Top 5 Content Marketing Trends To Learn In 2024

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Top 5 Content marketing trends to learn in 2022

Content marketing has always been a tougher part to carry, because it has been transforming since ages, audience easily get bored if they do not find your way of marketing interesting.  

What we want to frame is, it’s not something to set and forget, especially when it comes to marketing, where every action is going digital.

Now, we are having the data which is extremely precious to fine tune our marketing approach, only the thing needed is better understanding and analysis of data to get the buyer’s preferences.

So people, for those who are searching for, what it is, what’s working and what will work, we are presenting the emerging 2024 trends of content marketing.

Lets learn and explore the popular content marketing trends that would help you create a perfect marketing strategy.

1. Personalized content

2. Concise the content

3. Voice Search

4. Live video

5. Niche Branding is the New way of Content Marketing

So, lets start with the countdowns –

#1 Personalized Content

Personalized content -Top 5 Content Marketing Trends To Learn In 2021
Personalized Content

According to the studies by Demand Gen, 20% hike in sales has been observed when personalization was implemented to the brands.

If you want to get the perfect personalization message focus on the data of customers. The more the data the better and powerful is the personalization message. Read this informative article about Account Based Marketing Framework.

#2 Concise the Content

We are into the era where “Time is Actually the Money’. Internet is the world of millennials and they don’t want to spend much time reading long articles, to the point, midsized and          concise.

Short content always works great for millennials, the group of most of the buyers. According to the recent reports of Demand Gen, the more the visual content  the better is the audience reach and engagement.

#3 Voice Search

Voice Search  - Top 5 Content Marketing Trends To Learn In 2021
Voice Search

“Hey Google!! Tell me….” Yes, the future trend is about voice search. Many people nowadays are using screenless search. Millions are already doing it; search assistant is quiet the thing in 2024.

Voice search contributes 20% of all searching and is expected to grow in the coming years. This will certainly focus the pointers towards ‘content’. The style of writing will be more casual because the way we talk is not aligned with the way we write.

A content marketer will have to change the writing style, include more questions and answers, complete sentences and long tail keywords into headers and titles.

Use advantage of ‘near me’ searches and optimize to casual and natural language/writing. Read this article about Account Based Marketing Tactics 2024.

#4 Live Videos

Video marketing is already in trend, many brands are already using videos to market their brands. But live video marketing is something which is very trendy for some brands.

Live video is the perfect way to market your product when launched first time. Live videos make a lot of sense.

On the social media, you must have seen many companies flaunting their office floor, celebrations and more, this is just the way of branding. Going live and connecting with audience is a vogue way of marketing.

Try it and write us your experience. Read this article about B2B Content Marketing on Linkedin

#5 Niche Branding Is The New Way Of Content Marketing

Niche Brandin - Top 5 Content marketing trends to learn in 2021
Niche Branding

Image Source: Shopify

There is a lot of content on many sites and this leads to content saturation.  So, the bottom line is, it gets harder to raise the organic ranking on certain keywords.

To point this and attract attention of the audience and rank higher, brands are going very niche with their content, which means, combining the services you are good at and getting your content draw more attention.

For instance, OnlyB2B is good at lead nurturing, so our blogs do not revolve only around ‘lead nurturing’ but also on tele-calling, Account based Marketing and many more you can check them out. And hence, we are narrowing our content on various sub services.

Try it!

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Final Thoughts

It is quiet evident that the audience is going intuitive and marketers need to be very smart to capture the attention and engagements. Content marketing is not something to set and forget, it is not only about chasing the ranks and leads but has become much more.

What is your trend of content marketing? Write us we would love to read them.

Hope you got valuable insights and enjoyed reading our blog.

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