B2B Lead Generation Strategies: Ways To Drive Leads And Grow Your Business

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B2B Lead Generation Strategies Ways to Drive Leads and Grow Your Business

Generating B2B leads is simple and easy.”

Said no one ever, right?

You know how difficult it is to boost sales with B2B lead generation tactics. You’re inundated with plenty of disinformation, including: conflicting data about the best ways to create leads. Overhyped case studies from huge firms that might raise sales.

It doesn’t help that each expert insists that their lead generating strategy or approaches are the most effective. The “ugly” fact is that your strategy must be tailored to your business, industry, product/service, and target audience.

More sales = more leads. More leads are required to drive growth.

Are you ready to discover the best B2B lead generating tactics for your company? Let’s start with the fundamentals.

The Process Of Generating B2B Leads

Learning how to generate leads is only a portion of the equation.

If you’re serious about growing your business, you’ll need a robust lead generating strategy. Processes bring marketing and sales teams together and provide salespeople with a tried-and-true structure to follow.

B2B lead generation, as we all know, is the process through which sales and marketing teams convert prospects into paying clients. But what do these measures entail?

B2B Lead Generation Process: B2B Lead Generation Strategies: Ways To Drive Leads And Grow Your Business

Step 1: Look For B2B Leads.

Finding the contact information of potential buyers is the initial step in most B2B lead generating strategy. (Fortunately, that’s what we’ll be addressing.)

Contact information is frequently developed in-house, purchased from a lead database, or generated by a third-party “lead gen” organisation.

Step 2: Contacting Potential Leads

Reps contact leads via cold outreach, social media, or answering to queries after compiling a list of (ideally) high-quality leads.

Step 3: Identifying And Qualifying High-Quality Leads

Reps assess how probable leads are to buy when communicating with them.

They’ll do it by determining where leads are in the purchase process. These stages are as follows:

identifying and qualifying high quality leads - B2B Lead Generation Strategies: Ways To Drive Leads And Grow Your Business
  • Customer awareness and research: The customer is aware of a solution they require or an issue they are experiencing, and they are beginning to learn more about it. They will consume material such as blogs, whitepapers, and case studies during the awareness stage.
  • Evaluation: The qualified lead (Marketing qualified or Sales qualified) is aware of the precise service/product required. They’ll outline their precise requirements before conducting research and “opening up” to providers.
  • Purchase: After narrowing down suppliers that best match their criteria, the buyer will have many meetings and check-ins with other decision-makers in order to finalize a purchase.

Reps will start nurturing campaigns or focus on getting the prospect to schedule a call or demo depending on where they are in the sales cycle.

Step 4: Make A Sale To Close Leads.

Success! The prospect chooses you after many meetings with various vendors, and the sale is closed. For on-boarding, they’ll be transferred to customer success. Yay!

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Strategies For Generating B2B Leads That Actually Work

Tailoring your strategy to your industry, product, and buyer is the greatest method to increase sales. That’s why we can’t just offer you one or two B2B lead generating tactics and be done with it.

Your sales and marketing teams must be open to try new things in order to generate B2B leads. This entails experimenting with several tactics until you find one that works.

Are you willing to try something new? To try, here are few B2B lead generation strategies at your disposal.

Create A Free Lead Generation Tool

HubSpot provides a CRM for free.

A free Heatmap tool is provided by Crazy Egg.

Free SEO analytics reports are available from Google Analytics

Notice a trend here?

A free tool is one of the top B2B lead generating methods we’ve seen for SaaS and IT companies.

Offering a free tool is effective for generating B2B leads since it allows prospects to “test before they buy.”

It provides you with a strong opt-in offer that drives high-quality leads into your sales funnel.

Publish And Promote More Case Studies

Before making a purchase, B2B buyers are extremely analytical, risk-averse, and frequently require the permission of numerous ROI-focused decision-makers.

Case studies are therefore true sales enablement material for the middle-to-end stages of the lead generating process, as numerous buyers have confessed.

Don’t just leave case studies on your website to gather dust. Promote them openly to increase your reputation.

Publish Original Research To Generate Sales From Smart Buyers

When High-Speed Training produced an in-depth study for hospitality buyers, they witnessed a huge return on investment.

The study not only established them as a leader in their area, but it also increased the exposure of their website and resulted in attention from 38 various media sites.

