10 Best Data Cleansing Tools for Business


Data cleansing or data scrubbing is a process used for removing inaccurate, inconsistent or corrupt data from the database. Implementing data cleansing regularly corrects records that contain typographical errors, incorrect formatting or any other mistakes. Data cleansing tools can help business in co-ordinating records so that they are consistent throughout.


A data cleansing software searches for anomalies or mistakes in the data systematically by using algorithms or lookup tables and then rectifies the problems. This kind of automated process of identifying and rectifying errors is much more effective than trying to fix the mistakes manually.


Carrying out data cleansing operations regularly is very important as fallacious data records eventually lead to incorrect conclusions and unwarranted investment decisions. Data cleansing tools mostly have attribution overlap with data preparation, data quality tools and data de-duplication.


Data cleansing tools contain different features like ingestion of raw data, validation of phone number and email address, cleaning of zip code and address, manual or automated data mapping, data matching, validation, and reconciliation, etc.


It is understood by now that a clean database makes a huge difference in every business and plays a key role in making important decisions. Along with that, every business must understand their data needs and the importance of using the right data cleaning tools for their business.


Some of the best data cleansing tools have been listed below.

1. TrifactaWrangler

TrifactaWrangler is a venture that was started by the makers of Data Wrangler. It is an interactive tool used for transforming and cleaning data. It includes lesser formatting time and more focus on analyzing the data which is one of the best features of this data cleansing tool. It helps the data scientist to clean and prepare a diverse and messy data more accurately in a quick manner. TrifactaWrangler’s machine learning algorithm helps in preparing the data by suggesting common aggregations and transformations.

2. OpenRefine

OpenRefine, earlier known as Google refine, is a powerful tool when it comes to dealing with messy data, cleaning and then transforming it. It is free and includes an open source data cleansing tool as well as software programs which makes it a good solution for businesses running on a low budget. This tool can also transform the format of one data to another and then letting the business to explore huge data sets with ease. It reconciles and matches data as well as cleans and transforms them at a faster speed.

3. MoData

MoData is one of the most popular data cleansing tools which is widely used by several individuals. This platform accumulates the data, cleans and then generate the analytic cubes from differing ERP and CRP resources. It usually provides good real-time sales insights and predictive analytics for the data which is to be analyzed.


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4. Data Ladder

Data Ladder offers two products namely DataMatch and DataMatch Enterprise. While DataMatch is an affordable data cleaning and a quality tool, DataMatch Enterprise includes advanced fuzzy algorithms for matching for up to 100 million records. DataMatch Enterprises has one of the highest matching speed and accuracy in the industry. These data cleansing tools are user-friendly that provide help to businesses from any industry and size to manage their data scrubbing process easily.

5. AnalyticsCanvas

AnalyticsCanvas is a data cleansing tool which helps in automating all the dataflow of Facebook and Google Analytics insights, performing necessary calculations, connecting to different data sources, transforming the data and then allowing the data to be exported for further visualization and storage. It allows the data to accurately and quickly respond to the changing requirements of the business all the while maintaining fully documented and easy auditable workflow.

6. Datamartist

Another one of the best data cleansing tools, Datamartist has an interface which is user-friendly as well as fast and easy to use. This data allows combining the data from different sources together, enhance them and repair the data without the need of developing a new database. Datamartist is affordable as it gives the business a powerful data profiler at a part of the cost of many enterprise data quality systems.

7. Winpure

Winpure is one of the most affordable and popular data cleansing tools that accomplish the job of cleaning a large set of data, eliminating duplicates, correcting and standardizing the data effortlessly. Winpure can clean data from spreadsheets, CRM, databases and more. This tool can be used for databases like Dbase, Access, Txt files, and SQL Server. Some of the key features of Winpure include advanced cleansing of data and fuzzy matching, faster data scrubbing, and availability of multi-language edition, among others.


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8. Reifier

Reifer by Nube Technologies uses Spark for resolving distributed entity, record linkage, and de-duplication with the help of features such as fast deployment, high accuracy, run-time performance, etc. Reifier utilizes machine learning algorithms for providing better fuzzy data matching and entity resolution by using a scale-out distributed architecture.

9. Cloudingo

This data cleansing tool for Salesforce removes duplicate entries from the data, cleans the records and maintains good data quality all in a single place. Cloudingo is suitable for all size of businesses where bulk data can be updated and files that are imported can be cleansed before accessing Salesforce. The automation abilities of this tool make sure that the data is scanned for errors on a regular basis. Deleting unnecessary and old records, simplicity, updating bulk records, automating a schedule, etc., are some of the main features of Cloudingo.

10. Drake

Drake, as a data cleaning tool, is simple to use, extensible and text-based data workflow. It has pre-defined data processing steps along with their inputs and output, which can be used to resolve their dependency automatically, calculate the command to be executed as well as the order in which it should be executed. Drake has been specially designed for managing the data workflow and organizing execution of command around the data and its dependencies.


Data cleansing tools allow businesses to clean their data effectively before using them. These tools do work faster as compared to the slow manual data cleaning.

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