The 6 Important Metrics To Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Vikas Bhatt

6 Important Metrics To Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign

You have performed all the required efforts to make your email marketing campaign successful. But how will you know whether your email marketing is as effective as it could be?

If you are still pausing, pondering, and guessing the answer to this question then it’s time to refine your measurement criteria or techniques. And then, you will be able to answer this question and confidently roll out your email marketing campaign. 

It is never solely about open rates and click through rates to measure your campaign effectiveness, but also comprises many key metrics that will give you ideas of effectiveness depending upon your goals. 

By reviewing and tracking these metrics you will be able to do the necessary improvements to get your email marketing campaign successful. 

Let’s talk more about metrics other than Click through rate and open rate. 

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1. Check Bounce Rates 

bounce rate - Important Metrics To Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign
Bounce Rate

To measure the effectiveness of emails, whether they are setting up an expectation or not, the best way is to track the bounce rate of the corresponding landing pages where your emails are linking to.

Bounce Rate is the percentage measurement of the website visitors who visited your page but immediately left the page without doing anything or engaging. Visitors just “bounce” from your website without sticking to it.

The bounce rate shows that your email and website messages are aligned or not. The higher the bounce rate the more you need to re-evaluate the content.

2. Check Web Traffic 

What percentage of total website traffic is coming from your email marketing campaigns? Analyze it. This way you can measure how successful your email marketing campaign is performing. However, to access this metric you need to set a tracking platform. 

For instance, in, Google Analytics, all traffic coming from email marketing is lumped into the “direct” category unless you manually distinguish between direct and email traffic. Try it! And let us know.

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3. Look At The Conversions 

conversion - Important Metrics To Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign

The conversion rate is the measurement of how many clicked to the linked you have provided in the email and performed the desired action. Such as: 

l Downloading Resources 

l Setting an Appointment by filling the contact form 

l Signing up for the webinar 

The conversion rates will tell you the actual insights of how persuasive and actionable your emails are! 

4. Track Your Email List 

 Is your email list growing? Or is it falling off? 

The effectiveness of your email marketing campaign will definitely have an effect on the size of your email list. If your emails are ineffective then the size of your email list will decrease and unsubscribing rates will increase. 

Contrary, if your email list is effective, either it will keep the list steady or grow.

5. Check Forward/Share Rate Of Email Campaign

It depends on the type of goal you have set for your campaign. If it is for building trust and awareness this metric has to be very high. The more your email is shared forwarded the more you are receiving trust and loyalty from your customers. 

6. Check For Any Spam Complaints 

spam complaints - Important Metrics To Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign
Spam Complaints

Are you contributing value through your email marketing? Is the content relevant, useful to the subscribers? Or you are just annoying them!

To check this keep tabs on the spam and complainants. Use this formula 

Total spam complaints/Number of emails delivered x 100 

So, what is your spam complaint rate? 

Wrap Up

Figuring out the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is not as easy as it seems. As we mentioned it is more than just an open rate and click through rate. A digital marketer must have good analytical skills and approach a split testing method to check what works best and whatnot. This way you can measure the performance of your campaign and also convey to the team the scope of improvement. 

For better results. Go with integrating the emails with technical platforms and get a more robust analytic result. 

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