Before making a purchase, B2B buyers are exposed to an average of 13 pieces of content. Information on a vendor’s website, in-depth reports, and third-party reviews are all examples of content.

This regard for data may help you drastically improve your inbound lead creation. How?

Become a go-to source for industry news, trends, and statistics. You will benefit from thought leadership if you:

Become a well-known expert in your field.

Create high-quality SEO backlinks and media coverage.

Provide value to your potential customers.

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Generate Quick Wins From Landing Page Tweaks

Everyone enjoys picking ripe, low-hanging fruit.

Your landing pages – the most transforming places in the buyer experience — are abundant fruit trees when it comes to driving B2B sales.

Follow these steps to get immediate B2B lead generating victories on your landing page:

  • Social evidence (say it louder for the ones in the rear) should be used to support your content.
  • Make the copy for your call-to-action (CTA) more relevant.
  • Upgrade your headline to attract shoppers’ attention.
  • To educate and overcome objections, include a live chat option on your page.

Personalize Your Website With Vibrant Web Pages

In B2B lead generation methods, website personalisation is no longer a plus. It’s a must.

Use dynamic pages and content that adapt to your visitors’ needs to customise the shopping experience on your site:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company

ABM initiatives provide the buyer’s journey a personal touch, resulting in a profoundly personal experience.

LinkedIn is the place to be for high-value B2B lead generation. 

While competition is fierce and the cost-per-click is greater than on other platforms, the ability to hyper-target your audience is a worthwhile price.

If you’re planning to advertise on LinkedIn, be sure to include the following:

A high-end business-to-business product or service. A higher lifetime value (LTV) allows you to play on LinkedIn with a larger expenditure.

A one-of-a-kind, high-level education. Members of LinkedIn are regarded for being career and skill-oriented. You’ll get greater results from your advertising if you provide material that will benefit them.

Appeal To New B2B Buyers On Mobile

Optimizing for mobile is becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of an efficient B2B lead generation strategy as mobile traffic continues to climb.

DemandGenReport claims that:

A mobile device is used by 91 percent of B2B buyer searches.

Before making a purchase, 74% of B2B buyers explore half or more of their options online.

Buyers of B2B goods and services on mobile devices

They also discovered that B2B marketers that have previously optimised for mobile had “lower purchase time and increased client loyalty.”

There’s no excuse for not being mobile-friendly when it only takes seconds to assess your site’s compatibility with mobile devices.

To Acquire More Quality Leads, Optimise For Long-Tail Keywords.

A long-tail keyword is one that has three or more words and is extremely precise. Yes, it receives a very low amount of searches.

However, if you target the correct long-tail term, you may trade off search volume for exceptionally high buy intent, which boosts revenue with minimal SEO work.

Create Campaigns Based On Terms Used By Competitors

If you’re Nike, one of your numerous techniques may be to look into what’s going on with Adidas behind the scenes.

It’s a significant concern if your rivals flock to certain sites for backlinks or appear to prioritize optimizing a specific set of keywords.

It suggests they’ve discovered effective lead-generating keywords.

You can take advantage of this by targeting the same sites and keywords with SEO research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to bring more sales-ready traffic to your site.

A brief tip: Before you invest time and money into optimizing for a certain term, test it out with a tiny paid ad campaign to see whether it attracts and converts your target B2B leads.

Finding What Works For You Is The Key To B2B Lead Generating Tactics.

It’s difficult to generate B2B leads and increase revenue, but it’s not impossible. Isn’t it simple to become wrapped up in the maze of various lead creation techniques and tactics? You’re frequently confronted with questions like:

  • What is the most effective technique for generating B2B leads?
  • Will this strategy result in an increase in sales?
  • What factors will influence the best outcomes?

What Is Our Recommendation?


Overthinking and maximizing your lead generation won’t get you anywhere. Instead, talk to your team, agree on a few techniques and approaches that everyone thinks would work, and then get to work.

Determine what works, toss away what doesn’t, and boost sales without worrying about missed chances.

Instead, look into:

  • Where your customers congregate.
  • When it comes to research, they have a few options.
  • What factors they consider while making a purchase.
  • What bothers them the most.

This data will assist you in determining which B2B lead generating techniques are most effective for you and your clients.

Now that you know a few strategies, implement them and let us know your results in comment section.

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