Quality Vs Quantity Lead Generation: Who Wins The Race?

Quality Vs Quantity is ever intriguing topic for a debate, and so is for the lead generation. Quality or Quantity, it depends upon your product, brand, industry, and marketing strategy. Whether you are looking for the number of names to fill your CRM systems or targeting the most qualified consumer who is more likely to […]

The Art of Telemarketing In B2B Lead Generation

In today’s business world, companies have a variety of options to generate leads from, for their businesses. Some of the famous methods used by companies are Telemarketing, Email Marketing, Direct Mail, Social Media Marketing & Referrals. Of all these methods, Telemarketing has survived and flourished like none others since the 19th century. While companies benefit […]

17 Types of Crazy Leads Generation Methods

Marketer spends a lot of their time on leads generation methods using whatever resources they have. They run a lot various campaigns to achieve targeted ROI. Most of their revenue (almost 80%) comes from 20% of their customers but they also need new clients to grow business. How can this be achieved? How can marketers […]

6 Best Strategies for Targeted Lead Generation

You need a lot of high quality leads to make your business successful. Targeted lead generation is equally important and just putting your website together with a contact form is not enough. You will require various tools in your toolbox for enough lead generation to make your business profitable. We have put together 6 strategies […]

Simple Ways To Optimize Your Site For Lead Generation

You Must Sew As You Intend To Harvest If you are going to reap leads from the digital fields of the modern market, it is absolutely essential that you sew marketing seeds properly. The Native Americans would put corn kernels inside a fish to provide the seeds with nutrients for growth. That, in many ways, […]

6 TED Talks on Lead Generation

For any business, lead generation takes the center stage. After all, the more leads you have, the better your revenue will be.   But, how to get better at lead generation?   Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of 6 TED talks on lead generation that shares valuable and actionable knowledge to improve marketing strategy for your […]

7 Best B2B Content Marketing Tools In 2021 For Maximum Leads

The ‘marketing’ is developing expeditiously with the rise of new technologies and tools, these automations help us to measure our marketing strategies and plans we implemented to get the powerful results. So, how will you choose your best B2B marketing tool with an abundance of options available? No need to worry! We are up with […]

Super Popular Trends Industries Are Using To Generate Quality Leads

B2B marketing is transforming very astutely. Many businesses tend to fail if they do not understand and adopt the latest trends in the market. This happens even in our regular life, for instance, no one likes to wear old-fashioned clothes. If you go shopping the fashion market would be full of vogue things, the same […]

6 Reasons You Are Failing To Generate Quality B2B Leads

You are into a sales and marketing world and struggling for more quality leads, but no matter how much you try to in synch your lead generation efforts you end up gaining very few conversions. This might be very frustrating for you. Do you find yourself in the same situation? If so, you are among […]

Smart 5 Ways To Generate Quality Leads Through Content Marketing

One of the best ways to generate quality leads for your organization is nothing better than content marketing. It can generate 3X as many leads as traditional marketing and at 62% lesser cost. The data is revealed by Demand Metrics. So, are you still struggling for your online presence? You might not be doing your […]