The Reasons Why your Demand Creation Program is Falling Flat


Demand creation is the process of generating demand for your products. This is an art of selling your customers the things they want. Nowadays, you hardly have to wait for your products to come into the user’s eyesight. Most usually all know about the product from the internet but you really have to work hard for demand creation. With all the competition surfacing you need to be very strategic and imply logic to succeed in a highly competitive market. Your efforts can bring good results only if you are careful enough but there are several reasons why most of them fail in demand creation and thus are not able to see revenue growth. Let us see all those reasons one by one.


Much new software come into the market which often overlaps with existing software. Creating demand for them is difficult by saying it is an emerging best methodology and software. Your prospects have to convince about the convenience that your products are going to cause them, after which they will be motivated to buy your project as you go on generating demand for your product. Though the microwave oven was invented in 1995, demand was created for the one with 25% penetration rate was generated in the United States by 1986.

Demand creation can also involve selling an existing product in a completely new market. For example, the product that you could sell very well in the United States and selling that in Australia would need more efforts. For you will have to generate demand in the Australian market. Sadly, many companies have failed to create demand whatever the case. If you are feeling pressure to deliver leads in numbers, you don’t have to worry, because we are going to discuss all the reasons why your demand generation is falling flat.

Do not fail to plan well ahead.

With the rising completion overhead all the marketers generally tend to take shortcuts but that is the biggest mistake they ever make. You might think you are saving time by not evaluating your past campaigns which help you set milestones for new campaigns. It is the thing of the past where people felt it’s hard to set quantifiable goals but now with the innovation of new technology tools you can do that all with great ease. So never forget to set goals and plan well ahead of time to make sure you are keeping your path straight.


There is a popular saying which quite worthy of consideration –


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Define responsibilities

Doing marketing is teamwork where both sales and marketing teams have to work together on the same goals. There has to be a collaboration between both the team members. At the outset of turnover, new hires, vacations, defining the responsibilities of each member can help to carry out all the responsibilities smoothly.

Not enough of relevant content

83% of the leads want to focus on the lead quality rather than their quantity. To achieve the desired lead quality it is essential that you create relevant content. You need to keep 2 things in mind, first, find out who your most eligible prospects are and second, develop the most compelling content for your leads.


To solve this problem, create a buyer’s persona, map the buyer’s journey, understand their online and offline behavior, and use these insights to create content that they are interested in. If your organization has not only to create relevant content but if they also have a content strategy, as a demand generation manager you will able to provide your sales team with the most valuable content. The content strategy should focus on all content types as shown in the below fig.

content strategySource:

Not optimizing your time by using technology tools

It is very difficult to get leads for some but for some of them; it is very difficult to handle the tons of leads that they get. How can this problem be solved? There are many marketing software available today which can help you solve this problem.  I am mentioning below the list of software which you should use to make your job easy.


  • Content personalization
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Data management platforms
  • Analytics systems
  • Web content management system


Whether you are an experienced demand gen marketer or not you can greatly fail at it if you are having to from the ground level. It can be difficult to make where things are going wrong. However, for your demand generation program to work the magic for you, it doesn’t have to be very complicated. You don’t have to start from the scratch for it works well. You can use an existing framework to get your Demand Creation program on the track. All you need to do is use proven insights to tailor it your needs. All the best to you as you strive to execute your demand creation successfully. If you need more information on demand creation or lead generation, we are ready to help with all the insights that you need. If you have any question, please feel free to comment in the below section.

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