30 Data Cleansing Experts on Twitter to Follow

Data cleansing experts are responsible not only for cleaning and correcting the data but also for ensuring business growth through good data. Sure you can get efficient data cleansing tools but you need a data cleansing expert to ensure that the tools are used to their maximum potential.


Cleaning the data is not as easy as it sounds. It needs determining the errors and typos in the data and then fixing them. Data cleansing experts have to be very vigilant while doing their job as one mistake can lead the whole database to go down the drain.


As stated in our earlier blog it has been noticed that a data scientist spends most of his time cleansing and organizing the data (60%) and rest of the time in building data sets, mining data, etc. If these metrics are to go by, it shows how difficult and time-consuming data cleansing can be and how strictly the experts have to go through the database.


Experts have a lot of insight into data quality management which can be used by us for learning the art of data cleansing.


We have gathered details of 30 data cleansing experts on Twitter that you can follow.

1. Kris Bagadia

Handle: @KrisBagadia

About: Kris Bagadia provides data maintenance services, management consulting and master data creation as well as cleansing services.

2. Jacqueline Roberts

Handle: @JackieMRoberts

About: As per her twitter handle, she possesses data quality expertise in data governance and integration thereby enabling the business process development. These developments are supported by data cleansing and management software.

3. Paul Medaille

Handle: @PaulMedaille

About: Paul is seen tweeting about giving pre-conference sessions on different topics. You can learn a few things from him for sure.

4. Wendy Hawthorne

Handle: @JungleBeatMS

About: Her twitter handle shows that she is building the business (Junglebeat Marketing) in the United Kingdom and Europe. It also shows that she is into telemarketing, data cleansing, lead generation and telephone surveys.

5. Christian Beil

Handle: @christianbeil

About: His twitter handle is full of everything related to marketing and clean codes, clean data, data cleansing, and data quality. In short, a data cleansing expert you must follow.

6. Karen Beckett

Handle: @Karen_Beckett_1

About: She is from the United Kingdom and has experience in business development, lead generation, database development, data cleansing, market research, etc.

7. Jennifer Ann Morrow

Handle: @evaluationdiva

About: She is a professor, an evaluator, a data cleaning diva, survey researcher and someone who is not afraid to speak her mind. Ask her! Really! She will have answers to all your data cleansing queries.

8. Mark Halliday

Handle: @industriousmark

About: He is always cleaning data, as per his Twitter handle and willing to say yes for optimizing marketing ops and martech stacks.

9. Mark van der Loo

Handle: @markvdloo

About: An author who has written Statistical Data Cleaning with Application in R. A guy you should follow for data cleansing insights and officially a statistician.

10. Martin Magdinier

Handle: @magdmartin

About: A guy interested in data preparation, cleansing and migration as per his twitter handle. He is also the founder of Refine Pro.

11. Aidan Randle-Conde

Handle: @aidansean

About: A former physicist, Aidan is into machine learning, data scrubbing, and web crawling. He describes himself as a data scientist and believes that data are awesome.

12. Jeff Veillette

Handle: @JeffVeillette

About: He is an AHL and NHL writer, a data tracker and an analyst at The Faceoff Circle. He also provides analytics and tactics for the St. Michael’s Buzzers.

13. CJ Black

Handle: @charleseblack

About: He is the founder of Oscillas Tech is Chicago, Illinois. He has described himself as a scraper, cleaner, analyzer purveyor of numbers.

14. Oz Du Soleil

Handle: @OzExcel

About: He is a Microsoft Excel MVP and the author of the second edition of Guerrilla Data Analysis. He describes himself as a fighter for clean data.

15. Andy Kirk

Handle: @visualisingdata

About: Andy Kirk is a data visualization specialist apart from being a design consultant, author, trainer, website editor and a speaker.

16. Tony Rogerson

Handle: @tonyrogerson

About: Tony looks after distributed data processing and allotment. He works as a data specialist with 20+ years of experience in SQL server experience, Big Data, and Data Science arenas.

17. RegCrowdfunding

Handle: @woodien

About: He is a co-author the Crowdfunding Framework. He is a Crowdfunding data specialist and has written several other papers and reports.

18. Vikas Bhatt

Handle: @vikas1bhatt
About: Vikas is a Co-founder of Only B2B, a leading company in providing data cleansing services. He has 10+ years of experience into marketing. Watch out for his tweets on Data Cleansing, ABM, List-Building, etc.

19. Fabian Ungerer

Handle: @GuySake

About: He is a Web Developer who is passionate about data and statistics. He has formerly worked as a Senior Data Specialist at Roland Berger and Analyst at FNATIC, making him an experienced guy in the industry.

20. FransiscoVara-Orta

Handle: @fvaraorta

About: He is a national reporter as well as a data specialist at Chalkbeat. He has wide exposure in the industry if his work experience is anything to go by.

21. Marck Vaisman

Handle: @wahalulu

About: A data cleansing expert who is a big data professor. He is a data specialist as well as a Co-founder of Data Community DC.

22. Phil Reed

Handle: @PhilReedData

About: He is a data specialist at The University of Manchester Library, thereby making him a personal favorite data cleansing expert. He works with business data, scholarships and digital skills.

23. Heather Dawe


About: She is a data cleansing expert with a passion for effective healthcare intelligence open source learning and technologies.

24. Kirk Borne

Handle: @KirkDBorne

About: Like all other data cleansing experts Kirk is a Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. He is also a global speaker and an Artificial Intelligence influencer.

25. Carla Gentry

Handle: @data_nerd

About: The Twitter handle suggests that she is one of the best data cleansing experts. She loves sharing information about data science.

26. Ryan R. Rosario

Handle: @DataJunkie

About: He holds a Ph. D in Statistics from UCLA and is a lecturer there. He works as a data scientist at Google making him one of the top data cleansing experts to follow.

27. Data Science Renee

Handle: @BecomingDataSci

About: If her followers are anything to go by she is so far the best data cleaning experts on Twitter. She is a creator as well as a host of Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast.

28. Jason Rock Phelps

Handle: @DataScientistFF

About: Jason is a data scientist working for Injury Predictor and Draft Sharks. He recently worked for the BigDataBowl.

29. Juan Miguel Lavista

Handle: @BDataScientist

About: Adding one more to the list of data cleansing experts, Juan is a Senior Director of Data Science at the Microsoft Data Science Team.

30. DJ Patil

Handle: @dpatil

About: Wrapping up the list with the one boasting with the most number of followers on Twitter, DJ Patil is surely a data cleansing expert. He was a former U.S. Chief Data Scientist.

These data cleansing experts, if you do follow them, have a lot to teach and you should keep a tab on them if you want to learn something that you haven’t practiced yet.


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