Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies To Get Your Lead Generation On Track

Any smart marketing tactic even if backed with modern and advanced tools, can cripple down if its content strategy is not planned and focused. So, in this blog, we will shed some light on the strategies of lead generation through content marketing. Nowadays the audience has got smarter. It is a game of sagacious minds to build […]

7 Exclusive High Quality B2B Lead Generation Tactics

The ‘lead generation’ is an ever intriguing  topic to all the B2B players. I guess, I need not to explain the reason, right?! We know the market and sales team always chase the leads to bolster the business. The more the leads the more the revenues. It is simple as that. Nah! I need to […]

10 Lead Generation Best Practices and Examples

As a marketer, you should always focus on the lead generation best practices because the expectations of customers keep on changing and you need to anyhow fulfil their demand and generate a lead for your business. How to Quickly Build Email Marketing ListsAs a marketer you should always focus on the lead generation best practices […]

Email Lead Generation Process: What Counts?

Email lead generation is the most impactful digital tactic. For marketers’ emails still has the highest ROI conversion rate at each email bringing in an ROI of almost 44%. Marketing experts state that the final goal of emails and email campaigns is ultimately lead generation.  Email lead generation is rolled out by initiating and running […]

Lead Generation and Dating | Let Prospects Swipe You Right

Lead generation has truly started resembling an online dating scene. Don’t believe us? Think about how brands try to entice you into buying their product or engaging with them at the least. Do you want to swipe right for those efforts or ignore them? Look at the lead generation cycle – Source Now, think about […]

25+ Lead Generation Blogs B2B Executives Should Follow

Lead Generation is the process of generating leads for the product which cannot happen simply. Sales and marketing are the two types of leads in the market of Lead Generation. We use different online marketing tools to generate leads. Sales leads are generated based on the demographics while the market leads are brand specific leads. […]

3 Crazy Ways to Boost Lead Generation via Artificial Intelligence

MarketingProfs reports that businesses that implement AI see 59% better close rates for sales, 58% increased revenue, 54% more traffic and engagement, and 52% higher conversion. It is tough to accept this truth but statistics show that AI can generate more leads than the traditional marketing methods. Weren’t we already expecting it? Just like the AI and robot movies! They […]

Lead Generation vs. Demand generation: What Marketers Tend to Confuse

Lead Generation vs. Demand generation: Stop Being Confused For most people content marketing is ALL about marketing content That is partially right. However, we cannot ignore the advanced nuances of content marketing which focuses on the purpose of creating content and different strategies to achieve it. In this post, we will focus on two significant purposes of content marketing:  Demand Generation and Lead […]

18 Best 2018 B2B Lead Generation Strategies For Marketers

“Have you yet planned your best 2018 B2B lead generation strategies? Well if you have not until now then you should probably know that when it comes to B2B lead Generation, 2018 is going to become the lifeblood of modern sales process. With loads of strategies to choose from, it has become very challenging for […]

Top 6 Future Trends Of B2B Industry For Quality Lead Generation

As time flies, we can observe the drastic changes around us. Similarly, the lead generation process from past years has been transforming exorbitantly. According to convince and convert 70% of B2B players want quality leads. After our research and curation, we came up with trends that are predicted to be the future of B2B lead generation industry.   […]