budget for the quality lead generation process the demand for quality leads is certain to grow. 

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2. Artificial Intelligence – AI 

Top 6 Future Trends Of B2B Industry For Quality Lead Generation - AI
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the significant technological advancement of the 21st century. AI is presently helping the majority of sales reps standing out as the best in them and is certain to surge with every passing day becoming the largest revolution in lead generation and sales history. But how AI is the future of Lead Generation? 

This is quite evident that artificial intelligence has transformed the obsolete or conventional method of lead generation. According to researchers, many businesses have already implemented or are in process of implementing the AI in sales and they are observing a 59% increase in closing rate, 58% growth in revenue, and more than 50% surge in traffic and engagement. 

Artificial intelligence will be implemented and integrated with the modern tools, that help to nurture and identify the potential leads.

AI helps in finding the potential leads. It is easily integrated with the system and can be used by many modern tools like growbots and salesforce. 

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3. Chatbots 

The lead generation tactics need improvements as technology transforms. Life got much easier with the introduction of chatbots. It is a boon to many sales reps. Bots are fed with frequently asked questions and they have the conversation with precise information and data. This way every call will be answered without waiting for any customer service executive to come and respond. This is not fully adopted by many companies but is in the process to implement it. 

4. Community Marketing 

Community Marketing

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Yes! It is a quite known thing but very few marketers have generated quality leads from this strategy. You can surely argue for LinkedIn, Facebook but the brand presence is overshadowed by comments and discussions.

According to AdRoll, “community marketing is the sharp strategy for brand growth” try a fusion of few marketing traits and the future of a lead generation is in your pocket. Community marketing is a year-old concept but very few marketers have used this strategy to generate leads. 

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5. Personalization 

This is the future! Over the coming years, we can surely observe the shifts in personalization. This is reaching an ultimate level. Physical spaces are being digitized. Starbucks and Sephora are already paying focus on the personalization for lead generation. They are using GPS technology along with company applications to trigger a person with offers and recommendations whenever a customer is near the shop. The majority of marketers are focusing on personalization and extending the budget to generate more leads. 

6. Revenue Based Marketing (RBM) 

Revenue Based Marketing

The data-driven marketing is surely at the top nowadays, and this makes it easier for the content marketer to create content that resonates with the target audience. Earlier marketers used to play blind. Without data and metrics, it was very hard to deal with the targeted audience. We are already implementing the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) but the future of ABM is RBM. Adopting the RBM strategies will help the marketers to focus and better define the prospects’ revenue goal. RBM will leverage AI-based marketing and will find a balance between accurate channels and targets. Integrating RBM strategies is easier if:

  • Marketers should Listen to their customers and train the tools and team to enhance the customer experience by tailored messages and build a strong customer relationship.
  • Figure out the accurate data and metrics that matter the most, then rely on implementing the automated process for effective engagement. 
  • Adopt a revenue-based model, so that you can continuously optimize the process to get better engagement, better ROI. 

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Final Words:

The future of a lead generation is sure to change. We need to focus on joining the IT and marketing team to collaborate and work closely. The majority of B2B leaders are concentrating and investing more for quality leads.

If you have more ideas for quality lead generation do share with us. 

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