7 Best B2B Content Marketing Tools In 2024 For Maximum Leads

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Vikas Bhatt

7 Best B2B Content Marketing Tools In 2022- or Maximum Leads

The ‘marketing’ is developing expeditiously with the rise of new technologies and tools, these automations help us to measure our marketing strategies and plans we implemented to get the powerful results.

So, how will you choose your best B2B marketing tool with an abundance of options available?

No need to worry! We are up with the extensive research and here we are presenting you the trendiest and best 7 content marketing tools for 2024. Let’s check them out.

  • SEMrush (SEO)
  • HubSpot (CRM)
  • MailChimp (Email Marketing)
  • Google Analytics (Website Analytics)
  • Databox (Market Intelligence)
  • Slack (Communication)
  • Loom (Video Marketing)

1. SEMrush (SEO) 

Best B2B Content Marketing Tools -semrush

Image Source: SEMrush

This is the best tool for B2B content marketing to deal with all your Search engine efforts. SEO is the operation that optimizes your website and is a key priority for driving online traffic? SEMrush tracks the keywords you presently rank for, recommends related keywords & unveils your competitor’s rankings.

You can apply it to do your keyword research, trace and track your competition’s keyword strategy, run SEO audits, look for backlinking opportunities, and more.

   2. HubSpot (CRM)

Best B2B Content Marketing Tools - hubspot

Image Source; The Cloud People

Customer relationship management platform (CRM). This platform makes customer interactions very convenient. We can easily get the customer behavioral idea, analyze, and manage the customer relations. HubSpot is an accomplished platform to tackle blog hosting capabilities.

HubSpot is a very robust tool for your B2B marketing plan efforts.

Some HubSpot CRM features include:

  • Contact Management
  • Company Records
  • Email Tracking and Notification
  • Ad Management (Google, Facebook, and Linkedin)

And etcetera

HubSpot CRM platform helps companies of all scales to nurture leads and analyze the business metrics. It is best for both B2B and B2C companies.

3. MailChimp (Email Marketing) 

Best B2B Content Marketing Tools - mailchimp

Image Source: MailChimp

Email Marketing is the trend and will expand more in the coming future, but how about technology. When there are tons of contacts and you want to reach all of them and keep track and follow-ups of every reply. How will you do? The answer is Mailchimp.

When you are putting efforts to build brand identity and educating the masses about your product and services, Email marketing is all time a go to thing.

Mailchimp proffers a customizable email automation service, with analytics and collaborative working potentials.

Try it! Because this year it has rolled out more exciting features.

4. Google Analytics (Website Analytics)

Best B2B Content Marketing Tools - google analytics
Google Analytics

Image Source : KlipFolio

A free website’s traffic tracking platform by google. No website traffic will remain untraced. When you are doing so many efforts in gathering the traffic and leads, you should know where to address and direct your intelligence and hard work.

Google Analytics helps to track and report the website traffic, and this amplifies your lead generation work in the correct direction.

For B2B marketers it is the most comprehensive tool accessible to grasp website performance, from engagement and traffic to conversions.

The Top Benefits of Using This Platform Include:

  • The ability to detect how your visitors locate your website.
  • Unveiling pages and links liked and visited by visitors.
  • Visitor divisions.

Google Analytics is a great tool when it comes to any B2B business. It can provide you a lot of information which can be useful to surpass your competitors.

5. Databox (Market Intelligence)

Best B2B Content Marketing Tools - google analytics

Image Source: DataBox

Market intelligence is the gathering and analysis of information relevant to a company’s external environment and guides in calculated planning.

Databox is an intelligent and robust market intelligence platform that gathers all your measurements and metrics in a single frame and helps you conveniently view your business’ pivotal key performance indicators (KPI’s) across a variety of devices.

6. Slack (Communication)

Best B2B Content Marketing Tools - slack

Image Source: Slack

The best way to connect with your team online is with slack. The essential we would say! Slack allows the team to connect remotely, which is very much essential in the COVID situation when everything is digital.

It helps internal business communication become stronger. Easy file sharing, messaging, internal team collaboration, and increase productivity.

7. Loom and Zoom (Video Marketing) 

Best B2B Content Marketing Tools - loom

Image Source: Loom

By 2024, online videos will cover more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. (Cisco)

Isn’t it fascinating?! The best tool to pace up your video marketing tools are Loom and Zoom. You can calibrate both and try the advantages of both and check which is more suitable to your work domain.

When it is about training new teammates, sales outstretch or replying the inquiry, this video marketing platform enhances the way people communicate.

Final Thoughts 

Engaging with prospects can be a very difficult task but the market has plenty of tools that can make your work a lot easier. This is not the complete tools list, but the best-sorted ones. Try to implement your content marketing journey with the support of the latest technology and it will sharpen your marketing efforts and give a long-term effort.

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