How Data Cleansing Help To Boost Your Marketing Campaign Performance?


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How Data Cleansing Help To Boost Your Marketing Campaign

How Data Cleansing Help To Boost Your Marketing Campaign Performance?

No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data.” – By John Sculley, CEO of Apple Inc.

A great potential of the data can be leveraged only if the data is correct, complete, and updated. 

Overwhelming numbers of businesses are investing a great budget to make “Data-Driven” decisions. Data is the Asset to any business. It helps the marketer to get precise decision-making ability on any of their marketing campaign

What Happens If Data Cleansing Is Not Performed?

  • On average the data decays in one year. If you fail to update the database you will lose 25% of your data which is not great at all!
  • Incomplete contact records, simply say – you are wasting your time and resources on the leads who will not respond to your messages. 
  • If you are rearing an inactive contact list, get ready to face a high bounce rate. 

So, procuring a healthy database is essential to address various challenges like manual corrections, error rectification, troubleshooting, and as you know all these cost very high but can be reduced by maintaining your database up to date. 

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Let’s find out how, database cleansing can power up your marketing campaign performance.

1. Personalization:

How Data Cleansing Help To Boost Your Marketing Campaign Performance?  - personalization

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With a plethora of resources and options at the fingertips, today clients expect to receive a tailored and customized buying experience – especially based on their interest, needs, and wants. 

According to the latest survey, around 79% of the companies have surpassed revenue goals by adopting the personalization strategy

Point to Note  – Always keep your data up-to-date and accurate, this will help you to better segregate your prospects and customer list for a personalized marketing campaign. 

2. Line-Up Your Marketing and Sales Team

When the marketing and sales team align, you reap benefits with the surge in revenues, a shorter sales cycle, and of course an improved conversion rate. 

In a study, it has come to notice that well-aligned marketing and sales team yields as near to 209% of the more revenue, but owing to the B2B landscape that often evolves it becomes quite difficult to align. 

Misalignment can cost too many unsolicited scenarios but the most prominent is ‘lead quality’. The marketing team will forward the unqualified leads to the sales team and sales reps, ultimately such leads are either ignored or can be a bad one to pursue. 

Hence marketing database cleansing is the necessary step to pursue lucrative and prospects to sales, that is, ‘better alignment’. 

Point to Note – Altogether, it is needless to conclude, up-to-date data, lets you nurture your leads more accurately and then pushing those prospects forward to the sales reps moment they are ready to act actionable. 

So, marketing team, don’t forget to scrub your database, which is the vital bridge to align the sales and marketing team. 

3. Improved Email Marketing 

How Data Cleansing Help To Boost Your Marketing Campaign Performance - improved email marketing
Improved Email Marketing

Even today, email is one of the proven and important channels of marketing tactics. The success of your email marketing also depends upon maintaining the sender’s reputation. A damaged sender reputation will hamper your email deliverability rate as many of your mails might wind up in the spam instead of inboxes. Therefore, focus on data cleansing. 

For instance, if you are sending an email to an outdated address, it will lead to nothing but unfavorable consequences – high bounce rates, spam complaints, dreary open rates.  

Point To Note –  If you are handling Email Marketing, never miss updating your database, reason – if you reach the wrong address, it will increase bounce rate, spam complaints, and you will procure a negative sender reputation. Hence, once in two months schedule a database cleansing for your email marketing database. 

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Final Say – 

According to surveys and studies, 20%-30 % of the database is decayed and this leads to the waste of a huge amount of marketing budget that is no longer valid. 

A regular database update is mandatory for every business. This will ensure that your database is filled with accurate and actionable insights. 

If you continue to use the outdated database for your marketing campaigns this will create a negative reputation and you will lose many of your existing clients too. 

All this proves database cleansing and scrubbing own enormous importance when it comes to data-driven business decisions. The accurate and timely updated database will help to boost your marketing campaign performance eventually resulting in a higher sales rate and ROI.  

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