Why Data Cleaning is Crucial in Marketing

What is data cleaning in Marketing you might wonder? Don’t need to bother about it as I will be soon giving a few interesting key points for your understanding.

It means removing irrelevant data and inconsistency from your database in the form of incomplete data. Let us learn why it is crucial in Marketing.

“Data scientists clean and manipulate data 80% of their time and analyze it only for 20%”

Although analyzing data is important, this really shows that it is crucial in Digital Marketing. Sadly, this practice is not taught in data science courses or spoken about much. Though simple in nature, you need to know that wrong data can cause great much of loss to you and you need to take it seriously this time. Are you ready for that?  I am here with the reasons why it is crucial in Marketing. Keep Reading!

Because of the advancements in internet technologies, there has been a big rise in data, which means available data constantly needs to be cleansed. No matter whether you are healthcare, banking, retail, hospitality, and the education industry are dealing with the ocean of data. Hence, possibly many errors happen which need to be corrected.

What all can be taken care of in data cleaning? Extra spaces, duplicates, blank cells, Upper-lower case changes, spell check, etc. There different tools that people use like – JASP, Rattle, RapidMiner, Orange, Trifacta Wrangler. If you skip doing it, you are likely to land into trouble. It is different than data purging in which they clear the space for new data whereas it opts to maximize the accuracy of the data.

How Is AI Used For Data Cleaning?

The benefits of data cleaning are as follows –

1. It makes sure you only have the most recent files and documents which are only important documents.

2. You cannot have a lot of personal information on your computer which can lead to a security threat. It takes care of this issue by invalidating old and useless data.

3. Improved data quality ultimately improves your productivity.  When you cleanse outdated data, you are left with the highest quality data. It also helps in reducing unexpected costing such as printing wrong data and then realizing that it was a complete waste of money and efforts.

4. You can optimize your performance because surely you don’t have enough time to invade chunks of old data files until finding the most recent one. It makes it easy to find important files and documents.

5. Businesses too generally have a lot of personal information such as business info, employee info, which needs to be made accurate using it.

No matter how you collect data either face-to-face, interviews, telephone interviews there will always be errors. Hence, you need to know what data cleansing is and take it seriously and ask yourself the following questions –

Is my data accurate?

  • Are there any spelling mistakes?
  • Will there be any duplicates in my database?
  • Does numerical data in my database make sense?
  • Is my data relevant?

You need to plan and budget as organizing your data will improve your productivity. As it is wisely said, prevention is always better than a cure. The process needs to be transparent and well documented and audited to reduce the duplicates. Do you have the following list of things ready?

  • The questionnaire forms
  • Contacts of team leaders to be contacted in case of emergency
  • Original database copy
  • A translator
  • Visual analysis software
  • Spreadsheet

Many of the businesses need to integrate customer data from multiple channels which are implied further for strategizing marketing plans. Do you how data accuracy is important? Lead generation success completely depends on how many leads are you going to get.  The companies with poor data suffer in this regard because they won’t be able to access the insights they would get from data.

How can make the process of data cleansing easy for you? You can keep a track of the most common data errors which will help you to keep quickly fix the data errors. If more than one person is cleaning the data, then you can merge all the spreadsheets. Sometimes errors are not detected until the analysts start handling the data.

Have you been wondering about the loss that can occur due to incorrect data? Why don’t you start cleansing your data if answers to the above questions promote you to do so? One last tip; before you make any changes in your data make sure to create a copy of your original data which can later be used as a reference in case there is any mistake while doing data cleansing. Don’t worry about that and leave it to us. We are ready to do your data cleansing, why not contact us?

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