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Account based marketing platforms are tools that are optimized on by marketers for their ABM marketing needs. Account based marketing refers to the marketing efforts and the time invested, by B2B providers in pursuing companies as a whole, for marketing purposes. The companies here are the accounts.

Depending on the account that needs to be serviced, marketing strategies are formulated. Like for any other B2B prospect, the B2B service providers, looking at account based marketing, also need to generate leads. Fortunately for B2B marketers, there are account based marketing platforms which are handy and can be used effectively.

The Generic Flow of Account Based Marketing Platforms is as Mentioned

  • Identify high-value accounts;
  • Outline your personalized messaging;
  • Define the channels to be optimized;
  • Implement the targeted campaigns;
  • Measure the effectiveness of the campaign;
  • Check if ABM expectations are met.

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These Tools are Divided Into Three Categories

  • Tools that generate leads; stas
  • Tools that execute ABN; and
  • Comprehensive ABM tools

Here are some of the best account based marketing platforms that have ruled the roost in 2024. Let us begin with some of the lead generation tools. Read this insightful article about account based marketing framework.


This uses google analytics to give the data on who visited the website. The data here of the companies that look for information on the website. Two unique features of this tool are

  • Gives data of the last 30 days; and
  • Hide the companies that you are interested in.


This tool is partly a software which partly has a human validation. LeadGenius generates leads that while making human resource available for the clients of the B2B provider.

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This tool is about

The USP of this tool is about staying updated on data.


This software for lead generation can:

  • Build a list;
  • Curate a list;
  • Track prospects.

The best part of this tool is that it allows a chrome extension that is positioned as a cheaper version of the tool.


As an account based marketing tool, DataFox has been named as a reliable platform. Though this tool finds individuals better, its usability and flexibility extend to:

  • Searching for companies with same profile; and
  • Looking for companies that fit the bill of the specification.


A free google extension, Nudge is more of a lead tracking tool. It tracks leads which are already tracked and targeted. Nudge prompts the marketing and the sales team about the upcoming meetings and interactions.

Nudge has more powerful but paid versions of its extension also available for marketers 


This is more of a lead generation as well as a list building tool. Zoominfo is inclined to gather data for account based marketing. This platform helps marketers and sales to search for quality leads by company names and by the contacts list. The software, in turn, compiles a list of contacts within the target company.

Zoominfos USP lies in the fact that it:

  • Allows regular data cleansing; and
  • A chrome extension that shows all the LinkedIn contacts searched for

Inside View

A tool to help marketing teams to understand the prospects, Inside view, gives a heads up on.

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  • Access to contact information; and
  • Activity information of the companies

This facilitates B2B providers with insights that can be used to prepare a pitch and work out an effective account based marketing plan for the prospects.


Every tool and platform that is meant for helping the account based marketing is meant either generate leads or to help in the execution of the account based marketing tactics. Owler is a more comprehensive platform that

  • Constant updates prospect information;
  • The information includes data on their activities;
  • Company data;
  • Real-time alerts; and
  • A graph on the prospects business relationships


As the name suggests, this tool provides information by sifting through the dump database. Interestingly, LeadSift coincides account based marketing platform and human resource. This serves the purpose of

  • Updates on defined targets with buying intent; and
  • Updates on prospective accounts shopping in the market.

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With so many tools already mentioned, here one more. This is a comprehensive account based marketing tool.  Its USP lies in it being

  • Competent to do everything from strategizing account based marketing plans to measuring the campaign success; and
  • Made specifically to suit all the account based marketing needs

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Another full suite account based marketing tool, Terminus is for analytics as well. Its core offerings are:

  • Scorecards;
  • ROI tracking;
  • Reporting;

Terminus also has tools like central Hub, a platform for digital marketing armed to target the chosen accounts and engagement insights.


A software for ABM campaigns, Triblio helps with:

  • Content;
  • Customized messaging;
  • CTAs;
  • Firmographics ;
  • Analysis of the prospect.


ABM tools is all about the shift to automation. With software and online tools to streamline a lot of work, the niche segment of account based marketing is its work and execution of plan taken care of. This is an absolute paradigm shift from till recently conservative and traditional B2B segment, of which ABM is a part.


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